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Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream

Olaaaaa ^__^

Kiehl's with their consistent commitment to the community once again ask everyone to participate. Please do click it here:

You've got nothing to lose and nothing to spend. Just by participating you are donating, click on the link given above and vote. You can read all about it there.

What to vote?  The lab coat designed by 4 powerful people on their field, my favorite is the one made by Ari Wibowo, and it just happens that I get his work on my jar. Yes, the jars of Super Multi-Corrective Cream does have 4 different design accordingly. Curious? Visit the stores and pick one.


Details from

Super Multi-Corrective Cream

Multi-targeted advanced anti-aging moisturizer
  • Multi-targeted anti-aging moisturizer that corrects the most visible signs of aging
  • Lifts, firms, sculpts contours and smoothes skin
  • Clinically proven to significantly improve skin
  • Paraben Free, Fragrance Free, Safe for sensitive skin

Now, let's focus on the product itself, the white creamy formula feels so soft and smooth, like silky smooth. The first thing I've noticed is the scent, it's somewhat like eucalyptus. Perhaps it's the Beech Tree Extract but it sure does similar to the one particular plant used to unblocked the nose during flu ^__^

Here is the tips of usage provided by Kiehl's:

Day: After treating skin with the serum of your choice, moisturize to lock in treatment benefits and provide all-day hydration. Recommended Day Routine 1) Treat lines & wrinkles with Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate or diminish dark spots with Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. 2) Apply Super Multi-Corrective Cream to face and neck. 3) Protect skin with Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ to prevent sun burn and skin damage.

Night: After treating skin with the serum of your choice, moisturize to lock in treatment benefits and provide all-day hydration. Recommended Night Routine 1) Treat lines & wrinkles with Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate or diminish dark spots with Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. 2)  Replenish for younger looking skin by morning with Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  3) Apply Super Multi-Corrective Cream to face and neck.


I'm in no contest about the hydrating ability but I think the cream is too rich for me to be used on day time (in Jakarta), I prefer to use it as a night cream alongside with PSLRC (the 10.6% Vit C from Kiehl's). The vitamin C gives the skin a velvety base while after that being sealed by Super Multi-Corrective Cream, waking up the skin feels refreshed and away from tightness nor feeling dry.

If perhaps I live in a drier climate, the cream is wonderful to be used all the time, day and night. During the long flight this cream would be a great help too since it keep the skin supple, a supple skin means the moisture is stay intact on the skin and far from 'cracking'. And as all great skincare out there, please do use it everyday for at least 28 days to see significant result.

Suitable for those with dry skin condition, sagging, lack of elasticity and need a boost of firmness.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + (Very Dry to Dry Combination)

Hello everybody ^___^

Being pregnant leaves me lethargic at times and things I used to do diligently has become a burden on times like that. Skincare routine is included. Not just the fact I have to avoid certain ingredients due to sensitivity and hormonal rage, but some steps has officially been neglected :P

Do you know that some serum is not recommended during pregnancy? I have to change my beauty regime, including my toiletries.So I strip down to basic, and for skincare lover, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is definitely the basic.


Details from

The big plus: With a new complex, this formula strengthens skin's own moisture barrier by 54%. More moisture stays in. Skin feels soft, springy. Has a glow.
  • Skin Types: 1 - Very Dry to Dry, 2 - Dry Combination
Step 3 in Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System. The moisture "drink" developed by Clinique's dermatologists to maintain optimal moisture balance for very dry skins, or skins dry in the cheeks, comfortable to oily in the T-zone. Softens, smooths, improves.
The big plus: with a new complex, this formula strengthens skin's own moisture barrier by 54%. More moisture stays in. Skin feels soft, springy. Has a glow.


Yes, the product that has been around for decades has keep improving them-self to provide the customers with the best possible result there is. It used to be so rich and now, it's still rich but absorbed easily on the skin. I do have a dry tendency but I hate an oily residue it used to have, now, I can gladly say I don't feel the greasiness anymore.


The texture is, well, like mention on the packaging, lotion, a yellow milky lotion, no scent whatsoever, and easily glide on the skin without guilt. I enjoy using it alone or with a light serum. I don;t recommend using the product with a rich serum since the moisturizer is already rich. But again, my skin is normal to dry, perhaps for those who suffer from a very dry skin may still use a hydrating serum. And for you who have normal to oily skin may use the gel variant, not this lotion.

Clinique always provide a free consultation on their counter, please do ask the advisor to thoroughly checked your skin before making any purchases, so you'll get an exact match for your skin and spend no regret in buying the wrong variant.

My mom bought me my first Clinique almost 15 years ago, it was the wrong variant heehee, so it is best for anyone to come by themselves to the counter and have their skin diagnosed by the expert.

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + is best used on a cleaned skin and after toner or serum. The product can be used not just for facial, but everywhere (on the skin) where needed.

I've been using the product for weeks and weeks, it gives my skin moisture, plump effect and of course when the hydration is fulfilled the skin become more resilience and looks more flexible, younger and healthier (from the radiant glow).

Thank you Clinique Indonesia.

Glam Glow Youth Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

Hi everyone!!!

A product from Hollywood has landed in Indonesia, it's GlamGlow Youth Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment.

Below are the details provided by :

Groundbreaking patent pending TEAOXI™ is GLAMGLOW’s proprietary continuous time-release technology, delivering daily fresh Super-Squalene, EGCG Super-Antioxidants & Polyphenols direct into the mud from the real pieces of tea leaf contained in our mask. TEAOXI™ is the ‘magic’ behind our powerful anti-aging and anti wrinkle results.


Designed as a 10-minute professional ‘facial in a jar’ for behind-the-scenes use in Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Award industries, for immediate camera- ready glowing skin. GLAMGLOW’s mud base is from the South of France Mediterranean Sea, home to glamorous Cannes, St. Tropez & Monaco. GLAMGLOW’s moisturizing collagen synthesis is for both men & women. Use a couple of times a week or simply when you need GLAM-tastic™ skin only processes and ships orders within the United States. For international orders, please email


  • Leaves skin noticeably radiant and glowing.
  • Activates moisturizing collagen synthesis.
  • Provides gentle resurfacing exfoliation.
  • Helps to leave skin smoother, brighter and softer.
  • Provides tighter skin texture and tighter pores.
  • Helps to provide a more youthful appearance.
  • Absorbs impurities without removing natural oils.
  • Helps to protect against free radical damage.

Aqua (Water), Montmorillonite (Volcanic Minerals), Kaolin (French Sea Clay), Magnesium Aluminum Silicate (Purified Clay), Polyethylene, Pumice (Micro Volcanic Rock), Camellia Sinensis Leaf (Green Tea Leaf), Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract (Green Tea), Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract (Chamomile), Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract (Marigold), Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract (Cucumber), Hedara Helix Extract (Ivy), Symphytum Officinale Leaf Extract (Comfrey Herb), Lavandula Hybrida Oil (Lavender), Glycerin (Vegetable), Parfum, [Benzyl Benzoate, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool], Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Caprylyl Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.


Now let me start showing you on how to use the product and how it does on my skin.

Start with the before look. and then I washed my skin so I can begin with a clean skin. And then I stir the mud in this small pot (yes, it was small alright).


But, I don't need to use the whole pot on every treatment, a thin layer is enough, so the whole pot took me around 4 applications. An immediate tingling warm to hot sensation is felt and then the tingling happens. It does 'burn' a bit at first. But I bear it all the way since minute after minute the 'burning' reduced.


It dries up quite fast on my skin, it was hot and humid at home, most mask have difficulty to dries up this fast. The scent is lovely and pleasing, fresh and unique. Almost yummy but mostly wonderful ^__^


After 2 minutes the area near my nose are harden and clearly seen to dries up. After 10 minutes most of them are dries up. And then I added a bit of water and massage gently on circular motion.


The rough mud scrubbed the skin nicely, it was rough alright but somehow a bit addictive, like the skin is massage using uneven sands. I pay attention on areas such as nose, below nose, below the mouth and forehead. And I'm gentle on my sensitive cheeks.


Here's the result, a clean soft feeling skin that lifted up and I think the benefit can be felt days and days to come as the product triggers the collagen to work out and repairs. So far I can say the product is suitable for all skin type and may be used when there's acne as well. Sometime some products can not be used when there's inflammation, but I've been using it when there's acne and when there's not, the result is pretty much the same. A very soft skin.

I would love to have a bigger jar of this product to see the long term benefits like those celebrities does ^___^

Available in Indonesia at Beauty Box

V 10 Plus Licorice Serum

Hello everybody,

another product from V10Plus is here. A brand developed in Singapore with Japan made products, so please do expect a high quality items and trust-able results.

I've tried some of their serum before Licorice, they all work really well on me, that's why I have no doubt when using Licorice Serum.


As usual the packaging is simple and so does the details provided. Please do read it here for more info: and here: where Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ) is now collaborating with V10Plus to introduce the products to Indonesia.


Even thou' right now the product is not available for sale (yet) in Indonesia, but let's cross our finger hoping they'll be here soon ^__^ each of them can be purchased in Singapore.


Below is the detail from V10Plus:


The orange colored liquid feels a bit thick, like a thick water, not yet a gel, but somewhere in the middle between water and a gel. I can not comprehend any distinct cent out of it but I'm sure the product is free from fragrance, perfume, like clearly stated below:



Now, what does the product do to me?

To understand the effect, let me explain a bit about skin sensitivity, which varies from light to severe, occasionally appears due to hormonal system, environmental factors, or other external or internal aggressors.

Mine is light and depends on my hormonal (currently pregnant) and occasionally happens, like when I'm using the wrong products. This serum enable me to keep my sensitivity controlled. I think the product would have a more visible result to those with severe sensitivity, like those with noticeable redness.

Overall, for me this is the serum to be used when in need, so I'm not using it all the time, but when I suffer from sensitivity. The product can be used by any gender and I let my daughter use it when she have a skin inflammation or sensitivity as well. The serum can be use for the face as well as the body's skin.

The serum gives the skin a comfortable feeling after a while, so don't expect it to be an instant elixir (perhaps on a severe condition), use it on a clean skin and routinely until you see the result.

The serum easily absorbed by the skin, it doesn't and never leave any residue nor discomfort. Then I continue by using lotion, moisturizer and so on. So the serum is the first product I use after cleaning the skin, even before toner.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bouncia Body Soap

Hi everybody ^^

I love soaps! I meant who doesn't, it helps us get clean and the variety on the market is just endless. Some do make our skin dry while some add a refreshing scent, some pampered the skin beautifully and some are just a high quality product suitable for the whole family.

Bouncia Body Soap by Cow Style is now available in Indonesia. They has been serving the world for 100 years from Japan. This product is suitable to be used by the whole family, hence loved for all those years.


The simple and exquisite packaging show exactly how the product should be, a bouncy white foam that smells milky and floral musk fresh at the same time.

Below is the product right after pumping and before foaming action.


The small amount can produce foam multiple times more than it's original size. I love how bouncy it is, using the foam net also possible but without, the foam is still abundant. The whole family love the white fluffy foam, it cleans without over drying the skin. A light body lotion is still needed afterwards, just to seal in the moisture. The feeling is comfortable and pleasant.


This is a simple way of taking a shower without worrying that the skin may become irritated and suitable for the kids as well.

The Rocket Volum'Express by Maybelline

Hi all!!!

A mascara has landed a few weeks ago, this washable product from Maybelline looks awesome in terms of packaging and let's see what's inside, shall we?!


Details from

Product Details

Why You'll Love It

Explosive Volume in Rocket Time!
8X Bigger. Smoother. Even.

Now, the most explosive, beautiful lashes ever! Volum' Express The Rocket Mascara's patented Supersonic Brush with micro bristles loads on big, sleek volume instantly.

Our fast-glide formula keeps lashes smooth.

Zero clumps!

For Best Results

Apply the Supersonic Brush against the lashes and sweep from root to tip until a clean, voluminous look is achieved. Do not let dry between coats. Removes easily with soap and water or with Maybelline® Clean Express!™ Classic Eye Makeup Remover.


Product details, a press release in a CD, mascara, a rocket shaped mirror.


I just go directly to the product. I love the neon color, they look really 'rocket-ty' :D and oh, ultra-sonic brush? That's new and seems interesting. But in the end, we just want to see how it goes on our lashes, aren't we?!


The chubby thick staff do have a sharp pointy brush which can be a bit painful when touching the skin at the eyes. Apart from that the mascara itself is easy to be used, no clump, just a smooth slightly creamy formula that glide easily on the lashes. In an instant I can see the express extra volume result.


The images above is self explanatory, no need eyelash curler, fake lashes, just your own lashes and the Rocket.

Thank you Maybelline Indonesia for the product and my sis for becoming the model ^^

Guergi Cover Foundation SPF 30 in G04 and G05

Hi dear ladies,

I've been using Guergi since August 2013, oh well it's been two months and I love it more and more, like after every single time I uses it. The product has the ability to adapt on the skin and making them looks great without looking like I'm using heavy layers.


Mine is in G04 (full size 30 gr tube) and G05 (sample size).


Details from

long lasting, 
Full cover makeup with coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E. 

grotection against aging and  the formation of wrinkles. 

SPF 30  ensures skin is protected from the harmful effects of the  sun. 
Suitable for overall uniformity of skin color or to conceal cosmetic imperfections. 
hypoallergenic dermatologically. 


Above is the image after using the G04 on my hand. The coverage is beautiful and light, practically like not using a foundation. The product only need to be applied in a the smallest amount possible. Like 2 rice grain for the entire face and neck. It is build-able, but I don't see the need to put on a thicker layer or more layer since the smallest amount do suffice.


As seen at the before after image (above and below). The foundation helps even out the skin tone, cover the redness and large pores, reduce the lines and adding radiance to the skin. And after all of that the foundation looks so thin and the feeling of the skin is still airy as well. The velvety appearance is pleasant and I was told by the representative from Guergi, the longer I'm using it the better they blend into the skin natural's look.


I love it very much. The lightness, the coverage, the natural look without any cakey nor thickness, and I can use just about any other skincare and makeup along side with the product.

Take note that Guergi Cover Foundation is best to be used after a moisturizer and on a damp skin. And adding a loose powder is just enough for me to create the look below. The SPF 30 is suitable for daily use without being too heavy nor too light. Even thou' the product seems so small (30gr) but it last for months and months since I only need a very little amount in single usage, the sample itself last for a month.

Between the shade G04 and G05, I like them both and can use them both just fine. I'm using the G04 when I want a hint of fairness and G05 for a natural sun-kissed look. Either way, they are great!


The coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E is definitely a bonus as well for a skincare lover like me.

A must try and must have item!

Want to find out more?

Check out:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation in Pink Ivory

Hello ladies,

this brand doesn't need further introduction as they already have a name on its own and a class that make professional makeup artist really shines. Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation is in the house.


With its transforming texture, PRO FINISH is the 1st multi-use powder foundation that allows you to fully customize your finish and coverage level.
Formulated with exclusive bio-mimetic coated pigments, its breakthrough formula can be used wet or dry.
Apply it wet for a sheer semi-matte perfection

or dry for a full coverage, matte result.
Created with talc lightweight formula, its texture is long lasting, has buildable coverage with no chalky effect and easily blends for a perfect professional result in just minutes.
Enriched with hydrating ingredients, PRO FINISH corrects and evens the complexion without drying our the skin.
Choose from its wide range of shades to find your perfect match.

For combination skin, apply Pro Finish wet on external parts of the face, and dry on the T-zone.
For a sophisticated makeup: apply a 1st wet layer to even out; and a 2nd dry layer to fix and improve the coverage.
Thanks to miscible pigments contained in the formula, Pro Finish can be applied on an oily base or on a moisturizing lotion.

Avoid a heavy application around the eye area to avert marking lines and wrinkles and to overload the skin
For touch-ups: use it dry with the intergrated sponge or a powder brush of your choice.

    Coated pigments with vegetal lecithin
    Silica and Sericite powders
    Nylon powder
    Ximenia oil
    Aloe Vera and sodium hyaluronate

    Mineral Oil-free
    Shelf life: 5 years

 I did fell in love the minute I opened the product, like the word "Aaaww" gasp from my mouth. The powder looks so fine and silky smooth. I wish I had mine in something more the neutral porcelain but I still do love the texture of the product.

I still can blend the product, perhaps using a CC Cream in neutral tone before this pinkish powder start running the reign of the entire look. I also love the fact that the product can be use in wet or dry, so in this humid land called Jakarta the powder can still easily be used and covering the skin perfectly without meltdown.

 When used alone the powder only gives a sheer to medium coverage (build-able), I prefer to use it with a base first (either CC Cream or BB Cream), then this powder and then followed by a gentle touch of loose powder.


Hello ladies,

do you know about Balmain? How about army leather jacket? Or just about army inspired jacket? It's been used by many celebrities and nowadays copied by many brand. Balmain made the first one and it was his original design that has been copied by many over the years. This same man created Ivoire, inspired by a lady he saw on a white dress.


Below are the details, please do click on them to read it more, I think if you want ti understand a perfume, the background behind how it's made is as important as the smell itself.


For me the first thing that catches my senses is the green notes, they are fresh and lovely. But on my skin, they scent evolved into vanilla and more to the floral feminine side. It was amazing how a scent can transform on one's skin to another. So when you try a perfume, try it on your skin, it is almost useless to try them on a paper since daily it will be you using the perfume, not the paper.


The perfume seems to stands between all the classics around the world, so it's not something new and current, but it's a scent that kinda grown on me where I remember sniffing it when I'm still a kid, it's that famous scent from the back ol' days where Chanel No.5 is around. It is a scent that can be used daily and on special occasion during gala or romantic event. It is a scent that can define someone.

My 3 words regarding the scent:

sophisticated, feminine, classic.

Clinique CC Cream in Fresh Pink

Hi all!!

CC Cream is like everywhere nowadays and almost every brand is creating their own formula for this color corrective cream. However this CC Cream is also known for many of it's name depends on the function.


Details from
  • Coverage Sheer to Moderate
One simple step for glowing skin. Lightweight formula instantly colour corrects a range of complexion concerns - redness, dullness, sallowness - so all you see is a healthy-looking glow. Oil-free hydration and sunscreen mean a more flawless look tomorrow, too.  Each versatile shade is appropriate for a range of skin tones and undertones.
Skin Types: All

Lighter CoverageModerate CoverageFuller Coverage
Spot apply CC Cream where skin looks red or dull.Wear it alone over bare skin or mix a little with your moisturizer.Wear it under foundation.

Clinique has develop around 9 shades of tones to suits the skin's natural skin tone. Mine is in Fresh Pink, a shade that suitable for a white porcelain skin where it add a touch of pink to avoid being pale.


This is the cream on the skin, with and without flash. There's a mild scent, fresh but I couldn't really figured it out what exactly it is, I don't see any significant color correcting ability but more to the radiant glow it gives on the skin.

The skin and the whole face seems lit up and like I just had a good workout, dewy, happy and may I say, perky. The CC Cream is suitable for those looking for a sun protection, added moisture (after moisturizer), and light glowing effect. Those who are looking for a coverage would not be pleased with this product as this wasn't made for coverage, but more to the tone correcting to even out and enhance the natural skin condition.

So, if you already have a healthy skin condition and just need a bit of enhancement, this is the right product for you. But for those looking for coverage will need to add BB Cream and/or foundation and powder after using the CC Cream.

For me? This CC Cream is my daily sunscreen that add a fresh glowing touch for a natural look. Add a bit of loose powder and it just enhance the original skin condition without looking like I'm using any makeup.

Kate Lash Extention Mascara BK-1

Hi everybody!!!

A gal always need her mascara fresh and new, well at least every 3 months to keep the eyes healthy and problem free too. So when a friend gave me this mascara, I'm gladly accepting the gift from Japan ^__^


Kate is a brand from Kanebo, they are known for being chic, trendy and current.


Here are the details from:


Below is the image of the actual product, the neat packaging is modern and sophisticated at the same time. Trendy!


The mascara itself is not as creamy as other mascara and doesn't look like a gel either, so it is something in between, where it is light, but still covering, giving the lashes a thin coating that stretches, which gives the lashes a longer looking natural lashes, and feels light as well.

It does add a bit curl, I don't use any eyelash curler for the images below:


The thin coating film easily break thou', but the rest stays without fail, waterproof and easily clean after use with cleansing oil.

Do I like the product?
Yes, for the light feeling, non-sticky, natural look of a mascara that add length and curl without being to thick or unnatural, stays almost all day long despite the few 'droppings' of the 'fake lashes'. Overall, it is a wonderful product that add lashes in volume as well, so the eyes become more interesting.

Friday, October 11, 2013

TRESemme Keratin Smooth For Unruly Hair

Hi all,

have you been having bad hair day for these past few days, weeks, months or even years? You've done things you thought that would solved the problem but didn't work? Or you have trouble figuring out what's seems the problem?

Fret not, you're not alone. Apparently, according to Unilever Indonesia 80% of the women doesn't understood the 'root' of their problem. 50% of these women has done many treatments yet see no result. That's why TRESemme Keratin Smooth is made for Indonesian women.

Media and bloggers are invited to try on these new products on the spot. Inside Anna Wijaya's Salon at Grand Indonesia, we are pampered.


Above is my before after image during the treatment, the products used are shampoo, conditioner and heat protecting spray. That's it! That's it? Yes, these three simple steps that helps tame the unruly hair. How? Step 1. By prepare, using TRESemme Infusing Shampoo so the hair become soft and manageable. Step 2. Nourish, using TRESemme Keratin Conditioner so the hair become healthier and shinier. Step 3, protect. By using the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray. Step 4 (optional) which is shape, using TRESemme Salon Finish Extra Hair Spray and Hair Mousse.


What's inside those products that make the hair obey?

Details from

Infused with Keratin, the collection is specially formulated to leave hair sleek and shiny while eliminating frizz. Silky-smooth, gorgeous hair has never been easier to achieve!

So yes, it's the Keratin. What is Keratin? Check out :
Keratin (/ˈkɛrətən/[1][2]) is a family of fibrous structural proteins. Keratin is the key structural material making up the outer layer of human skin. It is also the key structural component of hair and nails

So by giving back the (in this case) hair original ingredients, the hair will regain their structure back, hence looks healthier, shinier, more manageable, and of course tamer will become possible.


Hair does plays an important role for women (and men too), it brings out confident, and sometime for some people, it does define who they are. I'm not saying hair is the most important thing in the world, but we do have to admit how sometime hair does plays a role in our life. We will try our best not to loose it. In the event, I learn how Unilever and TRESemme listen to their customer and their new campaign of Beauty is U is something that feels closer to the heart.

Hair is a part of our 'body', it needs nutrients from outside and inside, food rich in Vit B, iron, zinc and vitamin D are known to be related with the hair. So, at the event, TRESemme also serves us dinner that gives balance diet for our overall well being including the hair.


It's a like wholesome experience that we need to take part for our hair (and body) to be well and happy. These are the products in front of each of our seats. The whole sets ^^

Shiv Sahgal (Marketing Manager Hair Category PT. Unilever Indonesia, Tbk), Vivi Tri Andari, (Technical Management Manager PT. Unilever Indonesia, Tbk),  Dafina Amalia (Brand Manager TRESemme PT. Unilever Indonesia, Tbk), and Chandra Gupta (a Professional Hair Stylish), also presenting their opinion during the event. They explained the needs of innovation to fulfill the needs of Indonesian women, where we love to style our hair using hot tools that actually damaging the hair's keratin, hence a product that provide the keratin is strongly needed. The timing and demand is spot on. Start from now until January 2014 "style seekers" may try this treatment at 100 selected salons across Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jogja, and Semarang.


The night is almost over and all the bloggers and media seems satisfied with the result, the live tweets says so, this is our first time experience in using the products and for me it doesn't stop there. The taming is effective up to 48 hours, like mentioned on the packaging. The affordable price will be an alluring factor too, start from Rp. 18.500 anyone can try using the shampoo, conditioner and heat protection spray.


Here are the results of coming to the event, a sparkly black nails that literally took longer time to finish than the hair, so yes, you can get a fabulous hair quicker than getting the nails done. This is the highlight of TRESemme Keratin Smooth hair series, simple products that work fast, simple, easy and suitable for daily use at home with a touch of 'professional' ingredients added ^^ nice, right?!


Thank you so much for inviting me, please do check out TRESemme forum on Female Daily: You can share your experience or ask just about anything related to TRESemme there.


(me, the next day, the hair is still looking good)

For me beside the shampoo that feels soft on the hair and the conditioner that packed with keratin, the heat protection spray is definitely something that any hairtalista should try. It help protect the hair from daily blow drying and styling, it's like must have product ^^

Spray it anytime, directly to the hair that's going to be styled. Immediate effect will occur ^^ use it with the shampoo and conditioner for better optimum result. The shampoo have this white pearly gel texture, easily lathered on but gentle in foaming. The conditioner is white and creamy, made the hair away from tangle and dryness. Remember that the conditioner is made for the hair, not scalp. So use the shampoo to clean everything including the scalp and the conditioner for the mid length all the way to the ends, same goes with the heat protection spray. Their scents are floral and fruitilicious, refreshing and suitable for those that has been going through chemical process including colored since the sulphate is lowered. Say bye bye to frizzy and untamed hair, say hello to Good Hair Day. 


 Wanna try? You gotta!

for activity promo / newest fashion & beauty info, follow @tresemmeID and visit &