Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How you can get your serum

When you first walk in the Skin Inc, no need to be alarmed and feel intimidated, the staff are friendly and would not push you in making purchase you didn't really want to. They do understand about taking time and look for your best interest.
I've been to many beauty store or treatment and for me only a few of them really understand what it felt to be customer. There are so many products out there and we really just want to make the best out of it (it= money we hardly earn). Yes, there are so many people blessed with fluid cash all over them, yet half of the population are not.
To cut it short, no need to worry and when you walk in to any Skin Inc branch let the staff introduce their product, talk to them about your concern and see what they have in for you.

First thing that done is a skin check using a simple questionnaire, you can also do it yourself online at iloveskininc.com and get your skin identity.

I get mine yesterday. My Essential serum is Hyaluronic Acid, to improve my skin condition I need Q10 and Collagen. So Ms.Crane mixed up 3 of those serums for me as My Daily Dose.

As you can see they have Enhance and Maintain on the next step, so after using the essential and improve, another skin check will be done to see your skin condition (later on).

After choosing My Daily Dose bottle (all the colors are pretty, I like them all, but my daughter already said, "it must be pink"), Ms. Crane will mix the serums, so while waiting for her I take a look at their treatment room.

Everything is nice and tidy, the room is compact (like most of the treatment room in Singapore). Near the door they are burning essential oils, I also see sterilizing equipment, towels and everything needed for the treatment. I booked my appointment on Saturday, I will give you a review how it actually like to be in the treatment ^0^

The decoration is simple and minimalist, no disturbing paintings, ceiling, wiring or anything (yes, I've been inside those treatment room that kinda made me feel in some chamber). Since the private room is private, I like the fact that I couldn't hear other customer. The privacy here is pretty well kept. Since they only provide facial treatment the facility here also only facilitate treatments for facial. I meant no private shower room or bathtub, okay?

Less than 3 minute Ms. Crane come and my bottle is done. I also get my Pure Revival Peel. Another review is coming up =)

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