Monday, September 6, 2010

Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

This serum need a post on it's own :)

I used the ANR first time several years ago and found it too oily for me to use it on day time. I don't exactly remember how many years it is but definitely on my 20s. Now I'm officially 30 and somehow my skin start to 'grumble'. Fine lines near my eyes, big obvious lines at my laughing zone, even my daughter complain how come mommy got lines at her cheek even when mommy not laughing, even she say it doesn't look nice and yet we believe a child love in unconditional (it's a joke ha..ha).

So now (almost a week) I've been diligently using ANR from Estee Lauder day and night. It started at night first but surprisingly the thick liquid is easily absorbed within 10-15 minutes until the skin is soft. I did mention I hate the smell, since it's kinda medicinal when it was first applied but then after application it turns into a rose petal scent.

I remember my mom used to grow rose on our small garden and when I played with the petals and squashed it, this is what it smell would be. The scent last for 30 minutes or until I applied my moisturizer, makeup based and the scent become unnoticeable.

If you look at the pic above you can see why I said it is a thick liquid, it's not a gel moreover a cream, but a liquid, but not so fluid. So when the it drop it still kind a thick. It is said on the website it repair past visible damage and help protecting skin's future. For me what I see is, my skin getting more luminous, some 'parts' of skin that have dark spots, acne scars, large pores are vividly reduced.

It seems like my skin does getting younger by the continuous use. In the past when I used it, I didn't use it continually, but more to when-I-have-time-or-remember-routine. So perhaps that's why in the past I thought the product is not useful for me.

From the website I also found out that the product is Dermatologist- Tested , Ophthalmologist-Tested (so it safe for the eye, doesn't really mean you put it in your eye, but it is safe for use around the eyes or at area so close to the eye....balls) , and Fragrance Free plus Non-acnegenic.

Their main key function is to repair the skin by giving hydration, protection against environmental damage and emotional stress.

Many user found that the immediate effect is hydration thanks to Hyaluronic Acid. And later on many feels they lines are finer and the skin smoother, radiant and less trouble (like blemished or acne).

For me:
I found my upper cheek area that always complain for more hydration are calming down and in less than 2 days plus the sensitivity reduced and more plump.
My fine lines are definitely more relaxed, smooth skin is definite and soft too.
I feel that in less than 1 week of using my skin is getting younger and more alive than ever before.
The oily t-zone is still there but I can say it's controllable so perhaps I will skip the T-zone during day use and only on night use.
I also use it on my neck area but I haven't feel the effect yet.

Will I continue using? Definitely yes, not just because I still have some bottles but because I want my skin to look, feel and actually be younger longer.

This is a testimony given by my friend Ms. Fransisca: "ok banget itu lin .... produk yang bagus dan bermanfaat banget, hasilnya memuaskan dah, itu dari gw... :)"

Which means: "The product is top notch....a good product and useful, the result is satisfactory, that's from me :)"

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