Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bath Salt and Coffee Scrub by PrettyRecipe

Hello lovelies,

 @prettyrecipe send me some stuffs last week. Products which I think so simple yet turns out to be much needed during my trip to Japan. It was a very hectic, exhausting and for me, challenging ever. The lack of sleeps and the amount of physical movement (ehm walking for kilos and kilos in heels) made me sore and ache all over.

This bath salt and coffee scrub mixed with natural sugar are amongst my oasis.


I used them everyday during the trip and share it with my friend as well, the representative from Kawaii Beauty Japan. We both loves the products, first let's discuss about the Bath Salt in blue, the one that says Odour Repellent.

This is a much needed item as everyone knows, walking in summer heat equals to sweats, sweats and sweats. Sweats everywhere including those areas such as armpits and feet. Haha! Foot odor is something that even a Japanese feels related to as well, in many beauty store, deodorants for foot are available nation wide, in many forms and scents.

The Bath Salt help removing the odor and makes them less, the odor will come back after hours and hours later and in much sweats. Beside help reducing the odor, the salts also help caring those aching muscles, the body become more relaxed and promote better sleeping. When put in warm water the whole tub become blue-green colored and smells good.


Do you see the clumps below, the salt will disappear fast after 1-2 swirls. Convenient and suitable for those who are looking for a spa at home.

Same goes with the Coffee Scrubs. The sugar and coffee mixed feels rough on the skin yet invigorating and awakening at the same time. The skin will become cleaner and plumped thanks to the circulation it brings. I really enjoy the coffee scent as well and it effects on the skin, it's like they are detoxifying. The natural ingredients are surely a very good feature.

After the bath and the scrub, the skin will appears fairer, cleaner, more fragrant and definitely looks more alive after. Imagine that the skin is filled with sweats, sebum, dirt and everything that touches it from the whole day and all of it being washed away, the pores are happy to be able to breath freely again. Once the skin is clean the mind also feels calmer and happier as well.

A dynamic duo that create a rejuvenating spa for the skin.

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