Saturday, July 23, 2011

Roppan at Gandaria City

After keep reading about Roppan in twitter, I'm finally tryin' some on my own yesterday. Going at almost night and on Friday the tables are almost full. I think it means they are really good.

Then we start making our way to the counter and choose the bread we want, they have sweet and savory selection so you can just look around and you'll definitely found what you want. We know we found ours.

All of them are enjoying the atmosphere as much as we do, dim light somehow brings out appetite, heehee.

They are made fresh daily and the sample are generous.

Beside toasts they also sell rice, udon, and many more choices to be picked. I kinda want them all.

They are divided into two parts of area, choose wisely, no la! You can sit wherever you want.

Roppongi-pan, a place to have fun with your friends, Roppongi in Tokyo is well known as a place for hanging out, many bars and I like the feeling there. Relaxed and friendly. A place to loosen up from a stress you got for the whole week, yes, weekend is a perfect place for visiting Roppongi, or anytime you want some lovely good time. Now, in Jakarta you can experience it a bit in Roppan.

Besides yummy food you can also enjoy . . . wait for it . . .

Beers!!! I love beers here, mixed with some fruits like Lychee, Peach or Strawberry, or chocolate. Love the Lychee to the max, while the peach (which is the best seller) is the second best for me, so yes, taste is personal. And my review regarding the toast? Some I like, some are so-so, will I be back for more? Definitely!

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