Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gillette for Women Satin Care Shaving Gel

Shaving is one of the must to do thing weekly. In order to have everything going down smoothly, I use a shaving foam from Gillette for Women. The scent is faintly soft with a musk that definitely noticeable.

The color of the gel is blue-ish green that quickly turns into foam. I've used this product for years and feel really different when I use it or not. Soap, shower gels, shaving cream (for men) or anything is almost useless. They either made my skin too dry or too oily and prone to boo boo. Gillette for women Satin Care Shaving Gel is lovely and so smooth. It helps the shaver glide effortlessly on my skin and the hairs are cut away. Feels comfortable with the pressure on, keep my skin moist and far from pain or unnecessary scratch from the blade. 

How to use: Just pump it and get the amount needed, take note the gel will turn into more than 2 times it size when foamed (out from the can) so you might want to press bit by bit, don't waste it thou'. A whole can last for almost 3 months for me.


  1. can i know where dis you bought your gillete for.women? really helpful.. thanks

  2. In Singapore, either Shop N Save or NTUC Fair Price (local supermarkets)