Tuesday, July 26, 2011


For more than 15 years my family and I have use Jergens for it's well known result and effect in keeping our body skin moist and well take care. You really do can feel the difference when you use Jergens or not. The lotion is soft and I really like the scents, especially the original scents, which is cherry (not the one shown on the pic). My husband love the aloe, while my mom is all about firming and my sis need intense healing like in ultra healing.

The skin feels the immediate effect of moisture and it stays there for 12 hours and it doesn't feels sticky at all. We use it during traveling to winter places for it keep our skin comfortable. Unfortunately in Indonesia you see many question mark places sell Jergens lotion and you feel doubt. My advice, if you feel doubt don't buy it there. It could be fake. Try buying them in a reputable places.

I think Jergens is one of the items that you must have in a household.

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