Monday, December 10, 2012

Pantene Shampoo Lively Clean

Hi everyone!

I'm sooooo excited about this product as it was a savior for my hair and the price never hurt the wallet either. I consider this product a must have, especially when clearly seen "No Silicone" in the product, yeaayy!!

Details from Pantene:

Scalp oils, sweat, dirt and yesterday’s styling products weigh the hair down, making it dull and lifeless. Remove daily impurities to give fine hair a clean slate and revitalize it for that fresh, lively bounce.

The clear gel shampoo is lovely, oh so lovely, for my oily scalp and sometime dulled hair thanks to abundance hair products that stuck there. After all, we do need 'detox' once in a while, I'm not using it daily, just 1-2 times a week and loving it. Yes, I've said it numerous times, I'm loooooving it.

Start from the lovely signature scent of the original Pantene, easily lathered up shampoo, get rid of all those build ups, my scalp can sing breathe again and no more limp. No limp means volume and shines for the hair strands also get cleanse and they hide no more. I used mask afterwards and it looks like the hair can absorbs all the nutrients since there's no more residue that blocked the hairs. It is so wonderful, unisex, universal and almost all hair types may uses it accordingly. From me? Two thumbs up, love the clean feeling, fresh scalp and help the hair to absorb nutrients put afterwards.


  1. wanginya gmn ce? biasanya pantene wanginya khas bgd..terlalu menyengat gitu..hehhe

    sukaaa rambut cc bajusssss :*

  2. Hi Dewie,

    Iya, wanginya memang khas Pantene :) aku sih suka dear ^^

  3. rambut cc kn coloring kn rontokkah? aku lagi pake dove treatmen serum yg prnah d review cc, malah ketombean :(
    cocok2an sih ya :D

  4. Hi Dewie,

    Yes, rambutku memang dicolored, engga rontok sih, sama aja dr dulu begini2 ajah hehe.

    Dove treatment serum yang mana ya? Yang buat scalp aku belum pernah review, yg buat batang rambutkah?

    Kalau yang buat batang rambut, tidak boleh kena kulit kepala loh.

  5. The best solution for hairloss for me is using RegenePure. One of the best hairloss shampoos, and it contains ketoconazole. Especially for thinning hair.