Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sunflower Color Preserving Deep Recovery Pak

Hi all!

I'm back with one of my favorite brands where taking care our skin, body and hair take to the next level. Pure efficacy.

This is my love, the sunflower range, as someone who regularly change hair color every now and then, I need to keep them healthy and shiny. They need to look good, if not it would be a blah! Backfiring. Instead of looking cool and hips, I look awful with dry and brittle hairs. So I need them looking awesome in different colors.

Now as Asian, black hair is my natural hair color, well more like deep brown, but it's kinda the same indoors haha! I've changed my hair color into lighter shades . . . way lighter, the highlights are blonde and the rest is light brown, like really light brown.

I've seen this ad on and it is super duper cute heehee. And it is so true, I want that shiny, I hate faded and messy hair. Let's see how it goes, okay?!

Kiehl's Indonesia kindly handed me these lovely, lovely, lovely goodies for my dry, colored, highlighted and unruly hair. The keyword: colored hair. And they make sure the color will stays true while giving the hair the moisture and shines so it'll look good as well. Careful thou' some shampoo contain ingredients that causes the color to fade, Kieh's told me it was Chamomile, so avoid that particular item to be in your shampoo, conditioner, or any hair products.

From my personal experience, after-swimming shampoo also stripe the color out of your hair.

Okay, back to Sunflower Color Preserving Collection, I've done a review for the shampoo and conditioner, please do read HERE ^0^

Now here's the pak, hmm, the name 'pak' reminds me Korean products, they always said hair pak, hair treatment pak, why don't they just say 'mask'. Is it different?

Nevertheless, here's some details regarding the product:

Formulated without parabens, our silicone-free Pak for color-treated hair helps repair chemically-processed hair, while providing an extra boost of healthy shine and radiance. Infused with nutrient-enriched conditioning oils of Sunflower - known to contain powerful levels of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids - combined with Apricot, a fortifying blend of Vitamin B3, B5, and B6, and a UV-protective filter, our Deep Recovery Pak helps repair hair by restoring moisture for manageable hair without tangles. With a shielding barrier, consistent use helps extend color vibrancy and prevent future damage from environmental stresses and other external abuses.


Shampoo hair with Kiehl's Sunflower Color Preserving Shampoo. Rinse, towel-dry, and apply a liberal amount of the pak to damp hair evenly, concentrating on hair ends. Allow formula to remain on hair for a minimum of three minutes. (Allowing hair pak to remain on hair for longer periods of time will increase its efficacy). Rinse well with lukewarm water until formula is thoroughly removed from hair. Style as usual.


A-prih-kaht KUR-nuhl OY-il

Apricot Kernel Oil is extracted from apricot kernels and has a very high Vitamin E content (aiding fast absorption) and is a trygliceride composed of 75% oleic acid and 20% linoleic acid, and unsaturated fatty acids esterified with glycerin - similar to avocado oil and sesame oil. Found to be highly compatible with the skin. Apricot Kernel Oil moisturizes and softens skin while helping retain clarity and suppleness.

SUN-flah'-wur OY-il

Sunflower Oil contains beneficial amounts of Phospholipids as well as high concentrations of Ceramides. Its strengthening and protective agents help to further nurture and condition dry or damaged skin. The resilient Sunflower extract is also known to care for sun-exposed and aging skin as a result of environmental aggression.

Impressive, huh?! I was like, wow! Seriously, all these beautiful ingredients and research and knowledge to get a product to pamper and love colored hair with all their problems.

Does it work? I try it exactly how they suggested, shampoo the hair first (from Sunflower range as well) and apply the rich white smells-soooo-good cream liberally on my hair and wait at least 3 minutes. I put a shower cap on and do stuff for around 10 minutes before rinsing everything up.

It was super slippery on the floor while rinsing the product and so does my hair, silky smooth and soft too.

Here is the before after photos. The hair appears straighter and look much healthier with deeper color and softer tone after using the pak. Glowing and the smells last until the next day. It's brilliant!

Highly recommended for those coloring their hair so the colors last longer, better and the hair increases their strength and vitality. Love it!

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