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Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair and Healthy White Night Repair

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Last week, I received an invitation from Vaseline, look at this cutie:


Inside there's a box of marshmallow and an invitation. The wrapping is really nice but what inside of  is even more, Vaseline has come up with a new product, hence there's the invitation for.

"JAKARTA, 28 JUNI 2013 – Vaseline, sebagai expert dalam skin dan innovation selama 135 tahun, menghadirkan dua inovasi terbarunya Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair dan Vaseline Healthy White Night Repair. Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair merupakan terobosan baru dalam kategori body lotion yang dapat mencerahkan kulit mulai dari pemakaian pertama. Sedangkan Vaseline Healthy White Night Repair merupakan lotion  khusus malam pertama dari Vaseline yang juga menggunakan teknologi Bio Active PPAR yang untuk pertama kalinya digunakan dalam formulasi perawatan tubuh. Keduanya merupakan terobosan terkini dari Vaseline dari serangkaian uji klinis laboratorium dan riset konsumen mengenai apa yang dibutuhkan perempuan Indonesia modern."


"Hilda Kitti, Brand Manager Vaseline, mengungkapkan “Sebagai brand yang mengedepankan riset konsumen dalam setiap inovasinya, kami mendapati fakta bahwa 70% perempuan Indonesia sudah melakukan perawatan kulit melalui body lotion, dan 60% diantaranya mencari body lotion yang dapat mencerahkan kulit. Hal ini juga didukung oleh hasil uji riset kualitatif yang kami lakukan  menunjukkan bahwa tidak hanya sekedar mencerahkan, bahkan banyak pengguna body lotion pencerah kulit menginginkan hasil cepat tanpa perlu menunggu waktu lama,”ungkapnya dalam Vaseline Insta Fair Exclusive Experience di Decanter Wine House, Jumat (28/06/2013)."


(An exclusive blogger invitation)

So, after doing extensive research in marketing and also through clinical studies, Vaseline created a product suitable to the customers’ needs. A lotion that was created for daily usage, help the skin to look fairer instantly, safe for long terms usage plus long lasting effect too. And it doesn't stop there, Vaseline provides not just one lotion, but two. One for daytime use while the other one is for night time. Both contain specific ingredients that work best at the time they are used.
(left-right) Hilda Kitti (Brand Manager Vaseline), Dr. Eddy Karta SpKK (Dermatologist), Vivi Tri Andari, Technical Management Manager PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk

During the event, it was not only representatives from Vaseline who talked with us, but Dr. Eddy Karta did as well. He is a dermatologist, obviously someone who knows skin very well and he is fully supportive of a product that fits women's lifestyle by giving the skin what it needs 24 hours a day.

According to Vivi Tri Andari, Technical Management Manager PT. Unilever Indonesia, Tbk  Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair is enriched with Skin Micro Reflectors which brightens the skin instantly by reflecting the lights and Protective Triple Sunscreens which protects the skin from UVA and UVB, and it is suitable for daily use.
Night lotion is also introduced since the skin needs a different lotion for night time usage. I think we all know there's day and night cream for the face, unfortunately most of use still use the same lotion for day and night time. A lot of day lotions contain SPF which is actually not needed for night time. Vaseline sees it as an opportunity to educate women on this matter and fills in the needs with a product that promises fairer skin for both day and night time use. Let's take a look at the bottles.

This is the day lotion, called: Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair. A pretty pink bottle with that signature Vaseline shape. Stay tuned as I will make a review on this particular item, as well as a video, to show the instant brightening effect.

And of course the night lotion too ^^

Just like we need richer formula for night cream on the face, our skin also loses hydration when we're asleep as we aren't able to hydrate our self (no one can drink while they’re sleeping, right?), so the body needs to preserve the liquid inside our body for a more “important” business. Usually the skin’s moisture level and plumpness is the one being sacrificed.

Let's read an opinion from a dermatologist and Vaseline:

dr. Eddy Karta, SpKK mengungkapkan,“Jika menginginkan kulit cerah yang maksimal, berikan nutrisi kulit melalui lotion karena saat malam hari kulit bekerja keras meregenerasi sel-selnya terutama dimalam hari dimana air didalam kulit menguap 20%, kandungan air pada kulit pun menghilang 25%, dan kondisi ini bisa diperparah jika kita tidur di ruangan ber-AC yang berdampak buruk terhadap kelembaban kulit.” Dermatologist ini pun menambahkan kulit manusia mengandung reseptor PPAR yang berfungsi menjaga kelembaban alami kulit. Untuk mengoptimalkan kinerja PPAR tersebut, maka diperlukan kandungan aktif sebagai pelengkap untuk membantu proses tersebut terutama dalam mencegahnya timbul bintik hitam pada kulit terkait untuk mendapatkan kulit yang cerah. 

“Vaseline Healthy White Night Repair mengandung Bio Active PPAR, yaitu suatu reseptor yang terdapat dalam kulit  yang akan berikatan dengan HSA ( Hydroxy Stearic Acid) yang terdapat didalam Vaseline Healthy White Night Repair, dan bekerja untuk mencerahkan kulit dengan membantu proses regenerasi kulit dan  menjaga kelembaban kulit di malam hari ,” jelas Vivi menambahkan.

Wow! That's a lot of biological terms isn't it?! So the skin at night will do their regenerating process which helps dead skin cells to come off and let new younger-looking skin emerge, which is of course fairer since it's not exposed to the aggressor such as the sun yet. The ingredients inside Vaseline Healthy White Night Repair also keep the skin hydrated and away from irritation that may cause dark spots.

So both lotions work hand in hand to create fairer skin, whiten and brighten while we're active under the sun and asleep under the moon.

And now, the one you've been waiting for, the video and images of my before after experience:


The images shows instant fairer looking skin and here's the link to the video:

Please do watch it to see the live transformation, texture of the lotions and my testimonial ^__^
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