Thursday, August 26, 2010

Step 5 Let's Do the Base

After a Moisturizer is applied this is the next step.Perhaps all of you think it's time to apply makeup, but are you sure the makeup are all sink in? There's only one product that I'm aware of that provide an enhancer to help the moisture and nourishment really absorbed. Aqualabel Aqua Enhacer MO (the picture below) and WT range. Choose one according to your skin need, MO for Moisture and WT for Whitening.
Just use a cotton pad, damp with enhancer, and tap them in.

For me I always leave 5-10 minutes after basic regime (from cleaning to moisturizing) to using the following step. I want the 'good' stuff to be absorbed first and doesn't get in the way for the next process and prevent clogging, cakey, or creating lumps due to mixed up.

There are some option here like is it for day time or night time (day time need SPF). Some moisturizer already contained SPF, so you don't have to add some more, but most of them do not.

For me I like BB cream since it provide an all in one solution from sunblock, base, a bit of moisture and color too.

I've used Rojukiss BB cream for 6 months now and it have given me moisture and coverage for daily needs, it is not heavy and after 3 hours it does need some touch up.

Not suitable for oily skin, my t-zone shine up pretty fast when I use it. I also like the fact that it can be easily applied, and a simple face powder can easily covers up everything I want to cover.

After I finished with this tube perhaps I'll be looking for a BB cream again that more light but gives more luminous glow.

SPF protection or sunblock.
They come in many forms some are milky and light, some gives a bit tones of color, some heavy and sticky, some are oily, some are watery. It all depends on your needs. If you are going for a water sport, I would recommend a very sticky and heavy oil based, but if you are about to work or do daily activity you can use water based.

Aqualabel provide a milky sun protection that light and does not leave any residue behind (like white spots or oiliness).

There are a lot of brands out there that gives us a choice to choose which is our favorite. Mine is a water based SPF 50 that I got from Babelicious. It is light, comes in spray bottle and I love how light it is. I can use it on top of my daily regime of after a makeup.

Lancome, Biotherm and Lancaster also brands that come on top of my mine that are high quality and gives strong coverage. Some also add UVB protection and PA+++ like Lancome, while Lancaster gives SPF 30-PA+++. Oh and the Biotherm sachet above is not a sunblock but a white D-Tox serum, perhaps my mind mixed up a whitening 'effect' and sun block. FYI, they are not the same.

And for those who are seeking a moist coat base, I found only Aqualabel have one. It doesn't contain any sun protection, the main function is to give the skin concealer and moisturizing effect.

For night use there's no need to use a sun protection, here are some of the choices to prepare the skin for a makeup (if you're going to bed, no need this step okay, I know some models or famous person slept with their makeup on but come on, it's unnecessary).

I've used Etude Moist Finish Base for years and perfect when you're in your 20's. It is light and gives the skin the healthy glow it need. It is suitable for normal to dry skin since the main function is give a moist look so the makeup look natural and effortless.

Smashbox gives skin another dimension. Perfect for those who are a moth to flash lights (camera magnet). The glow is adding another dimension to your skin so you look better.

There you go, some of the basic that you need to know before makeup is on (some already included as a base for makeup)... I hope you like my posts here and do leave a comment or ask me anything about basic skincare.

Perhaps I'll come back with makeup session, after I learn more from the expert :)


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