Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kate Lash Extention Mascara BK-1

Hi everybody!!!

A gal always need her mascara fresh and new, well at least every 3 months to keep the eyes healthy and problem free too. So when a friend gave me this mascara, I'm gladly accepting the gift from Japan ^__^


Kate is a brand from Kanebo, they are known for being chic, trendy and current.


Here are the details from:


Below is the image of the actual product, the neat packaging is modern and sophisticated at the same time. Trendy!


The mascara itself is not as creamy as other mascara and doesn't look like a gel either, so it is something in between, where it is light, but still covering, giving the lashes a thin coating that stretches, which gives the lashes a longer looking natural lashes, and feels light as well.

It does add a bit curl, I don't use any eyelash curler for the images below:


The thin coating film easily break thou', but the rest stays without fail, waterproof and easily clean after use with cleansing oil.

Do I like the product?
Yes, for the light feeling, non-sticky, natural look of a mascara that add length and curl without being to thick or unnatural, stays almost all day long despite the few 'droppings' of the 'fake lashes'. Overall, it is a wonderful product that add lashes in volume as well, so the eyes become more interesting.

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