Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pantene Nature Care Conditioner Smoothness & Life

Hi everyone,

I'm here with another product from Pantene. Lately, I've been checking out their stuffs since it seems like they more items with better ingredients, shampoo with no silicone and conditioner with no paraben.

One more thing, I've checked their new website and the information provided is pretty neat, just go directly to the products tab, since the front page seems to have a bit of a problem nowadays.

Details from Pantene Indonesia:
Dirancang untuk menutrisi dan melindungi rambut agar lebih halus, lembut, ringan bebas terurai tanpa membuatnya lepek karena bahan-bahan berlebih. Diperkaya dengan vitamin Pro-V dan bahan-bahan dari tumbuhan seperti Aloe Vera, Calendula dan essens Jahe. Tak mengandung Paraben.
Langkah 2: Melembabkan

Beside the product details there's also a how to use page which gives illustration. This is another bonus point that educate consumer in using their product accordingly. I see it as an effort from the company to help us ^__^

Now, the review from me.

I use the conditioner just like the instruction and it feels different. Start from the texture, most Pantene conditioner is silky, smooth and white. Slippery to the touch. The Nature Care Conditioner is yellowish, creamy and doesn't feels as slippery as the others (Conditioners from Pantene). The feeling on the hair is also like that, not as slippery as the rest of Pantene's Conditioner I know, the scent is milder, the texture is a bit rougher, conditioned the hair in a gentler way, suitable for normal hair or those who are looking for a lightweight protection. For a chemically damaged hair like me won't find it enough, I need a heavy duty conditioner that fixed, deeply moisturized and give back the hair strength.

The packaging is simple and nice, with accents of "natural environment". I think the conditioner comes in different sizes.

Overall, it's a conditioner for normal hair with no paraben and easy on the wallet. Use it after shampooing and don't let it touch the scalp or hair near the roots.

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