Monday, September 13, 2010

Tact Lavender Shampoo

After years of searching a balancing shampoo in Singapore, finally I met one in Bugis earlier today.

A brand called Tact, you can check them on the website: here. They are hair, body and facial care. This is the first time I purchased the product. It is said that their product is using all natural ingredients so even thou you smell some lavender, lemon, etc, it's all natural and doesn't use artificial scent.

Now back to the shampoo that I bought, what is balancing shampoo? It is a shampoo (duh!) for oily scalp and dry end. Usually all shampoo found here in Singapore either for dry hair or oily hair, doesn't have a shampoo that tackle 2 problems at once.

I have oily scalp but if I use shampoo for oily hair my hair will become too dry, and it I pay attention on the dry hair and use dry hair shampoo my scalp becomes too oily.

So I was happy when I found this shampoo. I just use it and this is my review:

The scent of lavender is very nice and fragrant when I open the bottle and pour it on my hand. The gel is watery and clear, a bit yellowish and when I try to lather it on my palms there's not much of foam.

But on the hair, it's easily lather up and I really like lavender scent so for me, it's like having an aromatherapy in the same time. It cleanse my hair really good, I still have to use conditioner after shampoo but unfortunately not a scent of lavender left after using conditioner.

I've dried my hair, my hair feels soft and the scalp feel clean. I wish the lavender scent stay on longer but since the product didn't add fragrant so perhaps the natural lavender only last when using it in the shower :)

Overall I quite fond of the product and since they contain no paraben, silicons, colors and other stuff that proven bad for us, is another plus.

After this product I want to try their hair mask too, the Grape seed one smell really sweet.

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