Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Give your skin a really good break!

On Saturday (18/09/10) I was scheduled to enjoy treatments from Skin Inc. Coming in as happy as can be since their treatments have been awarded as Best Result-In-A-Flash Facial. Read here for more info.

My treatments are:
Oxy Miracle Peel
Oxy Miracle Infusion
Customised Skin Infusions

That's me with a heavy mascara on, a big no-no.

Since Skin Inc Make up remover is water based, so not for waterproof mascara or makeup.

This is my lovely therapist Ms. Shirley, from Ms.Crane I know that many customer specifically asked her for treatment. She did a very good massage, I've been to many facial treatment and all of them give a so-so massage. Some put too much pressure on the face and a rub-rub massage for the body/hair/head/hand, while she put enough pressure for the face and firm massage for the body, two thumbs up for Ms. Shirley.

My treatment bed, all clean and they also gave me a body towel. So later on the gels and everything use would not goes on my cloths and Ms. Shirley can easily gives me a good shoulder and back massage (oh yes, it goes along the spine too).

Ms. Shirley prepared me for the treatment, first I was thinking why she covered the ears, later I found out since they gave me a generous amount of customized cocktail it will drizzle down.

So the first step is cleaning, then continued with Oxy Miracle Peel. I feel like I was sprayed with something cool and like tiny dull needles are touching my skin, not pain at all but just want to describe the experience it somewhat like that.

After Oxy Miracle Peel, the facial skin look firmer, brighter and the pores are less obvious.

Then it's Customised Skin Infusion (read more here). While massaging in circular motion with that tool (on the right pic), Ms. Shirley and I talk a lot about beauty products, some customer can prefer to sleep. but I enjoyed our conversation and she's pretty open about other product too, so based on her personal experience in and outside Skin Inc (a bit reminder: all Skin Inc staff are Skin Inc user) so she does compare, she also loves the serums and Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask like I do.

The No-Needle Mesotherapy feels just like a dull round object massaging the facial skin while keep excreting my customized cocktail. It was comfortable and relaxing.

Last but not least is the Oxy Miracle Infusion. The famous mask of Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask is used, Ms. Shirley massage my face and body, a realllllllyy good massage. The whole face become relaxed and my body too, I'm ready to dooze off, those aching shoulder are sleeping now. Then she left me for about 30 minutes so the mask can be absorbed, accompanied by soothing music really reminds me of how good it is to be pampered.

Ms. Shirley then wipe the leftover (she did put a generous amount), gives me Nano Hydrating Gel and UV Essential Sunblock SPF 40 PA+++.

My skin look so bright, I really want to say ultra bright, very smooth, glowing (almost like glow in the dark), and well, the picture really tells all, right?

Promo promo promo (oh how I love to hear these words)
First timer get 50% discounts on Orchard Central Branch
Oxy Miracle Peel original price = 128$ now it become 64$
Oxy Miracle Infusion original price = 178$ become 89$

Customized Skin Infusions original price = $198 become 58$

Not too forget the Black Collagen Mask is selling @25$ per piece and you can get 48$ for 3 (three)



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