Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Daily Routine with V10 Plus Quasi Serum, LX Advanced Eye Cream, andLX Advanced Lifting Cream Treatment

Helloooo everyone,

Phewww, after consecutive reviews on each of the products I've recently received from V 10 Plus, the Quasi Serum, LX Advanced Eye Treatment Cream, and LX Advanced Lifting Cream Treatment, now, here it is the post I've said will make for you on how do I use all three together as a series.

Please do click on each of the products above to read the details, in this post it will be all about how to use and my experience during the 2 weeks of using the products.


Take note that these images are made 2 weeks before, and I keep using them as it is shown here, start with a clean face, if needed do a double cleansing, when the skin is perfectly clean without any residue or abundant dead skin cells on top of it, the nutrients from the skincare will be absorbed way better.


Without using toner, I'm using Quasi Serum, why am I using the toner right away? I was told by V10Plus representative that their products are water based and purer that other products from other brands. No oils and easily penetrated into the skin, using other brand including toner will blocked the skin from receiving theirs. The serum itself is very comfortable to be used directly on the skin and within 1-2 minutes there's none left, so I better hurry and applied the next step, eye cream.


Using only ring finger and about this size, gently dab on the circle areas and then swipe it over the lids.


The eye cream feels really light and comforting on the skin, like melts instantly too. The area become hydrated without being too much. Nobody like an oily eye cream and LX Advanced Eye Treatment Cream is definitely not oily.


Last, LX Advanced Lifting Advanced Cream Treatment, as seen the cream seems a bit thick and gooey. Looks rich and luxurious, it does felt luxurious on the skin. Like an expensive cream haha! I'm really running on words, but yes, it does feel like an expensive cream, smooth, finely made and even thou it looks heavy, on the skin the cream feels light and unburden. There's this density and firmness when used.


No need to use too much, like seen above, just use enough, I'm using around one corn size, since the cream is like melts on the skin really well and glide all over. This is suitable for those whose already above 25. Those whose been taking care of their skin really well may start from 30's but for those already having premature aging may start early. The stem cells active ingredients will work continually and 'wakes up' the cells to rejuvenated, imagine like when you're running out of fuel, your body start feel lethargic and exhausted, when given energy bar with vitamin water suddenly you'll feel alive again and start to be productive once again, that's how it works on your skin. So there's a restoring process and triggering the cells to work like they used to, when they are young.


And ta-da!! This is how I look two weeks later, the skin become firmer and less lines, the large pores reduced and even skin toned thanks to Quasi Serum. My eyes looks fresh as well.

So, in terms of aging, it is not recommended to just use one or two items, it is best to be used as a series as they work together hand in hand, like a synergy they created altogether, one addresses some concerns, while some to other concerns.

For those in their early 20's and want to start early, it is always best to start with a serum that suits the skin's need, then find an eye cream that feels light and penetrated easily. Moisturizer is always a must and remember a hydrated skin will always look plumper, healthier and younger. Keep drinking at least 8 glass of water per day and eat your fruits plus veggies too.

V10Plus carries a series of serum that matches the skin condition perfectly, from more than 10 serums, you'll be sure to find one just for you, or just mix and match.

Another tips from me is start reading the ingredients, hey I'm not a pro myself, google it down to see what they are for, some ingredients already banned while some need precautions. Don't just use any skincare, treat it as an investment, so use only responsible quality products that will benefits the skin from the short term to the long run.

Thank you V10Plus.

LX Advanced Lifting Cream Treatment

Hello everyone!!!

Heehee this is the third item from V 10 Plus that I introduced to you today. It's the LX Advanced Lifting Cream Treatment.

A cream that addresses problems which I have at this stage of skin life, large pores, sagging, laughing lines and fine lines. It may become a wonder cream instead of just a lifting cream. The cream that also contain apple stem cells are among the new products made by V 10 Plus.


Details from V 10 Plus on Facebook page:

Beauty Info:

LX Advanced Lifting Treatment Cream's major active ingredients consists of Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture (Apple Stem Cell), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Seed Extract, Avena Satvia (Oat) Kernel Extract, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 and Benzylamide Diacetate, created especially for skin experiencing environmental ravages causing wrinkles, sagging, discoloration and loss of resil
ience. The LX Advanced Lifting Treatment will restore skin density and firmness for a return to a youthful looking facial contour together with a beautiful and silky smooth complexion.

LX Advanced Lifting Cream Treatment is good for…
Reducing visible fine lines and wrinkles, contract pores, sagging skin, aging lines and lifting facial contour.


The day and night cream comes in a luxurious packaging of a clear cube. Somehow it reminds me of a conventional eye cream on the market. The 30 ml product is a rich white cream that feels good on the skin. At first it might feels rich but somehow melt on the skin nicely and like most lifting cream there's this type of 'stretch' it creates, sticky is not the exact word, but more like creamy texture that pulls the skin outward direction against the gravitation. It's a feeling that ones will understand after trying the product. Don't expect a hard pulling action or tightness ya, just a light gentle 'pulls' felt by the cells.

I do look younger after 2 weeks of 2x daily usage. My cheekbone is more noticeable than before usage. I do have laughing lines (well I do love to laugh a lot) but it is not nice to have those lines when I'm not laughing. The lines are not start to become less and lesser, btw, my image above is not edited, I'm not using any filter, just makeup (^___^) but usually even makeup wont cover laughing lines (true story).

Will I keep using this product? Of course! To who I would recommend the products for? To those with skin aging concern, if you start seeing fine lines, large pores, and sagging skin even at the earliest stage, start using this cream.

As usual any skincare is best to be used as a series and not alone. Start with a cleaned skin, toner, serum according to your skin's need and then moisturizer. During day time top it off with sun protection and during night time, let the moisturizer sink in first before tossing into bed. 30 minutes usually enough so the skin has time to absorbed the nutrients, not your pillow case.

Thank you V 10 Plus, I'll share on a different post on how do I use them, and yes, you'll see my naked skin before makeup as well to witness the differences.

LX Advanced Eye Treatment Cream

Hello gorgeous!!!

A lot of my readers has been asking for solutions to these problems:
dark eye circles,
eye bags,
fine lines near the eyes.

And they all want a brighter, firmer, prettier looking eyes which is of course linked to the conditions surrounding the eyes. So dark circles, sagging eye bags and fine lines or even wrinkles wont do much help, they do help in terms of adding the age factor, which we all refuse to have. We want youthfulness and younger looking everyday.

It is a general knowledge too that the aging usually start around the eyes, why? Due to the muscle contraction and sensitivity of the area. The skin on eye's area are thinner and hence more fragile to damages. Lack of sleep will immediately turn the color under our eyes to become darker, bloating will promote sagging eye bags and lines, well, we do smile, blink, scratch and touches the eye's area like any other part and sometime forget that those area are much more sensitive, that's why we have to touch them gently. Ring finger is the weakest in terms of pressure, using eye cream is always recommended using that particular finger only.


Beside the touches, the habits and healthier lifestyle (enough sleep, etc) we also need help from outside called eye cream. With so many eye cream on the market, it is confusing which one to choose.

My suggestion is to look according to your needs and skin type, for me? I'm looking for an all in one product for the eyes from V 10 Plus. The apple stem cells, plantago major seed extract, and vaccinium myrtillus leaf extract help to boost the skin eye area's in terms of elasticity and firmness. The glucosyl hesperidin and cynara scolymus (artichoke) leaf extract help minimize the appearance of age spots, dark patches around the eyes and dullness for an all over youthful brightness and radiant looking eyes.

What do I love about the product? It is again due to the texture, I think texture do play an important role in skincare, if it's too thick the skin will feel uncomfortable and having difficulty to be absorbed, now the skin near the eyes are already so thin and sensitive, it need a product that is water based, light and easily penetrated, we don't want any milia seeds there, right?!


The eye cream are meant to be used after we clean our skin, use toner, serum and then the eye cream, right before moisturizer or face cream. Twice daily and with the help of ring finger. On another post I'll share how to use this product with 2 other V 10 Plus items.

Stay tune and thank you V 10 Plus.

V 10 Plus Quasi Serum

Hi there ^__^

CNY is tomorrow!!! Time to gather around with families and closest friends to have dinner together, time for the kids to get some angpaos and the parent to spend money haha!

Traditionally in the Chinese culture we all want to be 'new', 'refreshed', and 'rejuvenated' for the new year. We like wearing new festive clothes, perhaps new furniture as well, and definitely CNY clean ups where everyone has to participate in the spring cleaning to welcome the new year.

Now, as we wear new clothes, I think we should also think about our self too, remove all the bad habits and start do good and right things. Removing all the 'bad things' in cosmetics too ^__^ For me this included a purer products as well, as we all know a lot of products out there still contain too many ingredients that we don't need or perhaps dangerous, such as paraben, chemical fragrance, artificial color, mineral oil, and many more.

V 10 Plus (like always) bring products that doesn't contain all of those stuffs and only carry a water based skincare with benefits for the skin, one of the newest item is Quasi Serum.


Quasi serum main function is to get rid of dark spots and freckles event before they are formed by inhibiting the formation and accumulation of melanin. The skin will become brighter in general and more translucent.

I will share my skincare routine with V 10 Plus in another on how I use Quasi Serum combined with other products from V10 Plus as well.

I've been using Quasi serum for 2 weeks now and I really like the texture of the milky serum, It has hydrating properties that feels light on the skin, no residue felt, like the serum just goes into the skin without fail. The skin gradually become brighter after 2 weeks, I do noticed them since I check the skin using tools that was able to screen the melanin formation in the inner layer.


Thank you so much V 10 Plus, I'll continue using the products to prevent future dark spots and have clearer skin too.

Tips: during the day, please do use an appropriate amount of sun protection and don't forget to clean the chemicals from sun screen after usage to prevent built ups.

Lancome La vie est belle

Hello lovelies,

I know it is unusual to share a review when the product is empty heehee, yes, I've been using this 4ml product for these past few days, and soon, it has become empties.

Details from

La Vie Est Belle Key Features
Make your life even more beautiful with Lancôme’s new feminine fragrance La Vie est Belle.

Incarnated by Julia Roberts, La vie est belle is a universal declaration to the beauty of life. A unique olfactory signature perfume scent created by three of France's leading perfumers, La Vie est Belle introduces a new olfactive language with precious ingredients.

Olfactory Notes
Floral Eau de Parfum with the noblest ingredients [Concrete of Iris Pallida, Jasmine Sambac, Orange Blossom, Patchouli Essence...].

How to apply La Vie Est Belle
Spray La vie est belle onto your skin, focusing on the warm areas of your body: the inside of your wrists, under your earlobes and behind your knees.


The first thing I've noticed is the sharp scent of floral. It is definitely one of the modern perfume we had these days. The ingredients and aroma they created is almost the same like those made for 2011 all the way to 2013. Like it's an era for strong feminine scent with the crisp of freshness, a scent that you can either love it or hate it.

My advice is to let it play around with your natural scent for a while, as usual, perfume is different when you sniff it on the air, on paper, or on your skin. On me, the cold breeze will turn into warm breeze during spring to summer. I can still feel a bit chill yet there's some fruitiness. The scent is still fresh but milder, patchouli is one of the 'main' ingredients these past few years, it is difficult not to noticed that bright scent.

Everything from iris, jasmine to orange blossom are just a compliment after settling down, this made the perfume different from others. The concoction of another layer after the first 30-60 minutes.

A general tips in getting a perfume, try before you buy, spray it on your skin, especially around the chest and neck then wrist. Walk around for 3-4 hours, if you love the first scent, doesn't necessarily you'll love the ending, and it is the other way around as well. Perfume is personal and should be taken as long as it needed, layers by layers will be unfold, some start mild then strong, some start strong then mild. La vie est belle start strong then fresh, then milder and settled in a delightful floral aroma.

Thank you Lancome Indonesia.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BBlog Launching Conference & Blogger Meeting Event

Good afternoon everyone ^__^

At least I'm writing it in the afternoon heehee. Recently, bloggers are approached by BBlog, a 'place' for bloggers to join and take parts in different projects accordingly. So it's not just for beauty bloggers, but bloggers in general, so we may find fashion bloggers, food bloggers, gamers, etc.

The Launching Conference and Meeting Event was held at FX Sudirman. During the event, founder and everyone involved in BBlog are presented and shared their vision and mission about BBlog.


Me during the event, Mr. Suryanto Wijaya, goodies from BBlog for the event, Tetsuya Osafune san, Masuya Norikazu san.

Basically, BBlog are 'made' by a Japanese company (Cyber Buzz, Inc) that are focus in media, especially in bloggers. They see bloggers as a potential influencer in the society. In the world, we see many power blogger who has been very active in their department and effectively affecting those surround him/her or even around the world. Blog doesn't have a limit like most media does. So the attention can be achieve from anywhere. But in the same time, being a blogger myself, with readers from all over the world, I feel pressure as much as I see potential. So I guess in everything, there are a price to be paid. Blogging needs efforts, time, dedication, and most of all integrity of the person itself to keep his/herself in line. Because blogging is like a personal journal that is read my public (if we want to share it publicly, which is most of the bloggers do), so honesty and opinions matters.

A place like BBlog hopefully able to help bloggers to actually find themselves in the midst of all the hustling and buzzing of popularity.

Please do find more details regarding BBlog here:

The registration is free and easy.


For more details and information regarding BBlog, you may ask them directly and don't hesitate for any queries as well. So far I think since BBlog is still new, there are rooms for improvements, like regarding the transport fee... Rp.50.000 in Jakarta is definitely not enough, I think minimum the amount should be Rp.150.000 for the transportation alone, excluding the post and event reports.
 BBlog is more handy to those who just start blogging to spread their wings in term of networking and to learn more about being a blogger. Help them in getting more expose, awareness and earn their share in the public.


I hope in the future BBlog will keep on growing, have better terms for bloggers whose been around longer than they are in Indonesia, understood our conditions (as a bloggers) better and of course become a more acknowledge and professional as well. There are many sides of the bloggers that needed to be shared, in Indonesia for sure, numbers of followers alone is not enough to put someone in a high position (as BBlog has a predicate for premium bloggers) as some can easily purchase followers. The quality of a blog, material or content and the blogger his/herself has to be a representative for the title.

Will BBlog be able to become a 'place' for the bloggers to call 'home'? Let's see and have our finger crossed.

Thank you BBlog Indonesia.

Japan Beauty Week (2014)

Hello loveliess!!!

Last week, some of us are participating in Japan Beauty Week. The event is held at Plaza Senayan atrium for 4 days. I'm attending one day only, which is on Friday 24th of January 2014.


Beauty brands from Japan are participating, not all of them but most of them are, like Kanebo, Kracie, Astalift, Hada Labo and Menard. There are also clothing brand and Panasonic from the electronic for beauty division.


There are seminars, talk shows and of course beauty products everywhere!!! All who came can enjoy skin check for free and consultation then get samples or travel sizes too. It is a very nice opportunity for anyone who never have their skin checked or haven't tried these products. We can meet the expert and like the image shown above the representative from Japan (Menard) is coming and we can ask her anything from their products and about our skin condition. She is very friendly and her English are well spoken. Still need a translator? Don't worry each brand has their own team that will help you translate the language into Indonesian, either local language or your skin's language after consultation.


Why am I there? I was there since I was invited as one of Kawaii Beauty Japan Star and as a quest speaker for beauty blogger talk show with Astalift. There are a number of KBJ Stars as well, Meilani, Carryna, Marsha, and Mukti. We share different theme and brands accordingly. We are also received clothing from Olive des Olive which unfortunately I can't fit to either one of the since I'm pregnant. But their material are so pretty and luxurious.... hence regretting not able to use at least one of them during the event.


During the opening of the event there is one special highlight (for the boys) yes, it's that girl band haha! I'm sure all the beauty bloggers attending was just there for the beauty products and the boys are there for Jkt48 (no need to be shy, it was clearly seen on your eyes) and your presence which is none during the seminars of beauty products and during the talk show. But, anyone should be having benefits from beauty products, male and female, we all may use them and give nutrients to our skin.


The next day (which is Friday) is my turn with Beatrix and Clara Dewi to share our experiences, thoughts and ideas on beauty products and skin in general. It was a lovely conversation we have. And each of us represent a different group, me as a skincare fanatics, 30's and a busy mom, Beatrix as a 20's active and start taking care her skin more intense, and Clara Dewi a very busy fashion blogger who wants to start taking care her skin. I wish we do have more audience and there's a Q&A's session where we can engage more to them. I know for sure most of them can relate to either of us on the stage. But overall, I think Kawaii Beauty Japan and BBlog trying their best effort to make this event successful. I would love to come and participate again when they are having more events in the future and you should too.


I learn more about beauty products from the brands too, the experience is different than in the counter, at this event, they just want to share and explain, where usually at the counters their main goal is to sell. So the traffic are driven to buy buy buy when usually what we need in info info info. There are thousands of beauty products, we have to admit there are only a few that really matches our skin condition, help improving and we can use them in long term, so an event like Japan Beauty Week is perfect.

One of the stand which I think very active in introducing their brand is Kracie, they are always inviting more passerby to come and they generously giving sample, free tries, and do mini facial. Their booth is never empty (nice job!)


I think they have a very interesting booth too, the displays are attractive and the staffs are friendly. We can't get a skin check like in Hada Labo or Menard but we can sure get a handful of minis here heehee. Freebies alert!

Each of the brands share different approach to the passerby according to their brand's value. Nevertheless I think everyone may enjoy the booths here.

Thank you so much KBJ for having me on the event, see you on the next event!

About me with Indonesian Beauty Blogger, the Staffs, Blogging and Beauty Blogger Match Maker

Hellooo ^__^

I've been wanting to write this post for so long, so today, finally, I'm having the mood to do so. Why? First of all to stated clearly I'm no longer a staff of Indonesian Beauty Blogger or IBB since last year, yes, last year, so please do address your email, concerns, and other things directly to IBB ya. The reason I'm leaving IBB wasn't announced but for those who are close to me know, I've been sick last year, 2 surgeries really woke me up, I've been too busy with my personal life, personal blog, and being a staff at IBB. The staffs are all very nice and understanding, they said I can have a leave and then come back when things are better, but I thought that, I wont be much help if I'm not 100%, so that's why I decided to leave IBB as a staff (NOT AS A MEMBER). So I'm still a member of IBB.

I love being in IBB, it's a community that was made for sharing, from the first time it was built, it was made and always will be for Indonesian beauty bloggers who want to share their love for their beauty blog, hence all the things not related to beauty are deleted or removed. I think that was basic.

There are also some of the reasons why I decided to un-staff my self, as many of the beauty bloggers know there are a lot of rumors going on about the staff, now as I'm not the staff anymore I can make it clear since there's no conflict of interest anymore. First of all, none of the staff are paid to do what they are doing, it's all based on sincerity and generosity of the beauty bloggers as staffs. What?! Sincerity and generosity? Yes! Who else in their right mind want to sacrifice their time, effort, energy for a bunch of people that they don't even know and sometime bitching about them?!

Rumors has it that:
The staffs are taking advantages of their position............. my responses are, how on earth is it possible? So organizing thousands of applicants and sort them out to make it on the list daily means taking advantages? Contacting companies to sponsoring Make Up Challenge (MUC), getting rejected, sending multiple proposals, calling, texting, meetings *with our own personal money* are taking advantages? Sharing the event where it is meant for the individual and sharing it as a staff to the members are taking advantages? Which one is it?

I've been a beauty blogger since 2009 and has been having great relationship with almost all of the beauty brands out there, networking and collaborating, been sponsored and provided since 2009, how is it possible, I'm taking advantages as a staff of IBB which is built years and years later? Isn't it the other way around? Who's helping who?

I've been to Korea sponsored by Korea Tourism Board, the flight for two persons, hotels and even budget money are provided. In 2010 L'Oreal Paris sponsored two flight tickets for me to Japan, and then in 2011 I was chosen by Contiki tours to be a representative from Asia to join a 12 days tour all around Europe. In 2012, I went to Japan again with Maybelline, not to forget my experience with Malaysia Tourism Board and Singapore Tourism Board. So the products I've received for reviewing is beyond money, even my iPhone also sponsored. With every trips, sponsored 'quests', products are always involved and it all revolved on networks, effort, dedication, and perseverance.

Am I the only one? No, most (not all) of the staffs do the same, we share our hard working accredited network to IBB, not the other way around. Stop saying IBB staffs are taking luxury brands to our own account and only shares the common brands. Helloooo, these companies contacted us as individual, and they asked a series of criteria needed to be fulfilled, then we (staffs) share it to the community as our own kind heart gesture. They set the mark, we only providing and helping both parties, well at least most of us do. I can't speak for all the staffs or ex-staffs. Are there any black sheep among us? I think you can answer that for yourself, but beside of that one particular reason for sure most of us has different department, some taking care of data, some focusing on the website, some about rules, future collaboration, MUC, and many more so not all of the staffs are handling invitations.


Most of the staffs who already become ex staffs does leave on a good term, you can still see and witness how we still comment in each other posts, we still meet each other and have wonderful relationship, which means, yes, those who leaves not in a good term usually has some issues. The thing is, don't easily trust on rumors and gossips, a person who usually bad mouthing about others will do the same to you. And the problem will most likely on her side not on others. It is possible for 1-2 people to be bad, but if she complains about everyone else but herself, a question mark need to be raised. Of course after that person read this post, she will try to bad mouthing 1-2 persons only haha.

I put some of the images here to show there's no differences for those who leaves on good terms, we are still collaborating in so many ways, those images are put for everyone to see. That even thou most of us has no longer been a staff at IBB due to personal reasons, we are still getting along just fine. Why are we supposed to get along just fine? Because we never take advantages from IBB, hence we do have a clear conscience.


I withdrawn myself at almost the same time as Carryn and Nisa. All three of us wants to focus on our health and family (Nisa also a newlywed at that time). There are a few questions asked by the members, how come all three of us are 'leaving' at the same time, it is pure coincidence ya heehee, there's no agenda. Stephanie also leaves IBB months before, she also become very busy with her work. Hence, we added more staffs to fill in the spots. Some adjust very well almost immediately, while some need more time, it is completely okay as we do need adjustment. All the staffs who sadly has to leave also still help around a bit until the new staffs are settling, we still answer their questions regarding many things and still shares our networks.

The one thing that felt by the newcomers are the overwhelming things to do and sometime no one to ask for. It is true. All of the staffs that really help IBB know that it takes our own creativity, efforts and ideas. Each of us sometime has to work alone to make a collaboration or program to came true, and it is never an easy task. Personally, I think the staffs at IBB are lack of the sense of self gratitude heehee, I meant they should be thank for, but the reality is, bitching is all they got sometime. Hereby, I thank all the staffs for keeping IBB 'alive' and well.

Complains are the things we need to avoid, like rules are made for the best interest of the major members, if you don't like the rules, please don't get angry, make your own community please. IBB still rejected some requests from online shops, gamers, non beauty bloggers and so on to keep the timeline clean and the companies who want to know beauty bloggers can easily find one there, and the beauty bloggers who wants to read other beauty bloggers post can easily find it as well. Imagine if there's no staffs who keep deleting, there will be so much ads and everyone will have difficulty finding beauty bloggers and their posts.


Now, why do I made Beauty Blogger Match Maker? Yes, money is one of the issue. Since I left IBB, I do have spare time to focus on my own life, blog and these companies that still asking me for help. They have money they want to spend on the right accounts, they want beauty bloggers who loves to endorse, come to the event on time, really made an effort in writing a post, well in general, a more dedicated bloggers who really spend time, money (camera IS expensive), and ideas to make a brilliant post (which took days...-true story-). So I made this BBMM as a simple management for the companies and bloggers. Why IBB can't make one? Hello, IBB is a community and for free sharing purpose, IBB is still as noble as it is (as like when I'm still a staff), so they don't want the bloggers, especially the new ones to focus on money, free products, goodies, etc. I started beauty blogging with my own products, why? I love beauty products and that's it. I never care whether it is free or from my own personal account, I will make a post based on what I have. Endorsed, advertised, sponsored, provided or not, the review will stay the same. There are always good and not so good side of a product, none of them are perfect yet they all made for a reasons and it is reviewers duty to find that reasons.

But nevertheless, It's all up to the person on how he/she wants to make the blog, it is a personal freedom after all. Making review, money or just about anything. Take note that for everything there's always consequences, like in the community, if your are kind to others, the response should be the same, in here I would like to thank everyone who has been so nice as well and supporting the community of IBB to be better and better, we can still (as a member) contribute in making IBB a better place, submitting ideas, help to organized the data needed by admitting it correctly, when there's event, we can come on time and let the staffs know when we suddenly can't come, remember that the staffs are putting their own reputation and good relationship with the company on the lines, so after rsvp please honor yourself by actually coming to the event.

We can also help by alerting staffs when there are misleading post, bloggers who break the general rule (such as copy pasting from someone else's review, selling stuffs which claimed to be holy grail or used daily for months yet sold with 90% left in the 50ml bottle, promoting their own work for personal monetary benefits and taking advantages from other bloggers and so on).

As a community of beauty bloggers and in general there are many issues like buying followers, I think it's all back to the individual, my advice is to stay true to yourself and when you look back, it is not a decision that you'll regret. Building oneself on bubbles is never a good idea.



Beauty bloggers should be pretty inside and outside, yes makeup (and editing images) can make us looks gorgeous outside but it can never cover your heart. For me being beauty bloggers means getting more friends who share the same passion, the passion for beauty products!!! I just can't stop talking about them and meeting friends all over the world, Indonesia (via internet), err mostly Jakarta  for 'live event' whose madly about beauty products feels like we are talking in our own language. It's the atmosphere that usually felt during an event that a community like IBB want to re-live.

I guess it's not just me who found many new friends thanks to blogging, and IBB as well. Let's just appreciate each other and stay friendly too.


So there it goes, after rambling here and there, I hope everyone here (who read this post) get the clear ideas on:
1. I'm not a staff IBB anymore and I do leave on good terms
2. Please do appreciate IBB more, I know for sure the staffs are working really hard without being paid to make IBB a better place, poke and hugs Tia and Nita.
3. Instead of bitching, how about creating and giving ideas or perhaps focus on self development =^___^= when one feels good about oneself they usually become a nicer person, I know Tia is very grumpy when she is super hungry, so when she is 'full' she will become a happier person, so please do provide yourself and fill those emptiness by stop complaining and bitching by start improving heeeheeeeee peace yo. This goes to everyone, including myself.
4. BBMM or Beauty Blogger Match Maker is made for beauty bloggers only, please for those who know for sure you are not a beauty bloggers, stop sending request to join, what are you going to do there?
BBMM is still looking for projects, please be patient as me being pregnant and Tia is busy with her work, we put some on hold. If you are a company, please do contact us for collaborating ya ^__^ (ads)
5. Everyone has their own personal life, respect each other privacy, we may all beauty bloggers, but we are also a daughter (or son), or wife, mom, or other obligations like our professions.
6. Don't start a rumor that is not true, get a reality check before spreading the rumors too, treat others like how you want to be treated and be nice in general.
7. For IBB Staffs only:
*learn to say 'no' when there's too many on your plate
*learn to share your burden
*thankfully there are still members who genuinely care and appreciate the staffs so just focus on them and not the nasty rumors.

Thank you and maju beauty bloggers Indonesia!!!!

Ichikami Series by Kracie (Shampoo,Conditioner, Treatment and WaterTreatment Spray)

Hello everyone!!

It's almost Chinese New Year now and the rain seems never ending, please do stay strong ya!

Usually, to cheer me up in this kind of weather (or just about anytime), I need something that smell good, either food or products ^__^
These particular items are products, from Kracie, the series are Ichikami Repair and Prevent Hair Damages.


Way below there's a video of me sharing about the products, here are some details and images of the products which I received from

The series that I received are shampoo, conditioner, treatment and water treatment.

I want to start sharing my thoughts from the packaging, the black and white color seems so serious yet the pink writings made them looks cuter as in kawaii.

The shampoo is in white packaging and the conditioner is in black. For some reason, I always thought the conditioner should be in white or in softer color.


You may go directly to their site and find more items carried by Ichikami, I wish I can try more, why? They feel really good on the scalp and hair. My hair can still feels and look airy. The scalp also happy with no residue sticks on them.


The conditioner feels light and suitable for those with damage, dry, or even normal hair that want to prevent hair damage. The cream feels thick but not as thick as the treatment. Gently helps the hair to de-tangled and become smoother. Softer feeling also immediately felt, the coating effect of the conditioner is suitable to be used daily after shampooing.


Then, 2-3 times a week, I'm using the treatment. It's a hair mask that smells so beautiful (like the rest of the range), using them altogether made the scent feels stronger and last longer too. I love them when used together, usually other drug store products have this 'effect' of become too rich, too oily and weighted the hair down, but not Ichikami. The hair become softer, smoother and healthier without the weight. And the sakura scent is definitely a bonus as well. Like spring is on my hair.


Last but not least, the hair treatment water, the one that my daughter uses as her hair perfume mist. It is actually a treatment product as well, lighter, simpler and can be used just about anytime I want a boost of Sakura scent on the hair with treatments effect. Since the moisture boost feels light, there's no need of rinsing it off, and the best thing about it is I can carry it on my bag (yes, my shoulder bag is BIG---hence hoping for a smaller bottle, which is of course available at Daisho).


Like mentioned above, here is my video, candid and no editing (careful for the beep-ing sound from the annoying vehicle).


Thank you so much Kracie Indonesia. All of the products here are available at Guardian.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Yellow Hydrate Daily Shampoo

Hello everyone!!

How are you? I hope you are all fine and in tip top condition. And I really hope our country is 'getting well' soon too. Hope for a better leader, better society and better attitude as well, this goes for all of us.

For now, I know that my hair is getting better >.< heehee. The ends become so dry lately and it is bothering since I can't do anything, anything means something chemically-instantly-and-covering. Like I can't colored them anymore (well at least until my gynae give the green light), so these naturally made by no choice ombre needs help.

The half part looks like dying while the black new hair is shining. I need a product that made the normal part clean and happy while the dryness on the ends moist and silky. Usually I'm using 2 types of shampoo, one for the scalp (oily) and the other for the half to the ends.

I found this shampoo when I was shopping at ITC Mangga Dua, a very famous place to shop in Jakarta which I really not recommending due to the heavy traffic and a full packed parking lot. You'll need your patience on the max, imagine caught in a jam and want to find a parking space for 2 whole hours, the minute you'll finally get out of the car and want to shop, the energy has been drained.

But, one treasure for sure, I found this one shop that promises a solution for my hair. Not a mask, not a conditioner, not even a creambath, it's just a shampoo. With 50% disbelief, I bought one, a one liter shampoo from Alfaparf (haha, in disbelief I bought myself the biggest bottle available). The price tag is Rp.300.000 and I when I asked for the conditioner, the seller told me, it is not needed...... ?__? really?!


Yellow is one of the company that was under Alfaparf Group umbrella, so the main site of Alfaparf will not provide this particular product details. So all the needed information is solely from the packaging.


The product is as simple as any normal shampoo. Wet the hair, lather up, applied the bubbles on the hair, and work it on. Massage well, from the scalp to the end and rinse it off. If the hair is really dirty, you may do the step once more. When I rinse it off, unlike the shampoo I usually have, the hair seems softer yet the scalp still feels clean, it is really different that other shampoo (wow that guy at ITC Mangdu really know what he is talking about, btw, I'm not shopping nor asking for shampoo at that time, I was buying some body lotions for my husband and he  (the seller) saw my oily scalp and dry ends, hence recommend me this particular item). The ends feels so good and relaxed.

At first, I thought it was just a one time thingy, still in the honeymoon mode, or perhaps like maybe 'beginner's luck' haha like there are such things as those. Nevertheless, the products kept repeating the result, clean scalp and soft ends. This is a wonderful shampoo which I think a must try for those with dry hair, chemically processed and damaged as well.


This is the actual product, a glowing yellowish pearly colored shampoo that feels creamy and loving my hair follicle and scalp. No distinctive scent nor fragrance, so dont count on the smell ya. I've been using the product for 2 weeks now and so does my hubby. Those with normal hair wont feel much different, but those who are like me, having dry damaged hair will feel the different from the first use, however, I'm still recommending conditioner daily after the wash for the hair ends, and mask like 2-3 times a week.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope there's some benefit for you :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dove Body Wash Sensitive Skin

Hello everyone,

it's been raining lately, day, night, please keep yourself warm, cozy and safe. I hope there's a solution for this nation wide problems.

For the skin problems due to sensitivity, I know there's one product that will help. First,
I'll try to 'judge' this product, a Body Wash from Dove specially made for sensitive skin.


With Nutrium Moisture the product deeply nourish the skin, when used everyday, it can gives a long term result. Hypoallergenic too, which made it suitable for all skin, especially for the sensitive ones. Why do I bought it?

1. To be used by my husband's sensitive skin due to itchiness and acne prone skin, yes, his body's skin due prone to acne.
2. Mine, especially the tummy area, during pregnancy the skin stretches as big and wide as possible (or needed). To avoid the stretchmarks and help the skin flexibility in comfort and ease the dryness, I'm hoping the gentle body wash can clean and pampers the skin at the same time be a help in calming the skin.
3. For kids, suitable for the young as well, the delicate soap free product clean the skin gently and effectively without irritating the skin.


The body wash has a very mild scent compared to the original Dove Body Wash formula, if you think the original is already gentle enough, this one is gentler than that. The foam produced also lower, so don't expect a lot of bubbles, they do bubbles a bit thou', so it's not like those ultra sensitive shower cream that doesn't produce any bubble.

On the other hand the moisturizing effect felt much richer and for those suffering sensitive skin, they'll feel the right amount of hydration and healing the skin nicely. After the wash the skin feels plump, clean, refresh, away from dryness and sensitivity, even without using body lotion the skin stays moist way longer than using conventional soap. But for longer and better result, please do continue with body lotion for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic formula.


Will I keep using this wonderful product? Definitely!

Hopefully this variant is available in Indonesia soon as I got mine during my trip to Malaysia a few months ago.

Johnny Andrean Presenting K-Look (Press Release)

The Most Sophisticated Color For A Stunning Look

For Immediately Release
Jakarta, 12 Desember 2013 – Dengan latar belakang industri hiburan Korea yang semakin marak di dunia International. Tim Johnny Andrean Salon mencoba untuk 'mencuri' gaya tersebut dan menuangkannya ke dalam trend terbaru di tahun 2014. Para pemain K-drama dengan gayanya yang glamor, panyanyi K-Pop yang dramatis dan model-model Korea yang cantik alami sangat menarik untuk dijadikan sebagai acuan trend yang akan datang.


Terinspirasi dari banyaknya gaya selebriti Korea yang memberikan pengaruh bagi tren kecantikan dan fesyen dunia, Johnny Andrean Salon meluncurkan tren warna rambut terbaru melalui, K-LOOK. Servis ini akan tampil dengan 3 pilihan warna terbaru dan unik yaitu K-Rose, K-Plum dan K-Brown. Hadirnya K-LOOK diharap bisa menginspirasi wanita Indonesia untuk merayakan kepribadian mereka yang masing-masing memiliki keunikan tersendiri, modern dan berani melalui sentuhan gaya K-LOOK yang stylish, mempesona dan paling ditunggu-tunggu di tahun ini.

Kali ini Johnny Andrean menghadirkan rangkaian warna-warna baru yang dapat menampilkan karakter bagi seseorang yang mengaplikasikan warna tersebut. Terdiri dari 3 pilihan warna berbeda seperti  K-Rose, K-Plum dan K-Brown. Service ini dimaksudkan untuk menonjolkan kepribadian seseorang yang masing-masing memiliki keunikan dan karakter tersendiri. Untuk trend K-Look 2014 kali ini Johnny Andrean memakai Jooa Lee, Miss Korea 2009 sebagai icon trend 2014.


Pilihan pertama untuk  trend warna rambut 2014 kali ini adalah warna coklat medium. Untuk kamu yang ingin tampil sweet, lovely dan superstylish seperti model-model manis asal  Korea, warna rambut coklat hangat sangat cocok untuk mewujudkannya. Tren warna ini akan semakin luxurious dan sophisticated dengan potongan rambut Long Layered  bersama make up yang simpel dan natural.

Ciptakan suasana hati yang funky, trendi dan enerjik dengan warna yang sedang digandrungi oleh musisi dan penyanyi Korea akhir-akhir ini. Warna coklat keunguan yang kontras dapat menonjolkan warna kulit Asia kamu. Padukan dengan make up natural dan riasan mata cat eye ala wanita korea untuk mendapatkan tampilan yang dramatic. Siap tampil layaknya Yoon Eun Hye atau Eunjung T-ara?

Warna rambut ini melambangkan keberanian dan energy sosialitas yang tinggi. Padu padankan dengan gaya rambut medium ataupun panjang disertai make up yang berfokus pada bibir dengan mata natural yang cantik seperti artis-artis film dan drama korea, warna K-Rose ini cocok bagi kamu yang chic, seksi dan glamour. Seluruh trend warna baru ini hadir dengan harga mulai dari Rp.159,000.


After Treatment Service
Mengubah warna rambut memang mengasyikkan. Perubahan warna yang dramatis bisa sangat mempengaruhi penampilan secara keseluruhan. Namun, rambut yang diwarnai juga memerlukan perawatan khusus. Johnny Andrean Treatment Series Shine Treatment lah jawabannya. Lakukan perawatan ini minimal 2 minggu 1 kali setelah rambut diwarnai untuk menjaga agar warna tetap baik dan rambut tetap sehat. Perawatan di rumah juga bisa dilakukan dengan menggunakan shampoo khusus untuk rambut diwarnai.

Tentang Johnny Andrean

Johnny Andrean Salon – Market leader dalam bisnis salon di Indonesia memiliki beragam jenis perawatan untuk kecantikan rambut dan kulit. Dengan menggunakan produk berkualitas tinggi bertaraf internasional Johnny Andrean selalu menampilkan trend terbaru di dunia kecantikan.

Berdiri sejak tahun 1978, saat ini Johnny Andrean salon telah memiliki 167 cabang yang tersebar di kota-kota besar di Indonesia. Selain salon, Johnny Andrean juga memiliki Sekolah rambut dan Make Up yang melahirkan make up artist ternama.