Monday, July 18, 2011

Teh & Teh Herbal, Sebuah Warisan Budaya by Santhi H. Serad, a book review

Hi all,
This is my first time doing a book review and have it done in my blog. I'm actually an avid reader whenever I have time, books like Little Women, Secret Garden, to Dracula by Bram Stoker have been in my days and I love classics and will pass it on to my generations to come. Books is a wonderful tool to begin one's imagination to a place for sharing. They are timeless and beautiful.

During Sayangi Jantungmu event, I met this lady whose happen to love herbs and she made a book about tea and herbal tea. All of us who attend was given a copy (so lucky).

Finally today I read the book (yes, I am busy), and I like how simple and light this book is but at the same time it provide information and useful tips for daily use. This small book is practical and handy too. The design is simple, with a sweet white and green color, decorated with leafy and a pretty bookmark. I can imagine anyone reading this book with a cup of tea in the afternoon at a breezy garden. 

A bit about Ms. Serad. She has a degree of Master of Science in Food Science and Technology from Australia. If you speak with her you can definitely feel the burning passion in her in herbs. She is also a CEO in Ilthabi Sentra Herbal where the site plant lies in Bumi Herbal Dago, Bandung, Indonesia. And she gave me a pack of Rosella and Rosella Jam. A very well known plant that help reducing cholesterol, boosting health in terms of fighting cough, loosing weight, antioxidant and on and on, you can search on Google and found many things these red flower plant can do. The quality of products that she gave me is said to be very good (Chef Winnie), since the flower is still whole and from the taste and color, I do feel quality in it.

Okay, back to the book, in this book you can find natural remedies, usage tips, composition, benefits, of tea and herbs such as: black tea, green tea, white tea, chamomile, lavender (my ultimate favorite flower), thyme, ginger, sage, mint, jasmine, and many more. You can also read some of the history regarding them that I found refreshing. Like how lavender is known to be use by the royalty in France not just for how wonderful the scent is but as a disinfectant too for its antibacterial properties, wow, amazing!

Either you love drinking tea or want to have their utmost benefit reading this book will definitely gives you a good start in introducing tea and herbal tea.

Open to find out more or if you are interested about the book.

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