Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lancome Beauty Blogger Gathering

Yesterday at Beauty Lounge SOGO Pondok Indah Mall 2, seven beauty bloggers are called to have some wonderful time with Lancome

The star of the show is Teint Miracle, you can read my previous post regarding the product ---> Here. And I'm excited that they are here in Indonesia now.

I tried my best in looking French Elegance. With my Marie Claire heels it's like match made perfect with my summer trench jacket.

At around 11 am the ambiance here is white and romantic

Perfumes from Lancome are presented, next to white roses, rose are symbol of Lancome.

Some of the skincare range from Lancome

Lancome are also famous with their makeup range. From celebrities to the new gal in the throne, yes, Prince Williams wife, she uses Lancome cosmetics from Teint Miracle to Hypnose which can be layered on and on to create thicker fuller lashes like you are wearing fake ones, and you'll see later how it create mine.

I feel like in a studio now, makeup artist studio

Each beauty blogger sat on a table full of Lancome skincare's range and makeup. Love their skincare for being so calming and pretty.

Then Ms. Irma started the event by greeting us. She is so slim and pretty, but Lomo is unforgiving yesterday.

A slide that shows many celebrities and famous people become the face of Lancome

I've used their makeup remover, made with half of oil, best to be used for waterproof makeup like mascara and other eye makeup plus lips too, then followed by the cleansing milk, which is so gentle and soft, followed by toner. We all have to stop right there, since they want to explain more regarding the products.

Yes, it is Teint Miracle, she is Mr.Rona, makeup artist of Lancome, I love looking at her dewy plumped skin.

Explaining the technology behind Teint Miracle, not to forget Teint Miracle is 40% water and in 18 hours keep increasing and gives freshness. It calms the skin and with rose extract redness becomes minimum. Teint Miracle works because it have 10 times less opaque fillers that means less powder than normal foundation, that's why Teint Miracle feels so light and comfortable.

For 30 ml it is now available at all counter for  Rp. 475.000. The sales are keep going up in many countries such as Korea, Thailand and Indonesia? Now it's your turn.

My color is PO-03, they have 4 shades here: O-04, PO-045, PO-03 and O-03.

Now we can proceed. After using the Genifique for the eyes, I'm using the serum. Genifique is a youth activator, which is a youth serum, take the 7 days challenge and see the result by yourself how it transform your skin by activating the protein within, so you'll look visibly rejuvenated, smoother, and more luminous skin. Sold a bottle in the whole world every 4 seconds.

It contains: Bio-Lysat which stimulates expression of key skin youthfulness genes and Phytosphingosine that re-establish synthesis of the proteins required for young skin and promotes the development of higher quality, more beautiful skin. 30 ml for Rp.1.000.000 and 50 ml for Rp. 1.500.000

After the serum, we can apply the moisturizer, the famous Hydra Zen that Kate also uses. It is said that Hydra Zen is a face cream that combat stress, it is perfect for bride-to-be since it can tackle skin when under emotional stress and keep it hydrated for up to a day. I really like the pink creamy gel that feels soft, smells flowery comforting and so easy to absorb.

My new love, why? When I come to the event my skin is red from food allergy days before, yet, it calms my skin and help soothe everything that was angry and cranky. It comes in several texture and choose according to your skin's need. I need the this one alright!

Then it's makeup time, gals! First still in between makeup and protection is the UV Expert GN-Shield a high potency active protection, protection active extreme, BB Cream with SPF 50+++, perfect for a gal living in a busy tropical town. It is an instant whitening and desaturated shade for an even and visibly fairer complexion, adjustable and natural coverage of skin imperfection that corrects brown spots, blemishes and fine lines, and prevention down to the dermis that blocks UV rays and especially UVA rays prevent hyper-pigmentation down to the dermis.

From this picture to below, my face will be done half-half. See the difference by yourself ^_^

After the BB cream now I'm adding Teint Miracle, the difference is getting more vivid. Click on the image for a better view. The Teint Miracle feels really light, it's like wearing nothing at all. Must Try!

Ms. Rona also explained to use how different method of application can make big difference to your face, even when using the same product. Fingers tend to be more bold, brush is kinda tricky to manage if you're not trained and sponge with tapping motion is the best choice, even for amateur.

Now, with added loose powder, just to keep the oily zone matte, so use accordingly. It does help everything set nicely.

Last of the basic for the 'canvas' is compact powder.

All the difference are presented, no more pores visible, fine lines are diminished, covered even looking skin tone and best of all, I still feel like using nothing at all. They all so light. It's like the best possible looking version of my own skin, in my own color, and in my own comfort.

Face are ready for some coloring. Tips from the makeup artist is have your under area covered with loose powder, so any excess eye shadow can be easily swiped off later.

I picked Rose De Bonhuer

Eye liner and oh they have this super duper Kohl pencil that superb in terms of waterproof and application, if I can do it, you'll definitely can too.

Choose the eye liner according to your level of difficulty, the finer tip is more difficult but if you need finer lines than it is the right product for you. Ask the beauty adviser for help during purchasing.

Moved on to mascara, I use the Lancome Oscillation PowerBooster. This is the information I got from

Feel the vibration. See the growth.* Let your lashes reach their full potential with this vibrating lash primer and conditioner that boosts the appearance of natural lash growth. The power behind this primer is a combination of the oscillating brush that wraps each lash up to 360 °and an innovative formula containing the Crescentia™ Complex. The gentle vibrations from the wand help massage the nourishing formula into each lash for exceptional lash extension you’ll notice day after day. Apply under your favorite LancĂ´me mascara for visibly longer, fuller, more fabulous lashes instantly.

This is what it's looked like on my lashes and if you leave it for a while the color will become transparent. It added my lashes a whole new length.

Then the mascara is on. Using Oscillation that water resistant. Read this from

There’s nothing this water-resistant, breakthrough vibrating mascara can’t do. With just the press of a button, the vibrating wand delivers 7,000 oscillations per minute and coats each lash up to 360° with an exquisitely smooth, water-resistant formula that can whether heat, water and humidity without smudging or streaking for up to 18 hours. Instantly, lashes are lengthened, separated and multiplied for a gorgeous, glamorous look that lasts. Formula is easily removed with a standard makeup remover. Recyclable battery included.

Both Oscillation use created a lashes that beyond my expectation.My lashes looks long, more lashes, and bold too. Va-va-voom!

Added Hypnose for a waterproof result and add more layer if you want some action tonight! It beats the fake lashes since they are more real in result and no more gluing.

I look so different now. My eyes look wider and bigger. Feels like attention are on my left side ^_^. After finishing the left side we are allowed to do the right (relief). This beauty class is filled with a lot of information and tips, thank you Lancome Indonesia for having me here.

All of us are given a goodies bag with a bottle of Teint Miracle and some minis from UV Expert GN Shield, Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate, and Genifique eye concentrate.

7 Beauty Bloggers with Lancome is wrapping up, they also invite us for a meal at Duck King, yums!


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