Monday, September 6, 2010

Why I want to catch Legend of the Fist

Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen 《精武风云: 陈真》

is coming soon in theater near you and Asian action fans are better get ready for Donnie Yen again. Check out their official site ---> here.

The movie is guaranteed to be an action-packed movie with epic background, during Japanese invasion to China on 1920s.

This is Kiki, a clear signs of a nightclub star played by Shu Qi that will later on involved romantically with the main character. All Shu Qi fans really must watch this movie. Here she's not just an entertainer will all her sultriness but is she a spy too?? Nothing more sexy than a pretty girl that involved in danger too. Watch the movie, then you'll find out.

War, battle, explosions, will rumbled up. It seems like living in those era is filled with danger. So yup, for underage please refrain from the movie.

Back to the synopsis,
a hero named Chen Zhen emerged. Triggered by his own revenge, he soon saved many from Japanese assassins. Lot's of solo action here. From the background itself I think many die hard fan of Hong Kong movies already know about the story since the TV serial is around on 1995.

Anthony Wong also played a role in the movie, as you can see from all the pictures this will be an emotional movie.

(the legendary kick ^_-)

So why do I want to watch the movie?
Got action...checked!
Got love scene and a bit of drama...checked!

Why my husband REALLY want to watch?

Got war......checked!
Got Donny Yen (the one that played Ip Man).....checked!
Got fighting scene......checked!
Got angry people....checked!

Why I got so little words on my post about the movie? Action speak louder than words....a BIG clue for the movie, boys!

Pictures and data courtesy of and the album

In cinemas on 23rd September.

Join their Facebook page ---> here.

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