Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Panasonic ES2105 for My Eyebrows

I have this tool since a year ago and don't know what I'll do without it. It help reshape my brow anytime, no pain, no hassle, just pure result. I hate plucking they are painful and I don't like those tattoo brow thingy since well, trend are changing fast so why committed oneself with something that stick to your face for good.

The battery last a long time (only use high quality ones), and you can simply choose the top, longer or shorter, it is also comes with a brush to helps you clean the tools. Easy to clean too.


  1. Hi.. Im trying to look for this es2105 also but sad to know that singapore don't carry this model. May I know how did you manage to get this?

    1. Hi YVONNE,

      I bought this thingy in Singapore, I forgot it was between Harvey Norman or Best Denki, I think I get mine in Jurong East (sorry, it's kinda long time ago).

      Ha?! Singapore don't carry that model, really? It was everywhere at that time - 2010.

  2. Hi, I bought mine in Tokyo at the airport. How do you change the battery??? Help please!

  3. Open the lower lid, which is the silver pink with the word Panasonic on it, just pull it down. Easy peasy.