Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lancaster Flash Hydration Mask

I love this mask in a jiffy, it gives a fast hydration with a cool tingling effect. The tube said "freshness, suppleness, and radiance".

This mini tube for 15 ml can be used up to 3 times.

The creamy texture is rich and solemn blue color.

Used on a clean face, apply thinly overall and avoid eye and lips. The fresh sensation is amazingly wonderful. Use it for 5 minutes and it boots up the hydration level on my skin. Suitable anywhere you need a cool sensation.

After about 5 minutes, oh you can leave it longer if you want, just wipe it off with a cotton pad (easy isn't it?!) and reveal a hydrated, fresh, more supple and radiance skin.

The cool sensation last for 30 minutes, it gives me an extra boost to face the day. Suitable for traveler, take it anywhere and enjoy a gorgeous skin with a healthy glow on the go.

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