Friday, November 20, 2015

Anna Sui Autumn Collection 2015

Hello lovelies,

it's that time of the new again and I'm so excited with Anna Sui newest campaign, like each year they'll simply become better and better.


Instead of one or two items, Anna Sui invited us for beauty galore. From skincare (toner and serum), holiday packages, nail colors, and their new BB Creams.

Let's start one by one shall we?!


Hydration Charger (IDR 550.000) and Conditioning Lotion (IDR 335.000)

The New Anna Sui skincare scent (yes, the skincare do have their own scent that smells so flowery, fresh, and good).

The Top notes are chamomile, lavandin, lemon, orange.
Middle notes are rose, coriander, basil
Last note is cedar wood.

And don't imagine the product as fragrance or perfume, they do have scent but mild and comforting. Light and perfectly suitable as a skincare.


I've tried them both during the event, they are so light and easily absorbed by the skin.

The Hydration Charger is a serum. Instantly penetrates into the skin to leave feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized.

With the power food complex of watercress, asparagus, avocado, cassis, and prune extracts.

The Conditioning Lotion.

Healthy lotion with lustrous moisture that create healthy looking skin.

Contain herbal complex of Rooibos, organic rosemary, chamomile, lemongrass and organic sage extracts. 


Next, is the nail polishes. Addition to the available products, the nail colors (IDR 170.000) launches 5 new shades of Metal Blue, Mysterious Violet, Copper Brown, Burnt Orange, and Champagne Beige.


They all look so shiny, sparkly and indeed unique.

Anna Sui's products are always decorated with beautiful colors and engraving.


Magic Trick.

Just one swipe reveals radiance. Just one swipe perfects. Realize your second skin with just one swipe. A beautiful illusion too good to be revealed...Anna Sui's AUTUMN 2015 collection will leave your skin juicy, creamy and glowing with just one product.

Illuminating BB Cream IDR 300.000
Loose Face Powder N IDR 555.000
Loose Face Powder N (Refill) IDR 380.000


The BB Cream comes in two shades, light beige and medium beige.

Acts as a multi function cream that provide sun protection, primer, foundation and skincare.

Apply for a poreless, juicy and plump skin. Honey-like texture creates perfect skin, long wearing + continuous moisture. Contain Lychee Honey Extract, softening the skin. Sweet Flag extract from calamus extract, anti bacterial agent that prevent acne, and help regularize sweats.

4 features: 
Radiant oil
Glossy oil
Trick powder
Large spherical powder

rose canina fruit extract, hydrolized silk, honey, rose canina fruit oil, acorus calamus root extract and pearl powder.

Anna Sui's cosmetics will always be skincare infused makeup.


Above are the two shades, light beige and medium beige.

The loose powder comes in three shades, 200 (purple lucent) for a brighter looking skin, 700 (light beige) and 701 (natural beige).

with phospholipid treated powder, moist fit powder, soft focus powder, trick powder, and soft cover powder.

Contain rose canina fruit extract, hydrolized slik, rose canina fruit oil, horse chestnut seed extract, and pearl powder.


And yes, the one that many Anna Sui's collectors would definitely love, Anna Sui Holiday Snow Collection in Frozen Love and Thawed Heart.


Each of the collection contains3 items with different shades for each collection.

Frozen Love is more to the pink hues and Thawed Heart is more to orange.

The color powder for Frozen Love is Snow White Glitter and Thawed Heart is Frosted Pink Glitters.

I love the glitters, they can be used for face, body and just about anything (nails and hair too).


Look at the lipstick, their colors are so pretty and the mixed colors appears so pretty.


I'm a softy for pink shades and the blush on too, they all look so pretty, I want them all. Imagine a dresser filled with Anna Sui's beauty products. They are irresistible and always carry collectibles item not to be missed. And their container, I can pass it to my daughter and she uses them for her jewelry box.


Thank you so much Anna Sui Indonesia for inviting me and seeing all those gorgeous products, I'll review them soon.


See you!!!

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