Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Win Whooga Boots!!

Who doesn't know Whooga Boots? These lovely wonderful Ugg boots is a big rave everywhere in the world, many famous people wear them, many of my friends in the US and Australia are big fans of these lovely Thermofleece material that can be used during the winter AND summer.

Comes in 5 styles and 7 colors (men and women are welcomed). I seriously want them all, they are the most comfortable boots on the planet and it cost 117USD each!

You can get it free! How? Just subscribe to their VIP Newsletter here <--- click. And you're on the run to win one :) This giveaways is open to whoever, anywhere in the world, isn't that great!

Check out their website for more info and you'll fall in love for sure!

S0....... who doesn't know Whooga boots????

(All pictures are taken from http://www.whooga-eu.co.uk/)

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Last night on GV Max I got a chance to watch a movie. The theater was big and like most theater seats in Singapore, it was cramped.

Near the entrance they show us a sneak peak aka preview of the movie.

Audience coming here last night get their tickets from special way, like me I won a pair from 8 Days. Some also come sponsored by other media and sponsored related to pet (magazine, store, etc).


The main character need is a dog (duh) name Diggs that need his training since he do things his own way regardless the situation he's in. He is the person ehm dog that doesn't do authority and cooperation plus a cat hater.

Things gone one way to another, Diggs got to an adventure with another dog (Butch) from the secret 'agency', a pigeon and a cat named Catherine (Christina Applegate) to stop the Kitty Galore evil plan.

The 3D was superb but the glasses is way to big for my Asian feature, and a lot of other movie patrons feels the same as I do as many of us keep adjusting the glasses.

The movie takes about one and a half hour, many laughter heard numerous times showing that the movie was funny and enjoyable..... and I found some endearing moments too. This is a perfect movie for dog and cat lover, and for families too. I am not a pet lover but I was still able to enjoy this wonderful action/fun/adventure/family movie.

Age genre: any age that have a soft and fun side on them afterall it's just a movie with lots of imagination and efforts to make it so real :)

GV Vivo City also have a promotion for kids on 1 September...that's tomorrow! Let's come for a face-painting, hair styling and more.

Each one of us who got to see the movie from 8 Days got home with 2 movie posters and a Frisbee.... catch!!

Do check out their official website! It got download-able stuff, games, photo and many more.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I just got Vichy

Today I just got my Vichy Eau Thermale, a spa water for soothing and fortifying. It is said on the bottle to sprayed it morning and night to complete a cleansing routine, recommended for sensitive skin.

And the one other product is Cellu Destock an advanced anti-cellulite care and the cellulite aspect visibly smoothed in 7 days.

For the Cellu Destock I will make a test by
Taking my before and after picture (on my thigh) for 7 days using, 14 days using and a month :) I hope this will be a fun project and I hope this product work.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

3 days of using Skin Inc Serum

After 3 days of using Skin Inc Hyaluronic Acid Serum this is my review:

You can see from the pictures of the small bottle with tiny blue dots. This serum hold 6 litres of water per gram, it is said on Skin Inc pamphlet that Hyaluronic Acid binds moisture within skin for instant, lasting hydration from within. Lines are refined and skin is plum and hydrated.

I use about 3 drops of it each time, 2 times a day, after cleansing and toning and before moisturizer.

I think it is important for me to let you know the products I used along with the serum. The cleanser is The Body Shop Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel, toner: Pomegranate Antioxidant Toner from Pure Beauty and moisturizer is Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer.

Before this serum come I've tried using those 3 products alone (no serum) and my upper cheek area becomes red and irritated due to dryness, my skins look dull, tired, my t zone is oily within 2-3 hours and the lines near my eyes and laughing lines are obvious.

From the picture above you can see the amount I use the serum and when I pump it out the dots are still not break.

It is visible from the picture that the serum is liquid and watery too. When I put them on my skin and spread it over, then the tiny blue capsules break (easily).

The result of using Skin Inc Hyaluronic Acid Serum for 3 days is:
During application my skin can easily absorb the serum, doesn't leave any feeling of stickiness or residue on the surface. It feels like my skin just drank water and swallowed them in.

After 3 days I notice that my skin is more plump, more comfortable, on the upper cheek area is not as dry as it used to but I think I'm gonna need more moisture or perhaps a serum for the sensitive/irritated area. Many lines like in the picture above is less obvious especially those that caused by dryness.

But for the dark eye circles, pores, tired skin and my freckles are still there. Perhaps I need a concoction of several serum, not just Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

The good news is since the serum is light and very easy to be absorbed by my skin, it is a suitable product to be used here in Singapore or places where it's tropical. It does not trigger my oily zones to react, I can go almost the whole day without annoying shines from my nose.

Secondly, I like the fact that I still can use my other brand for the cleanser, toner, moisturizer or whatever I have. So it gives me a freedom to choose accordingly.

My suggestion: try them! These serums are simple, light, personalized, and you can always find your type here no matter how complex or simple it is.

Rainforest Shine from The Body Shop

The Body Shop just launch a New Eco-Conscious hair care for naturally beautiful hair range. From Rainforest Moisture for dry hair, Rainforest Radiance for coloured hair, Rainforest Shine for normal to dry hair, and Rainforest Balance for oily hair.

Since I am a member of The Body Shop they sent me email and sms to collect the sample, which I did 2 days ago. So today I decided to try it on, the verdict is.....I really like it.

(please do not pay attention of my eye bag, I didn't get enough sleep the night before)

The product contain no silicones, parabens or colorants. And it's eco-conscious standard help preserving our nature from using biodegradable ingredients and recycled packaging.

Suggestion for usage is mix the shampoo with water before applying to your hair. The shampoo texture is watery but when mixed with water it lather up well. When I get the Shine range I was kind a disappoint since my scalp is oily and using product meant for normal to dry hair often makes the oiliness worst. But not with this one.

The texture of the shampoo seems light when I use it but can clean up my hair and scalp really well, I also like the fact that the light conditioner can stay on the whole day, usually at the end of the day my hair is so dry and the scalp is oily, now 11 hours after using them, my hair still soft and the scalp still clean.

The scent is fresh, don't have any musky scent at all, it's definitely not a strong scent but surprisingly last for hours (4-6 hours). Please note that my activity is mall hoping and not gym bunny, so for me it work under certain condition.

And like what the range supposed to do, it added shine to my hair.

In their website you can also try the online hair diagnostic tool, click here ---> website

For hair diagnostic tool I think it could be better, since they didn't give option for oily scalp and dry hair (aka combination hair).

Will I buy their product in the near future? Yes, I'm going to make a purchase after my stock of toiletries are run out, my eyes are on Rainforest Balance for the shampoo ($16.90) and use Rainforest Moisture for the conditioner ($16.90) and hair butter for S19.90 (very interesting).

I really would like to try the hair butter, it's sounds very good. Well, perhaps someday. And if I did I will make the review here :)

For all The Body Shop members buy now and get 30% discount, and for all of you who haven't been one, be one, beside getting promos you also get their email whenever a new product is coming!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Botox Party with Skin Inc

I just got back from their cocktail party at Republic Plaza

click here for info

So couple days ago I called them and ask for a reservation. The reason why I'm keen on Skin Inc is perhaps you remember my previous post on Serum = Step 3 please read it there. There's a line that say about Skin Inc and how I don't remember using it, but I'm very interested. For me there's no way I'm posting about serum without Skin Inc, I think back then like a year ago I only try it on my hand when I was in CozyCot event in Expo.

Now if you read beauty magazine, you wouldn't missed it, there's so much rave going on about Skin Inc and that's also the reason I'm so interested in knowing this product better. By that I'm using this opportunity to find out.

I'm arrived at the spot around 5 PM, there I met Ms.Eugena and she was my 'guide' throughout my visit there.

Above is their signature 'icon' where you can see in a small bottle serums are pouring down. Serums with colorful dots. Those dots are patented seaweed capsules from Japan that protect active ingredients from harmful UV rays and oxidation keeping ingredients pure and fresh. It is also said their product is 0% scent, 0% paraben and 100% fuss free.

For me it's a clear sign they really minimize the chance of sensitivity and allergy.

This is their brand SKINC, you can also read their company's profile and all their history on their website iloveskininc.com and check out your skin identity there to find the right serum just for you.

The questionnaire to find your perfect serum is very simple and easy, but if you have doubt, just come down to any of their branch and talk to the staff.

One more thing that I notice is that non of the staff is doing hard sell, when I said I want to try this sample first, she understand and for me it show that the product do sell for itself. They believe that their product is very good so being 'pushy' is unnecessary.

The picture above are products that beside the serum. They are Amino Prodew 400 Cleansing Foam, Makeup Remover, Nano Hydrating Gel (their moisturizer), Okinawa DeepSea Hydra Mask, Pure Revival Peel, UV Essential Sunblock, Onsen Miracle Mist, Body Peel and Body Dew.

Then Ms.Eugena kindly tested some products to my skin (on the left) and you'll see the difference.

First she put on some Pure Revival Peel on the skin, it feel cool and watery. Then she rub it very gently and clean the debris and dead keratin, rinse it with water afterward.

My left hand start to look different then my right, brighter and not dull like the right hand.

Then she put on some serum (Hyaluronic Acid Serum for dehydrated skin) massage them in, just really for a while plus Nano Hydrating Gel that also absorbed easily and Okinawa DeepSea Hydra Mask.

This is the main star of the party, Skin Inc Optimiser. The Skin Inc Otimiser is a 2-in-1 homecare device that gives you the individual and combined benefits of Chromotherapy (LED) and Low Frequency Current stimulation. Please do read more here. For me the main thing is this gadget is helping your skin to absorb those wonderful nutrients from serums or nourishment you put on better than without. While the gadget itself is stimulating your skin cells and improving the existing condition. Comes in 3 light with different function.

Red for Anti-ageing.
Blue for problem skin such as sensitivity, acne, congested or oily.
Green for pigmentation, marks, and dehydrated skin.

Ms.Eugena treat my skin with the red light. I didn't feel anything, no sting, no hot or unpleasant sensation, it's just like you rubbing the back of your spoon to your skin (of course different effect created than using Optimiser). She use circular motion over and over again.

As you can see the gadget is pretty simple, you will need a manual before operating but a 5 minute briefing will do. So this gadget have 3 function and the price is 788S$, while the previous Optimiser only comes in 1 light sell for more than 500S$.

You can adjust the intensity, turn off the LED light (so just the low frequency that was on), and the best part for the new Optimiser is no cable hanging. Yup, this gadget is charged then after finished you can just grab it and use it on the go, no wires, no tangle,....again fuss free.

After a brief treatment (like 10 minutes) look at my left hand, it look totally different than the right. It's brighter, softer, more hydrated, supple and the right one look so old. The right hand look gloomy, the lines are more obvious, and lack of healthy glow too.

This is a very good sign of a good product. I do try the find the fault in this product, but somehow can't. Maybe just the price, but the are still in the reasonable range, not cheap, but reasonable. Couple days ago I was learning something about beauty product (or about any product). How come some can be so cheap while others are more high price, the answer actually is the cheaper product use lower quality ingredients while the higher price use higher quality. So perhaps this is why Skin Inc serums is slightly higher than some common brand on the market.

If you're wondering what are those cute colorful bottles, they are for you, customers who want to mix their serums and become daily dose in your pick of color. So in 1 bottle you can mix some serums that suitable for your need, so you won't need to use several serum in numerous bottle.

These are their awards from beauty magazines around, from HerWorld, Bazaar, and Simply Her. And actually still many more just from local magazines.

These are the guess that come to the party, and it's not even night yet, I believe it will be more crowded and crowded as the party will last until 8. They also provide some wines, desserts and sandwiches.

They gave me this small bottle of Replenish Hyaluronic Acid Serum to bring home for me to try and I will give you the review after 3 days using it 2 times a day, 3 drops each.

These are the serums that making all the raves in many beauty magazines. They got Collagen, Q10, Placenta, Vitamin A, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C (how come I didn't ask for that sample, I love Vit C), Pycnogenol + EGF (for repair), Ceramide, and Licorice with Catechins (for sensitives).

You can use them after the toner....I know I've been saying this couple times on my blog but still so many women out there don't know how to use serum. I found another one today :(. Serum is really important and they are not the same like moisturizer. Moisturizer is like for upper layer of the skin while serum is for underneath that skin. So it kinda repair/work from deeper layer. And that's also the reason why you use it before moisturizer and after toner....well softener is better than toner. Why? Please read on my blog about toner here :)

Some pamphlets also given to help me 'learn' more about the products. One more selling factor about the Optimiser is a treatment that you can do at home everyday (recommend to only once a day), so no need visiting spa or any treatment place while you can have the same effect at home or anywhere you want while still doing your daily routine.

If you want to find out more about Skin Inc you can find them at ION, Republic Plaza, Orchard Central or some spa like Healing Touch or Marina Sanctuary Spa. Get their pamphlet and read them up and be curious like me.

So, see you again in 3 days for the review on Skin Inc Hyaluronic Acid Serum.