Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Aveeno Baby

Hello lovelies, 

last week I went to an event with Aveeno thanks to KBBV in Mother and Baby Fair 2018 in Balai Kartini. The event went on smoothly with a doctor in the house, representative from Aveeno Indonesia and an influencer which is also a mom with concern over her baby's skin.


The doctor is Dr. M. Akbar Wedyadhana, SpKK, FINS-DV and the mom influencer is Ellyse Sinsilia. Dr. M. Akbar is happen to be a dermavenereologist from Senopati Skin Center, so he definitely qualified to talk about skin condition.

During the event, we talk about skin sensitivity in babies and young kids, as well as how to keep the condition healthy and comfortable. So there's things that we can actually do even thou' the condition (like perhaps sensitivity) is considered permanent due to hereditary from the previous generations (aka parents). You can definitely heard more on my Instagram account (@Carnellin) since I post most of the talkshow on instastories.

The thing is, we tend to generalized the kids condition based on society, so if all babies are using Telon oil (for example) we thought that would be the best for our kids without even learning that our babies might allergic to it or just simply couldn't take the heat. Or other 'misconception' like some babies aren't supposed to be bath, or cleanser regularly while medically they were supposed to be cleaned well using proper skincare, like in this event, introducing Aveeno Baby.


I gain a lot of important messages during the event, like Aveeno safety standards to key ingredients of Aveeno Baby


Locks in moisture and helps prevent dry skin.
The AVEENO® brand is most trusted for its use of natural ingredients. Oat is the natural ingredient most recommended by dermatologists. As a skin protectant active ingredient, oatmeal can help restore skin's normal pH and aid in the maintenance of skin's moisture barrier to help prevent and protect dry skin.
Aside from oatmeal, there's also soy, blackberry, feverfew, wheat, shitake, seaweed, southernwood, and lotus. Do check them out at https://www.aveeno.com

I personally have tried most of Aveeno products since I lived in Singapore and their brand itself is a no stranger for someone who have sensitive skin like me. I'm using the products for grown up and the kids are using the one for babies, actually the grown up can use the products for babies too, just in case you have super sensitive skin like babies.


Here are the two kinds of products I received from Aveeno Baby, they are the Wash and Shampoo,
Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Lauroamphoacetate, Glycerin, Coco-Glucoside, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Sodium Benzoate, Glyceryl Oleate, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Polyquaternium-10, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Butylene Glycol, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract
And the Daily Moisture Lotion.


As a mom, I always tested the products on myself first before giving them to the kids, and since I'm also having sensitive skin that will react almost in a number of days or sometime even almost immediately, I can offer them (my kids) as a human tester. I can feel assured that Aveeno Baby products that have met the US FDA Standard can be safely use for my children. The product contain so little aroma means that most mass produced products in Indonesia market for kids is bombarded with unnecessary perfume and ingredients that can harm their delicate skin.

Aveeno Baby is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, so all the aroma we sniff are from natural ingredients, where most of them is


Carefully extracted from the oat kernel, Oat Extract provides a soothing effect while gently nourishing delicate skin.
Aveeno word itself is a translation from latin word Avena by the founders of Aveeno, which means, oat. They belief for the nature of oat that nourishing, caring and have so many properties for the skin and hair.


Thank you so much Aveeno Baby and Komunitas Beauty Blogger & Vlogger Indonesia for having me during the event, it was indeed enriching and I'm happy that Aveeno Baby is now easily available in Indonesia, so my kids can have easier access to their favorite products.

Thank's for reading the post, see you again soon.

Monday, October 22, 2018

W~III Skincare

Hello lovelies,

those who are following me on instagram or youtube, must have known about my recent love, it's W~III Skincare from Taiwan. Please do watch the video at my youtube channel (here) before continue reading the post. You'll see the texture as well.

On the video, I'll share with you two products I've received and in this post it will be three, Night Cream, Essence (or serum) and Day Cream. I've been using the Night Cream and Essence since perhaps two weeks before receiving the Day Cream, and now, I'm using them continuing the routine.


Look at the packaging, they look gorgeous, right?! Some even say the container itself is luxurious. I do agree, and the one that made me interested in the products even more, is what's in it.

Let's start with the details of the essence or serum.
Skin Remodeling Essence
W~III Skin Remodeling Essence contains rich GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Complex functioned as an
activator of tissue remodeling. This essence effectively smooths fine lines and deep wrinkles, improves
skin elasticity, improves skin clarity, promotes the production of dermal fibroblasts returning the skin
cells back to a young stage.
Suitable for all skin types.


Skin Rejuvenating Day Cream
W`III Skin Rejuvenating Day Cream is formulated with the combination of multi moisture-loving 
ingredients and anti-oxidants that are excellent for retaining skin moisture, nourishing and helping skin 
heal. It is also enriched with GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Complex to make your skin become more firm, 
radiant, smooth, and supple, giving you a youthful appearance.

Intense Skin Treatment Night Cream
All world class BEST anti-aging ingredients working together while you sleep: 
GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Complex, Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, Macadamia Oil, Shea Butter. Waking 
up the next day will never be the same again. 
Suitable for all skin type.

Where did I get all of these information? From the people who understand the brand and even I met with some of them during last week event, a beauty convention in Jakarta. I thought I already learn a lot when I was given a product knowledge but I understand even more when I met them, and one more good news, W~III will open their first counter soon in Jakarta.


What so good about W~III Skincare?

Here's a bit of everything inside each of the products:
GHK-Cu Copper Peptide
(Works beyond Retinoic Acid & Vitamin C. As researched by Dr. Loren Pickart)
Beta Glucan
(The Most Powerful Natural Immune Enhancer Known to Science)
Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, Macadamia Oil, etc.
(Natural, rich in antioxidant & moisture loving ingredients)

And here what's not in it:

Paraben-Free. Lanolin-Free. Mineral Oil-Free. Cruelty-Free
No Artificial Colors. No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

So it is a pure effective ingredients with high efficacy and no bad stuffs.


Nerd alert, this is for those who really want to know the research behind W~III Skincare, and I must say, it does contain a handful of difficult words, don't be embarrassed, do google up. I really feel the need showing you this since, for me, it's ground breaking and mind blowing too. Like they did a pretty serious stuff in finding the right ingredients and formula for that highly effective skincare that made any other skincare in the market (no matter how pricey they are) looks less beneficial.

And please do compare W~III with other high quality skincare on its class, and not that mass produce stuffs that really bad for your skin where it is filled with bad chemicals and water only.

β-glucans are notable for their ability to modulate the immune system. They work in an incredibly powerful way by stimulating the activity of
macrophages, which are versatile immune cells that ingest and demolish invading pathogens. As they do so, they stimulate other immune cells
to attack. Macrophages also release cytokines, chemicals that when secreted enable the immune cells to communicate with one another. In
addition, beta glucans stimulate lethal white blood cells that bind to tumors or viruses, and release chemicals to destroy it. Not surprisingly
then, they turn out to be useful antioxidants. One study found that yeast-derived beta-glucan could reduce free radical formation in vitro.
For ages, it was believed that the large molecular structure of beta glutens would prevent them from effectively penetrating the skin. This all
changed a few years ago with a study published in International Journal of Cosmetic Science. The results showed that beta-glucan, “despite its
large molecular size, deeply penetrated the skin into the epidermis and dermis.” The same team tested 27 people to evaluate the effects of
beta-glucan on facial fine lines and wrinkles. After 8 weeks, there was “a significant reduction of wrinkle depth and height, and overall
So after the penetration issue was resolved, a team at the University of Alberta discovered how. It seems that the beta glucan enters the skin
the same way that water penetrates a brick wall. “It does not go through the brick, it goes through the concrete binding the bricks together,”
explained the lead scientist. “As a result of our study, we now know that glucan works through the inter-cellular lipid matrix, or the cells’
cement, to enter the lower levels of the skin. Of medical significance is the fact that beta glucan creams promote wound healing and reduction
in scaring following surgical procedures.”
Other researchers believe that beta glucan stimulates collagen, possibly by inducing the release of immune/inflammatory mediators, such as
IL-1 and NFkB.

Need me to sum it up?
Basically, the ingredients help healing, build immune, strong antioxidant, reduce scar in a significant way (obvious to the naked eye), reduce wrinkle and lines too, and many more. And in my case, the first visible sign is the pores, they literally shrunk to a soft and smooth appearance.


Above is the serum, I put some in a small bowl and the below image are is for Day Cream (lighter blue with gel like consistency) and Night Cream, slightly purplish with richer cream like texture that easily drank by the skin.

All of their products contain no colorant, so the 'blue-ness' are from the natural ingredients with high concentrate and really good for the skin.

I love their smell, it's so faint and floral. Signs of using natural ingredients for sure. All of them, from the essence, day and night cream works hand in hand in creating a better skin for me. Even thou' their texture is really light (those with normal to oily skin can enjoy), dry skin like mine is happy also. It is enough. I can add another hydrating emulsion when needed but these three is a great anti aging formula that I can't even compare.

Trust me when I said that I've tried so many skincare in the market, from the luxurious to mediocre, and again, I want to speak in the level that is somewhat equal with W~III and it's superb.

I'm almost 40 years old, hence I know the real issues of aging. I'm living it, and I've been using anti aging products before reaching 25, almost all the high end brands in the market has landed on my skin, I know their texture, scents, they effectiveness and some even faults too. I can say that W~III Skincare, actually works, they made differences.


I used to have normal skin in my 20's and change to dry and sensitive, it's normal for a skin to change perspective and changing products according to the skin's need and W~III filled the skin with the needs I am right now. Lines, some large pores, some sensitiveness, dehydration, uneven skin tone to some dark spots.

Using W~III Skincare (especially the Night Cream and Essence) for around 3 weeks now, I can see that the skin appear healthier in terms of fading spot, smaller pores as mentioned above that made my skin appear smoother, to help in even out the skin tone. The fine lines near the eyes are definitely reducing, so does some other fine lines. The laughing lines are reducing too, and I hope it'll keep reducing so my skin appear younger and healthier.

The Essence is powerful yet so light and comfortable, the Day Cream is like a cool refreshing gel that hydrates and perfect for the day, and the Night Cream replenish the skin even more when we asleep, none of them have heavy texture, none of them is greasy, all of them are so easy to be used and show amazing result.


Thank you so much, I'll keep you updated with the W~III Skincare that I have, and continue using it until finish, stay tune, I think I'll make a video for them soon.

Friday, October 19, 2018

KIN Fresh Milk Coffee and Chocolate

Hello lovelies,

this post is made as a continuance of my first post for KIN Fresh Milk.


I've said it there how the milks also come in different flavor, delicious chocolate and irresistible coffee. So for those who perhaps gets bored for the plain flavor of fresh milk can enjoy the taste of chocolate and for coffee lovers can take the coffee.


The thickness of the texture is similar to the Fresh Milk in plain and still in the goodness of A2 protein where it feels comfortable and delightful to be taken daily as often as we want it too.

Here's the diagram to remind you about the goodness of A2 protein in selected high quality cows.


Casein is the largest group of proteins in milk, making up about 80% of the total protein content.

There are several types of casein in milk, and beta-casein is the second most common. Beta-casein exists in at least 13 different forms

The two most common forms of beta-casein are:

  • A1 beta-casein: Milk from breeds of cows that originated in northern Europe is generally high in A1 beta-casein. A1 milk comes from breeds like the Holstein, Friesian, Ayrshire and British Shorthorn.
  • A2 beta-casein: Milk that is high in A2 beta-casein is mainly found in breeds that originated in the Channel Islands and Southern France. This includes breeds like the Guernsey, Jersey, Charolais and Limousin

Regular milk contains both A1 and A2 beta-casein, but A2 milk contains only A2 beta-casein.

Some studies indicate that A1 beta-casein may be harmful, and that A2 beta-casein is a safer choice. This is the reason for the "A1 vs A2" debate.

So there's been a lot of research and debates on the subject of A1 and A2 protein and so far, the A2 protein are known to be safer, easier to digest, to even lactose intolerant people, like me. It's not easy to be lactose intolerant especially when I love milk, I like the taste, the flavor, sometime the comfort of drinking milk, it is filled with nutrition and especially when taken during the night after being warmed up, it helps inducing sleep.

The vitamins in milk also rich, the kids could enjoy the full benefit.


Like most coffee lovers, some of the coffee in town are usually mixed with milk, like machiato, latte, etc, in terms of that concept, KIN Fresh Milk comes in a coffee flavor which is suitable for coffee addict like me. Since the milk is real and known the whereabouts of the source, we can understand the mildness since the focus is still about the coffee.

For the chocolate, on the other hand is like a delightful partner to dessert, like during tea time, with a fresh croissant, they taste good together as a pair. Chocolate love will enjoy the milky companion during the day when it was served cold. Ohh, just adding a few ice cube also helps, it's a nutritious drink that taste delicious.


What I love and enjoy about KIN Fresh Milk in Chocolate and Coffee is that, none of them taste too sweet, they are just right. Nobody like the over sugary drink, it made the drink feels and be less healthy. KIN Fresh Milk understands that and made sure that their milk stays healthy, no matter what flavor we picked, either the original plain, chocolate, and coffee too, it's assuring isn't it.

Now, I hear you, most of you moms like me, we usually think that, Oh this kind of milk must be very expensive like those super luxurious imported milk, but hear ye hear ye, it's in the budget reasonable area.

Since each bottle is sold for around Rp. 7000 (in minimarkets, supermarkets, and even online shops) we can carry it anywhere we need and taken care of. The kids can bring one to school to compliment their lunch box, moms and dads too, put one in their bag to add up a day's nutrition and help when in need, like during traffic jam inside the car. Or when a meeting last longer than expected, we need something fast, easy, and filled with good things inside from vitamins to minerals too.

Milk are also known to be a comfort supplement for those who feel a bit unwell, especially A2 milk that easy on the stomach.


Imagine all the goodness of a milk anywhere you please, and it comes in three wonderful flavors.

I personally enjoy the plain one for the morning or late at night, the coffee in the day time right after lunch and the chocolate flavor whenever I need a treat heehee, like an agonizing sweet tooth without the guilt.


Psst!! For those who are a massive coffee addict, do add more shots of coffee if you like it stronger, it goes well with an espresso.

And same goes with chocolate addict, melt some chocolate on a pan and add it to a cup of KIN Fresh Milk Chocolate for a more deeper thickness of a chocolate, like a delicious choco drink. From dark chocolate to milky flavor, it's all up to you and there's no limit in creating your own personal taste.


Same goes with the plain, add some fruits for a personalized smoothies, I do like to add some fresh strawberries and orange, I think I like the zesty sensation from those fruits combine with the mild taste of the milk, and serving it cold also taste even better.

Imagine a hot day, going back home and you need something to freshen you up, a cold smoothie milk with fresh fruits, either blend together or as an add up by cutting it tiny pieces. An infused water with fruits are great, infused milk also taste delicious.


But those 'personalized' drink are preferred to be at home since the milk inside is so fresh, once open do consume it immediately. For KIN Fresh Milk on the go, do carry an unopened bottle only and place it always in a place away from the sun. When unopened it is okay to leave it in room temperature, no hotter than 25 degree Celsius. 

Some may already know the sister product of KIN Fresh Milk which is KIN Yoghurt, a Bulgarian Style Yoghurt that also taste delicious and high in Calcium.


Thank you so much KIN Fresh Milk for the opportunity in serving protein A2 milk to Indonesia. We can now enjoy a higher quality milk from high quality cow that friendly to the stomach and high in nutrition.

See you on my next post, till then, take care!

Acuvue Define Radiant Chic

Hello lovelies,

Around a week ago, I went to an event in Grand Indonesia with Optik Seis to celebrate the launch of 1-Day Acuvue Define Radiant Chic.

Acuvue itself is a well known contact lens brand that comes in many designs and type according to today's need. The natural color looking lens are made with prescription too to accommodate everyone with different conditions.  


Acuvue itself launch many 1-Day lenses in Define collections:
1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE® is available in seven designs. Each design blends seamlessly with your unique iris pattern to accentuate, not mask your natural eye beauty.
  • RADIANT CHIC™ for a cool, bold and charismatic look
  • RADIANT SWEET™ for a sweet endearing look
  • RADIANT BRIGHT™ for a bright captivating look
  • RADIANT CHARM™ for a deep enchanting look
  • ACCENT STYLE for an elegant look
  • VIVID STYLE for a vibrant look
  • NATURAL SHINE™ for a sophisticated look

The significant differences of Radiant Chic is:
  • Dark brown limbal ring blending with lighter gold and bronze patterns to give a glowing & illuminating look


During the event, Acuvue also distribute pamphlets of makeup information that might match the lenses, in fact they were pretty adamant that it was important. I have no words on that heehee, since I think makeup and lenses are personal options that depends on a lot of stuffs going on.

So back to the lenses, Acuvue is famous for being so comfortable and safe too.

Thank's to the technology and Lacreon,

LACREON® Technology permanently embeds a water-holding ingredient, similar to that found in natural tears, providing up to 20 hours cushion of moisture for exceptional comfort.
With BEAUTY WRAPPED IN COMFORT™ Technology, pigments are safely enclosed between two layers of lens material to prevent direct contact with your eyes.


One of the highest levels of UV protection‡ available in a daily disposable contact lens.

1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE®. DEFINE® beauty contact lenses are designed with translucent layers to accentuate, not hide your natural eye beauty. Available with correction for near and farsighted prescriptions only.

And actually, I've been using Acuvue for years before I have Lasik and I glad I've been using Acuvue since it's known for it's quality, with beauty too, you know, the colors. It helps defining the eyes.


Here's what the lens look like on my eyes, theya dd some sparkles and a touch of colors to the eyes. I enjoy using it on daily basis, I just toss them when the day ends and use a fresh new one tomorrow. The daily lens also help to keep our eyes away from build up proteins and other things that are not good for the eyes.

If needed, do use some eye drops to help lubricate the eyes.


Thank you so much Acuvue for having me during the event and continuing delivering safe and comfortable lens suitable for daily wear for the whole day.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

K-Palette 3Way Eyebrow Pencil & Powder

Hello lovelies,

since recently I've been playing with youtube a lot, seems like I'm neglecting the blog heehee, sorry. But, I'll try to post at least once a week and keep you updated on the products I've been using, especially the ones that are really good and impressive. Like this 1 Day Eyebrow Tattoo from our favorite brand K-Palette that launched their supreme eyeliner.

With the same principle of an all day lasting makeup, their eyebrow product are also made to last.


Our NEW K-Palette Lasting 3Way Eyebrow Pencil now has an IMPROVED and SMOOTHER pencil, Strong Hold Powder with a thin applicator for precise application and a Brow Spoolie brush to blend the harsh lines.
3-in-1 Function:
 Eyebrow Pencil: Pencil with soft texture can easily fill in the gap of the brows and refine the eyebrow shape.
Eyebrow Powder: Powder with natural radiance enhances the 3D effect of the eyebrows. 
Eyebrow Brush: Soft and spiral brush allows the hairs look more natural and smooth.

1. Use the eyebrow pencil to fill the gap and refine the shape.
2. Apple the eyebrow powder to enhance 3D effect. 
3. Use the brush to brush the eyebrows.


All the details is provided on the back side of the packaging, do click on any image to see it in larger view.

The product is look like below. It also comes in a few shade from the darkest to the lightest, I personally like the darker shades heehee, since I think eyebrow should be obvious.


This is why it was said to be three way, there's pencil, powder and the brush, so it's three applicator in one, handy huh?!

The pencil is of course, the boldest one, powder is the one that shaped like a cone and soft too, the powder are inside the container where it held when closed. The brush is super comfortable, perhaps one of the most wonderful eyebrow brush ever existed. Those who've been using brush that comes in a set must have known, most of them sucks! Like either too thin, too painful, or even scrapped the skin of the eyebrow, it can be unbearable, not this one for sure. It's really so comfortable and I highly recommend the brush itself and never throw it out even when the pencil and powder run out.


First, as mention on the how to, use the pencil to outdraw the line of the eyebrow. I'm not going to teach you on how to make eyebrows here, since it will be purely for reviewing the product.

And I do think everyone know their eyebrow better heeheee.

Now back to the product, the pencil itself is like most eyebrow pencil that shaped the brow, not hard but definitely not soft in terms of texture, and this is the best part, the pencil is waterproof and resist to rubbing, even with soap and water. So you don't have to worry when there's sudden rain or going swimming, your brow is still in shape.


How about the powder, it's soft, help filling in the brows, but not waterproof nor rub proof, so it does goes away when there's rain or going swimming.

It does depends on the shade as well, that's one of the reason I like darker shade since the powder is more visible as well.


This is the swatch of the powder, as seen, it is pretty soft right?! It does what it does, filling in only, and not as vivid as the pencil. The powder puff also so delicate, I think I can use it for anything too, like eyeshadow in a tone like the eyebrow to filling it more.


To see the comparison between the pencil and the pwoder, do look at the image below.


And I do think that the powder run out faster than the pencil too.

Will I repurchase the product? Yes, for sure, even thou the powder is not waterproof, the pencil does, and the brush is a must try too, it's perhaps the best brush I had for eyebrows. I think for the next one, I'm going to buy a darker or similar shade with this one, mocha. There's also light brown, grayish brown, natural brown and so on.

I bought mine in Singapore around 15-17$, I don't really remember the exact price, but it was somewhat on that area, definitely not cheap but worth to purchase.


Thanks for reading my post, hope to see you all again soon.

Friday, October 5, 2018

KIN Fresh Milk For Everyone

Hello lovelies,

This time I want to share with you dairy products from KIN.


Some of you perhaps wondering what is KIN has got to do with beauty, oh babe, everything that is healthy, made you pretty for sure. We need to take care our overall health to achieve that wholesome beauty. You can always be sure that beauty is from within as well as seen from the outside. Like imagine yourself getting sick most of the time, you wont be able to go outside and do as much as those who are healthy, yet we need to expose ourself to fresh air and the delightful morning sun.


These are KIN Fresh Milk that comes in three variant, chocolate, coffee and fresh milk in original as in plain.

I don't really drink milk on daily basis, what, why? I don't feel comfortable in taking them, especially when they are on their own, mostly since it can gives me like a diarrhea. It's not severe, but it's not really convenient from time to time, especially when I'm on the go, traveling or during an event. I don't want to go to the toilet over and over again in a day. It's troublesome. So I avoided all milk at all cost... turns out, there's a different kind of milk, an A2 cows.


Let me explain the table above, it shows that nowadays the protein in the cow's milk is mostly A1, which is the type of protein that cause the stomach to feel uncomfortable while protein A2 is the type that was used to be served. Bloaty feeling and other discomfort also mostly caused by protein A1. Now, KIN Fresh Milk is the type of milk with Protein A2 and 100% pure without any addition or anything taken, hence everyone can drink KIN Fresh Milk in comfort. Including me heehee, finally I can have a taste of fresh milk again without worry.

These high class cow are the source of all KIN Fresh Milk and the reason will be getting protein A2. If you;re still curious, do check out their website and instagram account:
• Website : www.kindairy.com
• Instagram : @kindairyid
And Kin Fresh Milk is now available at  mini market / supermarket near you. Convenient right?!

Here's a bit of Pers Release to understand about KIN Fresh Milk even better

Jakarta, September 2018 – Kemajuan penelitian dan teknologi telah banyak menghadirkan terobosan yang memberikan kebaikan bagi kehidupan manusia.  Dalam beberapa tahun terakhir, pengembangan industri susu sapi perah telah menemukan sapi jenis A2 yang dipercaya dapat menghasilkan susu yang lebih baik bagi tubuh manusia.
Berdasarkan data Kementerian Pertanian tahun 2016, konsumsi susu di Indonesia saat ini masih lebih rendah dibandingkan dengan negara ASEAN lainnya. Sebagian orang melewatkan manfaat dari susu sapi segar karena merasa mual, menimbulkan diare, atau karena alergi. Sementara manfaat susu sangat penting untuk pemenuhan nutrisi. Susu mengandung nutrisi lengkap yang terdiri dari protein, lemak, dan karbohidrat sebagai sumber energi, mineral, dan vitamin untuk mendukung fungsi tubuh.
Pakar gizi, dr. Rizal Alaydrus, MSc. menjelaskan, “Gejala mual, kembung, dan/atau diare setelah mengonsumi susu terjadi karena kandungan protein beta casein A1 dalam susu yang bereaksi dengan protein pencernaan lainnya di dalam tubuh, sehingga memicu gejala yang menyerupai intoleransi terhadap laktosa, seperti ketidaknyamanan perut, flatulensi (akumulasi gas berlebih dalam perut dari usus besar), kembung, dan diare yang terjadi setelah mengonsumsi produk susu.”
Susu sapi pada umumnya memiliki kandungan protein A1 dan protein A2 dengan rasio 40% dan 60%. Awalnya sapi di seluruh dunia hanya menghasilkan protein A2 saja, namun seiring berjalannya waktu dan adanya mutasi genetik, saat ini semakin banyak sapi yang menghasilkan susu dengan kandungan protein A1.
Saat ini, susu A2 tengah mendapat perhatian dari dunia kesehatan karena potensinya dalam menjadikan susu sapi lebih baik dari segi nutrisi maupun dari segi toleransi oleh sistem pencernaan. Susu yang hanya mengandung protein A2, dipercaya lebih mudah dicerna oleh tubuh dan nutrisinya lebih mudah diserap. Sapi A2 didapat dari proses seleksi alami dengan melalui seleksi tes DNA, tanpa rekayasa genetik.
PT ABC Kogen Dairy percaya bahwa setiap orang berhak mendapatkan nutrisi terbaik dari alam, oleh karena itu PT ABC Kogen Dairy menghadirkan terobosan baru lewat KIN Fresh Milk, susu segar dari sapi A2. Untuk menjamin kualitas susu yang dihasilkan, peternakan yang dikelola oleh PT ABC Kogen Dairy hanya memelihara jenis sapi A2, yang menghasilkan susu dengan kandungan protein A2 saja. Sebagai satu-satunya peternakan sapi terintegrasi yang menghasilkan susu dari sapi A2 secara eksklusif di Indonesia, seluruh sapi di peternakan KIN menjalani proses pemeriksaan ketat, dimulai dari kualitas kesehatan, kondisi hidup, hingga pemeriksaan DNA untuk memastikan susu yang dihasilkan tidak mengandung protein A1.
Anton Budiharjo, Marketing Manager KIN menjelaskan, “Sebagian orang banyak mengalami reaksi pada tubuhnya sesaat setelah mengonsumsi susu dan menganggap hal itu adalah normal. Reaksi yang dirasakan diantaranya adalah rasa tidak nyaman di perut seperti rasa kembung, eneg, bahkan mulas. Padahal seharusnya minum susu sama seperti kita mengonsumsi minuman lain yang tidak menimbulkan respon di perut. Banyak orang menduga hal ini disebabkan karena mereka lactose intolerant, padahal bisa jadi karena tubuhnya tidak dapat mencerna protein A1 yang terdapat dalam susu.”
Tiffany Pratiwi Suwandi, Brand Manager KIN menjelaskan, “KIN Fresh Milk merupakan produk susu segar pertama di Indonesia yang berasal dari sapi A2 dan hadir sebagai pilihan yang lebih baik bagi konsumen, karena tidak menimbulkan rasa eneg atau kembung akibat minum susu. Susu dari sapi A2 ini adalah 100% susu segar, tanpa ada yang ditambahkan atau dikurangi pada kandungannya. KIN Fresh Milk hanya mengandung protein A2 yang lebih bersahabat untuk perut, sehingga lebih mudah dicerna dan diserap dalam tubuh”.
KIN Fresh Milk hadir dalam 3 rasa favorit, yaitu Full Cream, Chocolate, dan Coffee. KIN Fresh Milk juga merupakan satu-satunya produk susu yang dikemas dalam botol dengan UV light barrier untuk menjamin kualitas produk tanpa bahan pengawet.
“Dengan ragam rasa Kin Fresh Milk yang tersedia, konsumen memiliki kebebasan untuk menikmati manfaat murni dari susu sapi segar tanpa khawatir akan timbulnya rasa eneg atau kembung. Kin Fresh Milk juga hadir sebagai pilihan yang lebih sehat bagi para penggemar susu dan aman untuk dikonsumsi anak usia 2 tahun ke atas,” tutup Tiffany.


KIN Fresh Milk comes in a 200 ml bottles. It was shaped like a bottle which made the product appear different from other milk on the market. On all of the bottle (no matter what the flavor is) it is always written "Shake first before consuming", so don't forget to shake the bottle well before drinking so all the nutrients and consistency of the milk become one.

I've been trying the milk for days now and my stomach does feel different. I'm no longer afraid of the side effect that other milks do thanks to the A2 protein.

The flavor of their fresh milk is yummy, I'll share more with you the other flavors on my next post, for this one let's read about my first impression with KIN Fresh Milk.


On supermarket, they are usually sold in a cooler area, so it does taste better when served cold, but I don't mind drinking it at any temperature. But once opened do consumed it immediately so the product stays fresh. Since (like any other product) it was really fresh, so it was processed using aseptic technology that guarantee freshness and quality as long as it stays closed and sealed, haven't been exposed to open air and in the given date before expiration.


You can drink it directly from the bottle, or like me using a cup, or adding some ice cubes, or as an additional like when eating cereal, strawberry or even pudding. The texture of the milk is slightly ticker than other milk on the market, which made the milk taste more delicious than the rest, perhaps it is due to the A2 protein. And on the composition is also listed as 100% Fresh Milk, this is surely more assuring.


Details in the nutrition facts are written clearly on the bottle, from Vitamin A, D, B1, B2, B5, calcium, phosphor, magnesium, iodine, and zinc too. It is also said to make sure that the bottle is always in a cool and dry places, heat is never good for vitamins, same goes with our skincare and other food items. Fresh veggies and fruit will also goes bad faster, dryer too, when put in a hot direct sunlight.

So always keep your KIN Fresh Milk bottles on a cool places like perhaps the fridge.


The seal on the bottle will help you know that the freshness is sealed within, always remember to check upon purchasing.

I'm not the only one in my family that loves the taste and texture of KIN Fresh Milk, the kids are also drinking it, they always argue who gets the last sips. We enjoy the comfort of protein A2 from KIN Fresh Milk and I'm happy that nobody gets an upset stomach while consuming. It's an enjoyable and nutritious experience and hopefully we can boost the level of drinking high quality milk in our own family.


Thank you so much KIN Fresh Milk to come into our life, and you for reading my post, see you again on my next post ya about KIN Fresh Milk Chocolate and Coffee, yums!