Friday, October 1, 2010

Powerstyle Mascara Super Waterproof Curl&Separate

Bought this mascara like a year ago at Sasa. The staff at Sasa said it was used for water ballet athlete and strand through the trial of being waterproof and for me smudge-proof too. I've tried so many brands and all of them smudge, I can't understand why but this one really didn't.

The product is made in Japan, black color, can create from thin layer to thick, depends on how much you repeat the layer. For me it can stand whole day long no need touching up or fear being messy. Really hard to clean to0, until I found Gentle eye waterproof makeup remover from L'Oreal.

I can create different look, I didn't use anything for my eyes, just this mascara on my upper lashes, no eye liner, no eye shadow, again just the mascara. On my left eye I can create a more subtle style while on my left eyes more dramatic effect using the edge of the mascara brush so it appear thicker.

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