Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Win a prize worth $260 from TALIKA and another 120$ too


1. Join CozyCot by clicking 'like' at their Facebook Page----> click me!

2. Click 'like' on this picture----> click me!

Easy isn't it?! And a prize worth $260 will be awarded to one lucky voter of the winning plaque. So grab your buddy, uncle, niece, boyfriend, mom, and dad to vote for us.

Thank you so much.


Another prize is:

A lucky reader of the blog will also win a prize worth $120.

Comments away my readers, comments away in any of my post involving TALIKA---(clue: just check the label or Title for TALIKA)

I hope you win one.

The Details of the prize is:
Lucky voter of winning plaque ($260)
- The Spa-Lon Sparkling Eye Treatment
- $100 The Spa-Lon Facial/Body Treatment

Lucky reader of winning blogger ($120)
- Talika Eye Detox Treatment
- $50 The Spa-Lon Facial/Body Treatment

Brought to you lovingly by www.cozycot.com

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