Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Estee Lauder Nutritious Night

Hello ladies,

this particular product is definitely not a stranger in the beauty world. Estee Lauder has been with us for decades and Nutritious Night is one of the product that I love from them. Due to my pregnancy the skin seems to be drier or at least feels different.

So I need a product that gives the skin enough boost without being too complicated, let's just say I'm more into 3 steps skincare now than ever.


details from www.esteelauder.com:

Recharge and renew your skin for a radiant, energized look every day.

Pure Pomegranate Extract plus essential minerals and nutrients nourish and balance skin to help protect against environmental irritants.

Luscious creme formula delivers instant hydration that lasts all day and helps strengthen skin's moisture barrier.

Daily energizers amplify skin's natural ability to look healthy, awake and alive.

For your skin's look of radiant health.

Love your skin. Love your life. Be radiant.

In today's on-the-go world, even young skin needs help to keep on glowing. Because things like stress, pollution, sun exposure, even not getting enough sleep can knock it out of balance.


I'm definitely agree on these, stress and pollution are like the things we have to face living in a cosmopolitan zone, the sun is getting hotter and hotter and yes, sleepless night thanks to work, illness and well, just about anything isn't it?!

To get skin back to brilliance, we created Nutritious. Working together in three distinct ways, this complete beauty-boosting regimen helps Detoxify skin of external irritants, Neutralize environmental aggressors, then Infuse skin with the nutrients and energy it needs to glow. All day, every day.

DETOXIFY skin of external irritants
Some Nutritious formulas help Detoxify skin of external stressors, leaving it calm and protected. Now skin can focus on looking great instead of acting defensive.

NEUTRALIZE environmental aggressors within skin's surface
Even healthy, protected skin can have environmental aggressors that lurk in its surface layer. So some Nutritious formulas help Neutralize them, using powerful anti-oxidants. This helps get rid of beauty-blocking irritants that can visibly age skin faster than time itself.

INFUSE moisture, energy and more
The remaining Nutritious formulas Infuse skin with the hydration and nutrients it needs to stay strong and radiant-from key vitamins and minerals to long-lasting moisturizers to super energy boosters and more.

Individually, each Nutritious formula contributes to one or more of these actions. Used together as a full regimen, the synergistic effect is remarkable.
Luscious creme formula
Leaves skin soft, satisfied

At first, I thought the product was overselling itself and over promising, but after having it for almost 2 months I see the result within the first use. The texture looks thick but they are like melting on the skin. Like a mask, it create a thin film covering the skin with lovely moisturizing effect and the next day when I wake up the skin glows beautifully.

So I think the product can be used as a mask. Clean the skin prior usage, use toner and serum as well before using it as a mask. Apply a thin layer all over the skin and leave it on for 30 minutes and use a cotton to lifted up the residue (if any), or rinse out and use your daily cream.

But it is best to be leaved on all night long. Use it as a night cream and let anti-oxidant properties balanced out the condition on our skin, leaving it feeling so soft and energized. I am amazed with one single product can do, for those who needs 'more' may get the full range from the cleanser, essence and so on.

The wonderful fruity pomegranate scent is a bonus addition.

Thank you so much Estee Lauder, please do keep detoxing, neutralize, and infusing my skin for a better looking skin tomorrow ^^

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