Friday, September 10, 2010

Lioele Water Drop BB

Lioele Water Drop BB is perfect for those looking for a lightweight BB that's not creamy. Like the title itself it was WATER drop.

I want to show it on my face but taking pictures somehow for me is more difficult and I want you to see why it was said water drop.

First I put a dot of it on my hand, it look thick at first but it can easily spread, not like other bb CREAM I know which texture is well....cream.

The color is quite natural for me, the undertone is still yellow (so it does meant for Asian skin) but still in the fair to moderate fair zone.

In the tube is said: "It is an exclusive moisturizing BB cream which makes your skin moist since waterdrop, which is generated when you apply it to skin, is well absorbed into your skin."

So based on reading that and personal preference I didn't use any moisturizer before it. It is suitable if your skin is normal-oily but is your skin is dry especially at U-zone, put moisturizer on area needed before the BB cream, and please remember to wait your skin to absorbed the moisturizer first before put the BB cream on, so you wont create a heavy over laying on your skin and disturb the effect of the BB cream itself.

Another round of a spread is given and look at those small dots, it really looks like water droplet isn't it?! It seems like when the cream is spread they are breaking down into tiny dots. They become so light and watery.

I keep spreading them and they become softer and softer. The 'water' is absorbed on the skin leaving the skin smooth and covered in powder like sensation.

It gives me a light to medium coverage , even out my skin tone, fresh sensation (not exactly minty but cooling) and natural look. Definitely not heavy, reduce redness and hide pores. I use it a whole day and I don't need many touch up with my powder. Easy to clean and it is perfect to use in Singapore weather and daily use.

This BB cream is suitable for day use only since it contain SPF 27/PA++, for me this is an all in one solution of moisturizer, sunblock protection, coverage, make up base, and it's still light.

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