Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 2 and 3 with Skin Inc

On Day 2 of using Optimiser+(AIO) I used the Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask as usual. But this time instead of using the Red LED and Blue LED only, I use Red LED for my forehead and laughing line area, Green LED for my upper cheek and surrounding and Blue LED for my nose area (just like yesterday).

Green LED:
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Treats pigmentation, acne marks and dehydrated skin
After using the Optimiser (AIO or single LED), please wipe all the surface with an antibacterial wipes, this device help the serums and mask's 'nourishment' to penetrate into your skin, so you would not want any bacteria to come along.


Day 3

Around 9.oo PM

I prepared my face, cleaned them up with a facial foam and use softening lotion. Applied the Hyaluronic Acid serum and ready for.....

Multi-Action Collagen Face Mask. Please do read more on the website ---> here.

The mask is said to be "The only mask that can detox, repair and replenish".
Directions: Apply the mask gently on clean, dry face for 20-30 minutes. For better result use it for 2-5 hours.

This hydrogel Collagen Face mask containing natural botanical collagen, moisturizing factors and natural extract such as rose essential oil to be absorbed by our skin cells, regenerating them and repair too.

When I open the mask, I'm really surprised by the texture of the mask itself. It's like a harden liquid. A strong earthy mixed with rose scent is just burst out. Don't tilt after opening the packaging since there are still many fluid that easily spill (and yes, it spill on my leg and floor), so open gently while putting the container on your lap/table/any flat surface. Do not pull the mask until the clear container is fully out, so you wont accidentally tear it apart which is so easy to do

I put the mask from my forehead first and middle part, making sure the eyes part stay where they should be then moved down to mouth, cheek and chin. This hydrogel mask is so slippery. A bit of advise, do lie down until you're done.

98% of my face skin surface is fully covered, I never have a sheet mask that really 'fit' like this. I must say, I'm impressed.

After 3 hours of using the mask (yup, that's why my fingers are showing 3 there) the mask become much tighter, less fluid, thinner, like my skin just sucked the fluid out of it and into my skin.

For that 3 hours of using the mask, I feel cool, the mask feels light and as hours pass I didn't feel it bothers me, beside restricting myself from opening my mouth very big, I can still pretty much do simple things, like watching TV, walking here and there, etc.

I start opening the mask from the mouth area since clearly that part already messy first (since I still eat and drink and talk talk talk). So next time better do it while taking a nap.

This is the used mask, still pretty much one piece and not tearing apart. It become much thinner and of course less moist. But I can still feels some fluid there, like 20-30%, so the mask can be used up to 5 hours is quite visible for me, of course the mask will be very dry then.

(2 different angle, same happy result)

And voila! The first thing I notice is how bright my skin has become. The cheek area and all become so moist, smooth and fine lines, what fine lines? This photo was taken on midnight gals. Usually my face already look so tired and gloom, no luminous glow, well, pretty much lifeless, but the Collagen Face Mask has really make a difference. This is a must-try mask! I think all of us owe our skin that much to at least try the product.

This picture is not edited, I didn't use any photoshop, makeup, BB cream, what you see is a pure result of after using the mask.

After using the mask and took pictures, I continue the regime with Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask and using Optimiser+(AIO) Red LED on every area except nose zone with Blue LED. Then went to bed with a very moist skin.

This is my picture taken today, you can definitely see my eyes that smaller due to sleep after midnight but the skin is still glowing happily from last night effect.


  1. hey where did you get this?

  2. Hi,

    All the products showed above is from Skin Inc, Orchard Central branch, Singapore :)