Friday, July 1, 2011

Salon Essential by Philips

Perfect for daily use where the low watt can save you from high electric bills

Dry your hair with special  care

3 settings including cool air: warm, warmer, cool air that very weak and off.

Easily tucked for traveling, but still kinda big compared to teeny tiny travel size hair dryer.

Nozzle and hanging loop for your convenience

My review: The tool is lovely pearl white, surprisingly not as light as my other Philips, but still it was a breeze to use it. I have a bigger watt intake  (hair dyer) but I use this one for daily use, my hair less dry and less brittle now ^_^.  It does took longer time but the warm (not hot) air is definitely a comfort for me.
The choice of cool air is perfect during hot and humid days, who says drying hair have to be a ‘hot thing’!

Hmm, I wonder when they are going to make a hair dryer infused with aromatherapy for the hair ??

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