Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dior Lipstick : Diorific 012 and Rouge De Fete 863

In terms of red I trust Dior for being the red of the reddest. Here's a bit details from regarding Diorific:

High Fashion Lipstick
Presenting the Dior spirit of extreme luxury, in saturated color wrapped up in a precious case. Specially formulated for a perfect balance between hold and comfort, Diorific glides on with a rich texture and intense, long-lasting color. Choose from a large range of ‘haute couleur’ shades, from Rose Diabolo to Violet Tattoo.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find details regarding Rouge De Fete (in blue). Both are scented, so they do smell good ^0^

Diorific luxury casing is a sure winner, the chubby golden packaging is an inspiration for being different in class. But both doesn't provide me significant moisturizing effect, so you need those balms for your lips to keep your pout moist, but if you like them to be like tinted you can just put it on and you'll get like a more subtle vivid color than glossy.

The Diorific 012  Rose Boogie Flirty Fuchsia is slightly more pinkish than 863 Rouge De fete that so red. Both provide me a strong vivid color that no one can deny and they stay on all night long. The lustrous red of both is indeed alluring and daring in so many ways. When I skip my blush on I even challenge myself by smudging them on my cheeks and they look blushed to the max. Don't overdo it and you'll get a rosy cheek. Dab a bit and smudge it over. Sexy!

Use a lip makeup remover and sweep them over cleanly after you've done with it.


  1. where did you find 863 Rouge de fete??it is stunning!!can you give more infos please???is it discontinued?

  2. It is stunning alright, I get this like years and years ago from their counter in Jakarta. Yes, they probably has discontinued the products :(