Monday, November 30, 2015

ORORI Jewelry

Hello everyone,

Last week I was invited by ORORI. For the first time, I went into the office of the online jewelry brand and see everything from within. Everyone look so serious behind their table with the computer and all and the group of staffs greeted us to see their collection.

Every sparkles is wrapped tidily and secured in each container.

ORORI means Oro (Italian) for gold and Ri for ring.

The only online jewelry shop comes with more than 20.000 SKU, Design My Own feature (check this out) and then they'll use 3D printer to make personalized jewelry.


20.000 SKU, oh wow! Imagine working in a place with that so many items, they are specialized in
Jewelry since 2004. Diamond jewelries, gold jewelries, gold bar for investment, everything is here. In this post, my main focus are on their beautiful accessories which we can easily made them into investment.


There's a lot of things that caught my eyes, one of the item is Gold bracelet.
The dual gold and white gold collection with some precious stones, they look perfect to be used daily. It's has details and shapes that are flexible when used with just about anything.


And I think most of you will fall in love with their Women's ring collection, from the diamonds, shapes, variants, type and model is just a lot. You can search through their website and would definitely found some that you'll love.

I personally prefer an online shop (and definitely a trusted one like ORORI) since walking into a store could be a bit (lot) pressurized thanks to the sales. They'll keep asking questions, making suggestions and doesn't let me think on my own. When you open ORORI website, you'll feel like you're in your own world and browse peacefully.

If you still in doubt about their quality and material, do read customer reviews.


Beside rings and everything from wedding ring to engagement, men's and women's, their collection of Gold necklace is also available.
Choose the design, length, colors, and you could also find some of the ankle bracelet. Same goes with rings, their products comes in many sizes according to one's preferences.

I remember when into a famous jewelry shop in Singapore and they don't really carry a lot of sizes. Even when they do, I have to move from branch to branch as not all branch has similar stocks. Imagine the transportation cost, time and effort we have to went through, with ORORI, everything made simpler and better.

I personally haven't own a jewelry from ORORI, hence I do not know they quality (as mixed material) or whether they'll become discoloration or not, therefor reading the customer reviews are really handy.

And I love reading where they say that the product really looks like the one on the website. A lot of online shops lies, clothing, accessories, bags, and almost everything are often different from the website, it's a good thing that ORORI take real images.


And when you have all those beautiful jewelry, you'll want to keep them safe in the lovely Jewelry box. It is also available at ORORI. From a simple one for a single ring to a big one for everything you've got.


What do you think? ORORI does make everything simpler and better too right?! While reading the testimonials, I also notices that they do delivery the product as soon as possible, a customer even say within a day, that's wonderful.

Their prices range according to the weight, design and jewels. When I was checking out their online shop, seems like they are having a sale at the moment..


Look at how gorgeous the  diamond pendant is, the details are super pretty.

(Thank you Dina for the images ^__^)

When I was there, some bloggers also having the same session with me, everyone looks so busy taking the best images to represent the jewelry. All the girls love sparkles.


Thank you so much ORORI for having me.


And you, for reading my post.

The Body Shop Christmas Collection 2015

Hello lovelies,

The Body Shop Indonesia has officially launches their collection for Christmas. It is the season to be jolly and merry, let's share by giving gifts and donating to those in needs.

This time, The Body Shop will contribute for clean water with WaterAid. Please do read more about WaterAid at


You can help by purchasing certain types of gifts, where in each of those gifts, The Body Shop will share some of their profits to WaterAid. Or you can simply make a donation at the cashier at any amount you prefer.

Take note that there will be a donation made for Ethiopia and Indonesia (locally) as well,. Collaborating with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) to support sanitation and clean water program in Banten. Do ask around to the lovely staffs at any The Body Shop Indonesia or read around when you're in the shop.

Some of the gifts that included in the WaterAid campaign are:

White Musk EDT 100 ml gift set
Modern Gent's Activist Fragrance Kit
Strawberry Gift Deluxe
Frosted Plum Feel Good Tin


When I walked into their store, I feel like a kid inside a candy store (like literally). Looking and playing around with the festive collection from Glazed Apple, Frosted Cranberry, and Frosted Plum is just so fun.

Products such as Shimmer Mist and Bath Fizzers are too cute.


The packages are adorable and I find them in great for value too. The tins and boxes are worth collecting plus the limited items during the season are spot on.


Beside the collection for the body, The Body Shop also carries a makeup collection with silvers and golds. From their eyeliners, sparklers, nail polish and so on.


During the event, a celebrity couple were sharing their thoughts and wishes for Christmas.


Thank you so much The Body Shop Indonesia for the event and quick introduction of the goodies in this season's must have.

Christmas is always about giving and sharing, let's start makes a difference with those surround us, the kindness will keep on growing to our neighborhood, city, country and then, we hope for a better future in the world.


Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

éPure™ Membranous Jelly Masque™

Hello lovelies,

this is éPure™ Membranous Jelly Masque™.
Developed by the renowned Dr Yulong Moy from USA, éPure™ Membranous Jelly Masque™ is the first-of-its-kind facial mask with ACF (Active Cellular Factor). This unique mask retain 70% more moisture than other sheet mask, it forces the skin pores to fully absorb the nourishing ingredients while drawing out the impurities instantaneously. It also inhibit melanin synthesis, which lightens pigmentation, balances uneven skin tone, leaves your skin brighter and supple with dewy fresh vibrance.


The jelly mask contain:

Alpha Arbutin, Hyaluronic Acid Triple Moist Complex (HA-TMC), Seaweed Extract, Epure Natural Vanilla Scent, and Jojoba Leaf Extract.

Do read more about their product and what does the ingredients do on their official website. ePure itself is now available in Indonesia and I'm excited to try on their so called membranous jelly masque.


As you've probably know, jelly mask are on the rise nowadays. People are raving it and looking for these type of mask as the texture itself is appealing, moreover, the formula seems to be working really well, better than some paper masks. 

I personally have tried many jelly mask and I love it more than conventional paper or cream mask. But I still do love my collagen mask. Still, jelly mask gives people freedom to put them wherever it pleases and doesn't need a certain type or size of the face to be fitted perfectly.


Look how cute the membranous jelly mask is, it's gooey and appear refreshing, Especially after being put inside a fridge for a certain amount of time. Imagine applying it on a clean skin on a hot day. The jelly will immediately cools everything off and the skin not just receiving a nourishing effects, but immediate cooling sensation too.
Always use mask on a clean skin, preferably after exfoliating (no need exfoliating each time you want to use a mask, once a month of exfoliating should be enough), and then use softening toner and a serum of your choice. Then, on a moist skin (thanks to toner and the serum) apply the jelly mask generously. Relax and take a 20-30 minutes rest.

Let all those good things work on your skin.


The jelly itself doesn't really have a (significant) scent that I can smell. It's like a non scented jelly. The cooling feeling comes with a juicy hydration. The thing is this membranous jelly mask actually made the skin feels clean. Not slippery, not greasy (whatsoever) and surprisingly comes with many benefits I can instantly see and feel.

The skin become so moist, supple, hydrated and the oily t zone become so matte and velvety for the whole week. The pores reduces by far, making my skin look super soft, smoother and finer too. The lines looks more relaxed and I don't see any redness on the skin, surely the stress level reduce by far.

After using the product, I do recommend anyone to try it at least once and see the effects right after. The process is fun and the after effect is wonderful, definitely a mask not to be missed.


Thank you so much ePure Indonesia for the product.

See you on my next post.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Kiehl's Superbly Smoothing Argan Shampoo

Hello lovelies,

this is Kiehl's Superbly Smoothing Argan Shampoo. Perhaps all of you Kiehl's fan must have known that they have a lot of hair care series, from problematic hair such as oily, dry to normal and colored. This one is made for frizzy hair.

And before we go any further, hooray!!! Now Kiehl's Indonesia has their own I late? Have anyone else find out :D

But when I opened the site, hmm, there's still doesn't have enough information regarding the products >.<


Superbly Smoothing Argan Shampoo

Long-lasting shine with a frizz-free finish

  • Shampoo formulated with fairly-traded Argan Oil for intensive smoothing
  • Cleanses hair gently without stripping essential moisture, oils or color
  • Enriched with essential fatty acids, emollients and antioxidants to help reveal hair’s natural radiance
  • Silicone, Sulfate and Paraben-Free Formula

This is a shampoo made for dry hair for sure. Dry, frizzy-ness and everything in between. Coarse included. The shampoo lathers easily and their signature scent for products in the Argan Oil series is repeated here as well. Remember that Kiehl's also carry Argan Oil Body Lotion (that I love).

The shampoo comes in a milky white gel like texture, foamed up instantly on wet hair and when the hair is finished being cleaned, usually, other 'normal' shampoo in the market will make the hair squeaky 'clean', this one doesn't. The hair feels silky and smooth. I was worried, I have oily scalp, I need that sense of cleanliness since the sebum can overreact and made my hair limps and heavy.

I was right, the scalp becomes oily easily within 2-3 hours and getting worse every hours passed. I have to wash my hair before the day ends.

On the hair, the oiliness also seeping in. I looked like I haven't wash my hair for days. They doesn't frizz alright, but also loose their volume. I think the shampoo doesn't suits me well, so usually, I'm using it on my hair only and use another shampoo for my scalp. At least the effect wont be all over my head, just the hair that gets the golden liquid (Argan Oil). And if I may make a suggestion, do use them with warm water, somehow cold water made the oil 'freeze' like they are more solid and 'stuck' on the coarse parts or the hair, when the water is warm, the oils feels smooth and runs through easily.

Continue with your favorite mask or conditioner, Kiehl's also have many masks and conditioner to try. Do pair them or play mix and match according to your scalp and hair's needs.

Thank you Kiehl's Indonesia.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Shinzu'I Facial Wash

Hello everyone,

last week some of the bloggers are invited for an event with SHINZU'I  to celebrate and let everyone know that putih itu SHINZU'I (or white means SHINZU'I). You can read all about it at social medias at checking out the hashtag #shinzuigathering.


Beside the facial wash, SHINZU'I also have products such as bar soaps, here are the details from their official website:
Shinzu'i lightening skin care has been formulated naturally with Herba Matsu Oil Japan, a precious essential oil from Matsutake mushroom. Shinzui's natural ingredient may brighten the skin to fade pigmentation.

Shinzu'i has 6 famous Japan famous flower fragrance: Sakura, Matsu, Kirei, Hana, Myori and Kensho. Complete whitening skin series start from bar soap, body cleanser, body lotion, scrub, facial wash and compact powder.


You've probably heard, see and use their body cleanser that comes in a bar/liquid form. SHINZU'I itself has won many awards in Indonesia and used by many, famous for the whitening effect.

I'm going to share with you about the facial wash in this post.

The facial wash itself comes in three variant:
Skin Lightening Facial Wash
Anti Acne Facial Wash
Exfoliating Scrub Facial Wash.


Their texture is rather similar, all comes in white packaging (which is their signature) and the details looks kawaii and exquisite.

There's details on every product regarding the ingredients, instruction and benefits in using them.

The key ingredients are:
Herba Matsu Oil
Transform melanin pigmentation into leukomelanin to lighten the skin tone, skin becomes fair and moist.
Sakura Flower Extract
Regenerates epidermal cells to prevent dull skin, skin becomes brighter and supple.


Use it by lathering them really well on the palm with water so the cleanser become this dense fluffy foam, and use that fully developed foam on the wet skin. Let the foam cleanse your skin.

Between each product, an ingredient or two is differed, like the scrub. Using Okinawa Salts from Japan that help removing dead skin cells to help smoothen the skin, brighter, and moist. Artichoke that help reduce the pores.

The scrub itself comes in a small beads and quite gentle on the skin.

Skin Lightening Facial Wash:

Which Hazel bahan alami sejenis tanaman yang membantu mengecilkan pori-pori kulit wajah agar tetap halus, lembut & segar berseri.
Cotton Extract Moisturizer (pelembab) dari bagian alami biji kapas yang menjaga kulit wajah senantiasa alami, elastis & mencegah kulit dari kering dan kusam.


Anti Acne Facial Wash with Kihada Extract that deal and help preventing acne plus beet extract to control the sebum level on the skin.

The color of the white gel is slightly red while the Skin Lightening Facial Wash is white and the Exfoliating Scrub is white with green beads.


You may choose to use a product that suits your needs at the moment, either skin lightening, acne prone, or a scrub that lift up dead skin cells.

I think the product is more suitable for those with oily skin and dull too. The main focus of SHINZU'I is lightening the skin for a brighter look that helps getting that clearer effects. Of course the product can not stand on their own, do use a proper skincare afterwards to help maximizing the effect. From toner that soothing, calming and preparing the skin for brightening serum, moisturizer that helps the skin stays moist and away from irritation (since irritation cause redness and eventually dark spots) and sunscreen. Very important to use a good sun protection that shield the skin from the sun (one of the reason we get dark spots and dark skin in the long run).


Regarding the product, the important thing need to be remembered is making sure that the gel is properly foamed up before use. So the cleansing agent has been developed on the palm. Use a foam net since it will help getting that dense foam, the foam that perfectly developed doesn't slip easily and won't even fall off from your palm when put upside down.


SHINZU'I Facial Wash (any variant) that I've tried all contain a very high foaming agent, so the skin will feel dry, use skincare when the skin is still damp after washing. I always use a water base skincare since it is easily absorbed by the skin, or when it is very dry, add a bit that contain oil like emulsion.

Exfoliate the skin according to your skin need, 1-2 times a month is enough to help caring for the skin and doesn't get easily irritated. The skin beneath is still young, there's a natural regeneration process, when the skin is mature, the upper layer will eventually fall out, a good scrub only help making sure that the dead skin cells removed gently.


After using the products and having them tried and tested, SHINZU'I invited us (the bloggers) to their gathering.

The event is held with Kawaii Beauty Japan at Senayan City.

The event is filled with everything white and pink.


The main highlight of the event is sharing more insight from those behind SHINZU'I. Their passion, targeted customer, achievements and more details on the ingredients too plus their research on why they are choosing certain ingredients in their products.


I'm happy to know that SHINZU'I doesn't stop researching in finding more ways to help brighten our skin. The products will keep on growing, hopefully in the near future moisturizers, body butters and other form of  skincare and body care collection while keep improving their qualities.


SHINZU'I already one step ahead by not using harmful known ingredients banned in Indonesia. Maybe someday SHINZU'I will have a collection for sensitive skin with mild formula, less fragrance and more hydrating agents too.


Thank you so much SHINZU'I for inviting me, hope to see you all again real soon!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC Premiere

Hello lovelies,

This is Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC Premiere.


Elizabeth Arden celebrates its New York heritage with the launch of 5th avenue NYC PREMIERE, a chic, sensual rendition of the brands classic 5th avenue fragrance. Enticing and seductive, this new, limited edition fragrance celebrates the addictive rush of not only having the best, but having it first.
Key Notes

Top Notes: Sparkling Mandarin, Pink Peppercorn, Lily of the Valley

Middle Notes: Night Blooming Jasmine, Hyacinth, Wild Orchid

Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Benzoin, Rich Amber, Skin Musk, Sensual Sandalwood, Patchouli


It's a very feminine scent, so beautiful, soft and floral. I fell head over heels with the jasmine and it just stays that way.

When it is sprayed, it smells usual, like the signature scent of 5th Avenue but then it'll settle beautifully with the jasmine, rich amber, and patchouli. I wish the jasmine would linger longer with the vanilla, nevertheless, the fragrance still so aromatic and last 3-4 hours with the feeling of sensual lingering.

I'd say, it's a lovely twist to the existing 5th Avenue, a bit more exciting, a bit more vibrant and current, like New York itself, but still packed with the fresh floral bouquet 5th Avenue always have.

Thank you Elizabeth Arden Indonesia for the lovely fragrance, perfect for my evening to night out. Sophisticated, luxurious, beautiful, and of course feeling exclusive are unavoidable every time I use this fragrance.

The bottle is pretty, colored in purple, gold and clear bottle and golden fluid that smells so good.

Anna Sui Illuminating BB Cream SPF 30 PA ++

Hello lovelies,

this is a new variant from Anna Sui BB Cream, they already have the velvety one from Protective BB Cream SPF 50 PA ++++ now, it's Illuminating, which of course, offer glows and radiance.


A multi-function BB Cream that acts as sun block, primer, foundation and infused with skincare.

Two kinds of oils combined to make the skin glow and soft. Dewy, glowing, unlike before. The rounded particles of the powders in the size of our pores has been added in a small amount. Therefor the particles are light with medium coverage. A pore-less and brighter skin naturally.

Using Lychee Honey Extract that soften the skin, the BB Cream help moisten the skin add the suppleness. In the same time, Sweet Flag Extract increase the circulation and warmth the skin for that rosy glow. Finally, Radiant Oil gives the rich formula with a honey texture like that made the skin soft and shine, even in the morning.

With Skin-adhering powder for a long lasting result. Glycol helps make the skin stay moist and the Radiant Oil create layer of hydration to prevent evaporation for a radiant and hydrated skin all day long.

Radiant Oil. Shiny oil that made the formula suitable for long-wear.
Glossy Oil, for that shiny and soft looking skin.
Trick Powder for that soft focus effect.
Large Spherical Powder to camouflage the pores.
Rose Canina Fruit Extract, Hydrolyzed Silk, Honey, Rose Canina Fruit Oil, Acorus Calamus Root Extract, and Pearl Powder for radiance.

IDR 300.000


The product comes in Light Beige (01) for a fair skin and Medium Beige (02) for a natural hue.

Mine is 01 and I love it.


The formula is like described, like a honey cream. So luxurious, rich and indulging. You can see them at my previous post (including the shades of 01 and 02) HERE

I've used it so many times and compared to the Protective BB Cream, the Illuminating is lighter in terms of coverage and a whole lotta radiance.


It made the skin glows but not oily. It's glistening. I guess the formula is made for Autumn and Winter, as the air become dryer and we want that lovely glowing skin that keep being hydrated, moist, supple, dewy and I guess, Korean-like makeup do.

The finish is natural, beautiful and effortless.


I'm using it on a cleaned skin and completed with skincare too. Illuminating BB Cream is the first step of makeup right after skincare is used. And I don't have to use anything, brush, sponge, just toss them off and use fingers only so we get all the benefits we want from the products without anything being stolen by the tools.

The look last longer than expected and made my skin glow beautifully. Strobing is big hit now, and I guess Illuminating BB Cream is one step ahead starting from the base.

Thank you so much Anna Sui Indonesia.