Friday, July 29, 2011

Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo

Thanks to HerWorld Indonesia Tried and Tested page, I was able to try this wonderful product from Kiehl's, here is the details I found from, a bit of advice, if you really confused and clueless about Kiehl's? Check out the website and read people's review, you'll the picture ^_^ :

Formulated for dehydrated, under-nourished, and damaged hair, our mild, yet rich and creamy shampoo instantly moisturizes and fortifies hair as it gently cleanses, leaving hair manageable and supple. Our nurturing formula contains the latest in haircare science with molecules that mimic natural oils which coat healthy hair. We blended enriching Avocado Oil, Lemon Extract, and Olive Fruit Oil-inspired by traditional home recipes-to help restore the healthy look of the hair, leaving it full of shine and softness without weighing it down. Ideal for hair weakened by overexposure to sun, chemical-processing, or excessive heat styling.

My hair condition: About 6 weeks ago I have my hair smoothing and colored at the same time. So they are dry especially on the ends, but since I'm a responsible person all of this time I always take good care of my hair, so they are not dry or at least doesn't look like dry. People with chemical treated hair normally have dry hair, and I'm also an avid fan or a hair dryer, there's no way for me not to use it daily. And I don't use a low voltage one, I want my 1100W (okay not that big).

Then when I tried on Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo, I have low expectation since well, my scalp is oily and my hair is not that dry. I pour the thick white creamy liquid and it felt so soft on my hands, I think they are doing magic on my hands too, it felt good ^_^ then lathering up on my palms it made generous amount of foam. Then I applied it on my hairs. Massage like usual and rinse, WOW, what was that?! Yup, I feel my hair become more supple, filled up, where each strand feel like fuller now. Before using the shampoo I thought my hair was fine, now after comparison it felt like coarse, it's like there's tiny holes particles, well let's just say my hair ain't feel THAT smooth. Now, it felt smooth, stronger in terms of hair strand, healthier, and glow? Yes, I think so.

It feels like my hair is sucking all the goodness from the shampoo and surprisingly for a nourishing shampoo for dry hair, it doesn't bother my oily scalp at all. Usually stuff like these can easily create a limp lifeless hair afterwards, but it's not. They are still bouncing with volume, not a great giant volume, just a normal volume that my hair have. Conclusion? It's a great shampoo for dry hair and really does what it said it does and give your hair a really good nourishment boost without weighting your hair down. 

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