Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cleansing Oil and Foam from Aqualabel

Last night I was able to try the cleansing oil from Aqualabel. It was light but manage to clean my toughest stay on lipstick (Infallible from L'Oreal). Just a pump, let it settle for like 2 second and a bit massage, trust me when I say a little it means a little, then wipe it off and voila the lipstick are all clear. I also do all the parts of my face but my skin become a bit red, doesn't feel itchy or sting, just red.

I saw on my friend next to me her skin become red too. Perhaps that show the product is working to clean deep within??

Then I try this White Clear Foam, which is not clear at all in color but white, thick and have this clumps of white clay, which is unique for me. Lather on with water then put some lather on the face to clean it. The scent is pleasing and overall I like how it cleans my face but doesn't strip away the moisture.

The wet white towels shows all the foundation and powder cleaned by the foam and the cotton pad when wiped after cleansing oil is used.

I like both of the product since they do provide a clean result without drying the skin. The cleansing oil also so light compared to other brand I used and for price wise, it is still in the budget friendly zone.

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