Thursday, October 28, 2010

Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Pore Refining Peel

In the commercial, just 5 minutes and wipe this thin cream up it all it takes, really?
My review:
I apply the thin cream onto my clean dry skin wait until 5 minutes pass.....then 10 minutes for the layer to be half dry, massage them softly and yup many skin cells coming out and reveal the layer of skin under it that sthoul be better. But the result to help refining the pores tooks time and not instant (in my case).
The good news is just like any other Neutrogena product you can be sure of the high quality in ingredients and safety standart. Not creating allergy or problems. My husband also use it to help his scars and past problems but after using it for months we still haven't see dramatic effect. I think the product is suitable for normal skin to achieve better condition and we do know once the skin is peeled any other products like serum, moisturizer, etc can be absorbed better.

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