Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tony Moly Marina Square

Last night I went to Tony Moly and really curious about their product....packaging. Yes the packaging are indeed so cute, adorable and they put a lot of effort making it look like....the ingredient or the trademark. Like the one above shape like a teardrop...Ouuuu ^0^

While these ice queen range have cooling effect ... like ice cream :) I really want to try the sleeping mask please (the blue one that says Snow White Sleeping Cream).

Beside facial products they also carry hair products, nails and makeup.

They have several best seller, it all depends on what are you looking for, I talked to the male staff and he pretty much know everything in Tony Moly there, and the sleeping pack is their Top 1 seller and even put some reviews from bloggers.

Need to know that like all their products that I see here contain fragrance.

They also have some mask (sheets) that cost less than $5.

Top Seller no 2 is their Tomatox, I was told by the staff the brightening effect is clearly seen from the first time using it.

Some eggs are seen, even golden eggs, their price is not exactly cheap since the container only hold like 20 ml, but overall their products still in affordable range.

I haven't even try one of their products but I will soon and I will give my review. If anyone have any recommendation for me please do.

And for those who are still wondering what Tony Moly is you can check out their facebook page here.

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