Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mr.Curry Grand Indonesia

On Saturday, I went to Mr.Curry Grand Indonesia after drooling over their newest promotion ad in front of the elevator on the way to buy Harry Potter last movie. They have Omurice. A warm rice mixed with either butter or tomato, yums! They look so delicious and rich in flavor.

With enough toppings and sauce to choose from this meal is something that worth trying for. We try the one with salmon and ikura, the rice? Tomato ^_^

Waiting here is pleasant, the atmosphere is fun, many people are enjoying the meals with their families and friends. When the food is great, so does the conversation.

Not long after ordering the food, here come the food, they are served warm (not hot), with a small bowl of salad. Our hot tea (breakfast) is served before the meal is presented. The presentation is lovely, tomato rice is hidden under a perfect omelet and the delicious white creamy sauce with salmon and spinach. The portion for me is big enough for 2 people ladies.

Yet, we still ordering a dessert, a small dorayaki with green tea cream worth Rp.12.000. We couldn't resist their dessert yet know our stomach have a limit. The mango puree is fresh and give a bit of zing thanks to the sweet and sour fruit.

The pic above show their generous portion where the rice are solid under those yummy omelet, and the ikura (salmon eggs) taste fresh too. Would I come back here again? Definitely yes, thanks to their delicious meals, desserts, drinks and friendly staffs. Two thumbs up for them. 

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