Friday, October 19, 2018

KIN Fresh Milk Coffee and Chocolate

Hello lovelies,

this post is made as a continuance of my first post for KIN Fresh Milk.


I've said it there how the milks also come in different flavor, delicious chocolate and irresistible coffee. So for those who perhaps gets bored for the plain flavor of fresh milk can enjoy the taste of chocolate and for coffee lovers can take the coffee.


The thickness of the texture is similar to the Fresh Milk in plain and still in the goodness of A2 protein where it feels comfortable and delightful to be taken daily as often as we want it too.

Here's the diagram to remind you about the goodness of A2 protein in selected high quality cows.


Casein is the largest group of proteins in milk, making up about 80% of the total protein content.

There are several types of casein in milk, and beta-casein is the second most common. Beta-casein exists in at least 13 different forms

The two most common forms of beta-casein are:

  • A1 beta-casein: Milk from breeds of cows that originated in northern Europe is generally high in A1 beta-casein. A1 milk comes from breeds like the Holstein, Friesian, Ayrshire and British Shorthorn.
  • A2 beta-casein: Milk that is high in A2 beta-casein is mainly found in breeds that originated in the Channel Islands and Southern France. This includes breeds like the Guernsey, Jersey, Charolais and Limousin

Regular milk contains both A1 and A2 beta-casein, but A2 milk contains only A2 beta-casein.

Some studies indicate that A1 beta-casein may be harmful, and that A2 beta-casein is a safer choice. This is the reason for the "A1 vs A2" debate.

So there's been a lot of research and debates on the subject of A1 and A2 protein and so far, the A2 protein are known to be safer, easier to digest, to even lactose intolerant people, like me. It's not easy to be lactose intolerant especially when I love milk, I like the taste, the flavor, sometime the comfort of drinking milk, it is filled with nutrition and especially when taken during the night after being warmed up, it helps inducing sleep.

The vitamins in milk also rich, the kids could enjoy the full benefit.


Like most coffee lovers, some of the coffee in town are usually mixed with milk, like machiato, latte, etc, in terms of that concept, KIN Fresh Milk comes in a coffee flavor which is suitable for coffee addict like me. Since the milk is real and known the whereabouts of the source, we can understand the mildness since the focus is still about the coffee.

For the chocolate, on the other hand is like a delightful partner to dessert, like during tea time, with a fresh croissant, they taste good together as a pair. Chocolate love will enjoy the milky companion during the day when it was served cold. Ohh, just adding a few ice cube also helps, it's a nutritious drink that taste delicious.


What I love and enjoy about KIN Fresh Milk in Chocolate and Coffee is that, none of them taste too sweet, they are just right. Nobody like the over sugary drink, it made the drink feels and be less healthy. KIN Fresh Milk understands that and made sure that their milk stays healthy, no matter what flavor we picked, either the original plain, chocolate, and coffee too, it's assuring isn't it.

Now, I hear you, most of you moms like me, we usually think that, Oh this kind of milk must be very expensive like those super luxurious imported milk, but hear ye hear ye, it's in the budget reasonable area.

Since each bottle is sold for around Rp. 7000 (in minimarkets, supermarkets, and even online shops) we can carry it anywhere we need and taken care of. The kids can bring one to school to compliment their lunch box, moms and dads too, put one in their bag to add up a day's nutrition and help when in need, like during traffic jam inside the car. Or when a meeting last longer than expected, we need something fast, easy, and filled with good things inside from vitamins to minerals too.

Milk are also known to be a comfort supplement for those who feel a bit unwell, especially A2 milk that easy on the stomach.


Imagine all the goodness of a milk anywhere you please, and it comes in three wonderful flavors.

I personally enjoy the plain one for the morning or late at night, the coffee in the day time right after lunch and the chocolate flavor whenever I need a treat heehee, like an agonizing sweet tooth without the guilt.


Psst!! For those who are a massive coffee addict, do add more shots of coffee if you like it stronger, it goes well with an espresso.

And same goes with chocolate addict, melt some chocolate on a pan and add it to a cup of KIN Fresh Milk Chocolate for a more deeper thickness of a chocolate, like a delicious choco drink. From dark chocolate to milky flavor, it's all up to you and there's no limit in creating your own personal taste.


Same goes with the plain, add some fruits for a personalized smoothies, I do like to add some fresh strawberries and orange, I think I like the zesty sensation from those fruits combine with the mild taste of the milk, and serving it cold also taste even better.

Imagine a hot day, going back home and you need something to freshen you up, a cold smoothie milk with fresh fruits, either blend together or as an add up by cutting it tiny pieces. An infused water with fruits are great, infused milk also taste delicious.


But those 'personalized' drink are preferred to be at home since the milk inside is so fresh, once open do consume it immediately. For KIN Fresh Milk on the go, do carry an unopened bottle only and place it always in a place away from the sun. When unopened it is okay to leave it in room temperature, no hotter than 25 degree Celsius. 

Some may already know the sister product of KIN Fresh Milk which is KIN Yoghurt, a Bulgarian Style Yoghurt that also taste delicious and high in Calcium.


Thank you so much KIN Fresh Milk for the opportunity in serving protein A2 milk to Indonesia. We can now enjoy a higher quality milk from high quality cow that friendly to the stomach and high in nutrition.

See you on my next post, till then, take care!


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