Friday, July 22, 2011

Sassi Nails at Gandaria City

It's my birthday and I'm having a girl's time at Sassi Nails Gandaria City branch. After making an appointment, me and my girls are going there. No thanks to the traffic jam we were 2 hours late, yet when we arrived the staffs are still so friendly and the atmosphere there is still fun.

These are the choices of the extensions and art you can do for your nails, there are a lot isn't it. I have difficulties picking which one. But since I have to juggle with daily routine at home like washing the laundry and do the dishes, extensions are not my option.

These are the services for hands, there are still many add on like for french tips, gradations, painting and 3D.
3 of us are having basic and ultimate spa manicure.

Services for our toes, again classic and ultimate too.
And look just like in manicure, they have a service for little missy too (below 12 years old).

A simple yet sassy logo ^_-

Service area where music video is on all the times and choices of nail color are presented.

Look at this at the counter area, they do take care your nails accordingly.

On your way into the service area you can see this, they are located inside Metro Gandaria City, which is a bit secluded.

Promo until 26 of August, don't missed it ^_^

After cleaning my hands, buffing, and clearing the cuticles, this is my nails afterwards, diamond shape is my favorite.

Both of my girls nails are really short since one of them is a pianist and another, well, she just have a very short nails heehee, and none of us choose extensions. 

Mine, afterwards. Love how natural it looks and pretty neat too.

Drying the nails are a breeze here with the air machine, but one of the chairs are broken, I love the massaging chairs.

She choose colorful designs.

Our review: All of us really like how friendly the staffs are. From the minute we are in until we are out they stay that way. Ms.Puji patiently wait for all of us made our choices, which took a while since we all excited and don't know what to choose. The store are lovely and clean, we like the simple minimalism layout. But we all wish we can switch the TV into something else and all the chairs can function well. All of us also agree the treatment and coloring process is wonderful, everything is done with gentle care and one of my girls have a scaly feet and the staff kept buffing the sole until they all so soft and smooth, trust me it took a really long time.

My honest opinion, come and try their services, you'll enjoy the friendly atmosphere and have a pretty nails good time here. The are professional, they will tell you what can and can't be done, if you are clueless they can help you by suggesting the color and designs suitable for your nails. My advice: wear a sandal when you come here to have a pedicure ^_^

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  1. booking appoitment di sassi udah dari jauh jauh hari apa bisa hari itu juga kak?