Monday, December 24, 2012

Sexy Look Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask

Hi sexy laydeeeh!

Sexy Look is back with more masks, and this time it's not just about a brighter look but lifted up too.

A purple hue and seems so plain too, hmm, the box design's doesn't impress me at all. I wish it was fancier like the Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask.

Behind is the product details and on the side there's the instruction with images too.

Gently pull out from the packaging and put on both of your ears and feel the mask being pulled to each sides, leaving less wrinkle and then put the lower mask all the way so the double chin are all tucked in heehee, and securely put the holes on the ears again and voila!
A mask that can be used with a secure fastened sides and give that lifting boost as well.

These are the details from the press release and below are my pictures using it.

The most unique thing about the mask is how tight it can be by pulling the loop holes, so it provide better smoothness and less lines after the mask, however, the upper lips are covered with the mask while the area below the lower lips are exposed. So, if you happen to have a face structured as the mask, you might find it easy to fit in, while others? Don't.

Now the effect of the mask,

from the good quality of the mask my skin feel hydrated and does have a lifting effect, especially from the lower part that hooked on the ears. There is a brightening effect too, although not visible during photo shoots. I like the fact that the mask is gentle enough for my sensitive cheeks and the tight fittings gives me freedom to move around unlike other conventional facial paper mask. Will I use it again? Definitely! I like a mask that unique in terms of shape, gentle to the skin, and give less lines (from the after mask effect), hydrating and help pulled up my double chins ^__--

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