Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kroylan Contour Pencil 906

Hi there!!

This is another product by Kryolan. A Contour Pencil that comes in 24 shades. Made for the eyes and lips area the contour lips can be used as an eyeliner and lip pencil.

Since this particular one is in pink, no. 906 is used by me in this post as a lip pencil.


Kryolan Contour Pencil is a soft textured pencil for eye and lip contouring. Its special formulation makes this pencil very durable and provides a strong color intensity. For a softer texture warm the tip of the pencil prior to application.
Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Glycerides, Cera Microcristallina (Microcrystalline Wax), Hydrogenated Tallow Acid, Polyethylene, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides, Dimyristyl Tartrate, Cera Carnauba (Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax), Polyglyceryl-2 Oleate, Tri-C12-13 Alkyl Citrate, Ethylparaben, Sorbic Acid, BHT and may contain: [+/- Titanium Dioxide CI 77891, Iron Oxides CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, Yellow 5 Lake CI 19140, Red 7 Lake CI 15850, Ferric Ferrocyanide CI 77510, Red 28 Lake CI 45410]


Above is my naked lips, haven't use anything and below after drawing the outline using the pencil. The smooth and soft to the touch pencil which I think suitable for the lips.


By drawing the line, we can create a much more tidier lips makeup and it helps the lip color to stay put as well. The formula is not waterproof nor resist water, so when the lipstick is out, there goes the lines too.

After drawing the lines, fill in the inner side with your favorite lip color, or perhaps, fill in the deep lines using this pencil first for a smoother looking lips.


In these images are the after. The pinks are in match. It is always best to use the lip liner in the same shade of your lip color, but if you happen need one universal lip liner, a nude one wont be a problem, but instead of treating it as an outline, color it as well using the lip color.


Thank you Kryolan for the Contour Pencil in 906.

Kryolan HD Micro Foundation Sheer Tan

Hello lovelies,

lately I've been experimenting with Kryolan, their products are famous amongst makeup artist and beauty enthusiast all over the world. In the showbiz and entertainment world, they are known for highly pigmented and suitable for those HD looking do.

This is a HD Micro Foundation Sheer Tan, available in 23 shades and mine is 305, I guess this is the lightest of them all.


HD Micro Foundation Sheer Tan is just a trace of perfect make-up on your skin! It offers an extraordinarily airy-light, as well as gentle and comfortable-to-wear feeling. The whole day long, mousselike Sheer Tan assures a smooth and regular, matted appearance. It Sheer Tan provides the skin with a fresh and naturally-appearing complexion shade. HD Micro Foundation Sheer Tan does not need to be powdered. ECARF certified.


Buff this product into the skin with the Premium Smoothing Brush Art, and use Glamour Glow to highlight the cheeks for a gorgeous, soft finish. 


Isododecane, Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Tocopherol, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Nylon-12, Parfum (Fragrance) and may contain: [+/- Titanium Dioxide CI 77891, Iron Oxides CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, Ultramarines CI 77007, Red 36 CI 12085, Carmine CI 75470] May contain carmine as a color additive.


This is a corn sized foundation smeared on my hand. The unique mousse like foundation is just superb. It felt so good on the skin, airy, light, and very comfortable. It's unlike any other product I've tried before.

The foundation alone is suffice, no need adding loose powder or any powder since it doesn't have any sticky feeling left behind.


Above is after I blend the product well. I find it super easy to be blend, the fingers alone could do a great job. And look how it covers imperfection, below is before and above is after.

Pores, lines, uneven skin tone are all hidden, the foundation may look super light but the micro foundation able to masks in details without looking like using any makeup.


This is the best base makeup I've tried, and it last all day too. I can add the coverage by using concealer before but look at the image below, the HD Micro Foundation Sheer Tan alone as a base is enough. Highlight and contouring are still needed, but overall, the product did an excellent job.

It's a mousse foundation that transform into a powdery like formula and very easy to be blend. The micro texture covers the tiniest imperfection without the need of being too much. This is the future of makeup base for sure.

I love using it everyday and on special occasion, it made my skin look effortlessly flawless without looking like using any makeup.


Thank you so much Kryolan Indonesia for this amazing product.

Utama Spice Aromatherapy and Argan Oil

Hello lovelies,

these are products freshly sent to me by Utama Spice. They are Argan Oil, Bergamont and Rosemary aromatherapy essential oils. And yes, they are the newest babies from Utama Spice.


Argan Oil is known as a liquid gold that pampers the skin and hair. It nourishes and moisturizes everything it touches. It promoted healing on the skin as well.

Even thou it is oil, Argan Oil from Utama Spice is not oily at all when used, in fact, it is pretty satisfying and comfortable on the skin. Like they just sunk deep into the skin and making them supple again. I wont say hydrated but more like doesn't look dry anymore. My hands are pretty much dry from the constant doing the chores at home and flakes of dead skin are visible. Using the Argan Oil on the facial skin and hair means using them by dropping a few drops on my palm first before applying and it nourish everything it touches, from the hands to the facial skin and hair. The fact that it is not greasy made so lovable.

Most hair product on the market that says contain Argan Oil usually add some more oils, those combination successfully made the product oily and greasy. Utama Spice's Argan Oil is comfortable to be used and again, not greasy.

When using on the face, it's like using a serum, on a cleaned and toned skin. Right before moisturizer.

Bergamot Essential Oil
Bergamot itself is famous for the aroma, it is citrus and refreshingly good for the mind and body too. Bergamot also drinkable (in the right doses) and can help our digestive system. Bergamot also may act as an antibacterial benefit.

I love Bergamot. Many fragrances and skincare, also toiletries are using Bergamot nowadays, perhaps it is due to the antibacterial benefit, but most of all, it's for the aroma. It is a citrus scent, unlike lemon which can be a bit sour to the smell too, and orange for too sweet at times, Bergamot is a classy and sophisticated citrus. You'll notice the 'expensive' freshness right away.

Beside using it as an aromatherapy at home, I mixed it a bit in my shower gel, it created a different layer of clean feeling on the skin and as a shower experience, yes, the citrus aroma.

1 drop on my body lotion could make a difference too, a fresher lotion for sure.

Rosemary Essential Oil
When I first thought about rosemary, all I can think of is rosemary chicken, yes, rosemary has been used in the culinary world and known as well for it's benefits. There's more, from prevent baldness, as a disinfecting mouthwash, and on skincare, it helps reduce eczema, dermatitis, oily skin, acne and last but not least stress reliever.

This is new for me, before Utama Spice sent me one, I have never use Rosemary other than cooking. Now, I'm beginning to try it as a mouthwash, just a few drops mixed with water.

And I want my hair to grow more or at least prevent hair fall, I use it on my scalp as well. The texture is oily alright, hence I'm using it 1-2 drops only and undiluted, no worries the oily feeling gradually disappear. The sensation on the skin is also unique, like a bit of warmth and the aroma is amazing. It's not as sharp like cajeput, a bit medicinal, and like that famous talc lotion used when allergies occur, I guess they are using Rosemary as one of the key ingredients. It's therapeutic alright.

Since I just starting using it on my scalp, I can't tell whether it's working or not, hopefully they do, I'll keep you updated on my instagram page @carnellin.

Thank you Utama Spice for these lovely oils.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tunjukkan Cantik dan Kilaumu untuk Tampil Percaya Diri dan Menang Setiap Hari dengan Produk Penjualan No.1 Di Dunia yaitu Pantene dan Olay

Hai semua,

kemarin aku diundang oleh salah satu brand terbesar di Indonesia, P&G, mereka akan menjadi sponsor program X-Factor Indonesia untuk kedua kalinya.

Pantene dan Olay, dua brand kebanggaan P&G untuk kecantikan rambut dan kulit wajah perempuan, membawakan pentingnya untuk tampil percaya diri, terutama disaat-saat penting seperti diatas panggung.


Febrina Herlambang, Communication Manager P&G, mengemukakan antusiasme Pantene dan Olay untuk menginspirasi para kontestan agar dapat menampilkan sisi terbaik mereka.

Rossa, penyanyi ternama Indonesia, dan juga salah seorang juri X-Factor Indonesia, berbagi pentingnya menjaga keindahan rambut agar tetap bersinar dan kuat agar dapat tetap tampil menawan. Bakat yang mereka miliki juga akan semakin bersinar dengan menggunakan produk-produk yang tepat, seperti peranan Pantene dalam kehidupan Rossa.


Glenn Sims, Senior Vice President of Content and Production, dan Executive Producer X-Factor Season 1 dan 2 Fremantle Media menambahkan, " Sebagai produser dari program-program hiburan no.1 di dunia, Fremantle Media sekali lagi sangat senang dapat kembali bermitra dengan P&G, produsen dengan merek penjualan no.1 di dunia; Pantence dan Olay untuk X-Factor Indonesia season 2. Fremantle dan X-Factor benar-benar memiliki keselarasan dengan Pantene dan Olay, yang diciptakan atas prinsip-prinsip yang sama; integritas. Kami sama-sama menghasilkan produk yang memiliki kemampuan dalam menggali potensi bintang dari dalam diri seseorang. Memberikan kesempatan kepada semua orang di seluruh nusantara untuk mengejar mimpi mereka. Pantene dan Olay adalah dua produk yang memberikan kekuatan dari dalam dan sama. Di season 2 ini, kami sangat senang bahwa Pantene dan Olay akan membantu kami memberikan transformasi pada para kontestan untuk dapat menjadi artis berkualitas internasional."


Selama program X-Factor berlangsung, Pantene dan Play ingin menyentuh dan memberi insipirasi wanita Indonesia. Jangan lupa untuk menyaksikan 28 video tutorial, make up tips, dari hair experts dan para kontestan X-Factor Indonesia dengan Pantene dan Olay melalui Youtube. Kerjasama ini juga dapat anda saksikan di beberapa supermarket dan minimarket di Indonesia. 


Berikut tampilan produk-produk dari Pantene dan Olay, yang manakah yang pernah kalian coba? Dan bagaimanakah produk-produk ini menginspirasi kalian untuk tampil percaya diri dan menang setiap hari?

Kita dapat menang setiap hari melalui hal-hal yang kita lakukan, mulai dari ibu-ibu yang berhasil menenangkan anaknya yang sedang rewel, pelajar yang mendapat nilai terbaik di kelas, pegawai yang sukses mempresentasikan hasil laporannya ke atasan, dan hal-hal lainnya.

Pantene dan Olay berharap, dengan menggunakan produk mereka, kita bisa tampil lebih baik lagi dan tentunya menawan.


Terima kasih Pantene dan Olay, sampai jumpa di X-Factor Indonesia.

My Beauty Trip to Blink Beauty

Hello lovelies,

I'm back again at Blink Beauty yesterday, and this time I'm not alone. I'm bringing Tia and Leonita as well. We're going to try a bunch of treatments at Blink Beauty.


The baby blue logo has greeted us right in front of the door. Yes, the place is a bit 'rustic' but inside is comfortable and clean. I just wish they have their own restroom and not in the martial arts center area.


Nevertheless, I guess, they are just starting their business, hence their price is the friendliest now, they are also having discounts as well. Do check them out, here:


And here's my image inside Blink Beauty, ready for my beauty treatments.


I'm going to start with Oxy Jet Peel Facial, and then followed by an eyelash extension. The difference between eyelash extension here and to other salon on its class is that they don't use a dangerous glue with fumes. So it is safer.


Let's begin with Oxy Jet Peel Facial. The therapist cleans my skin before the treatment and I was using a Lime Crime Velvetines at that time, apparently she is having a difficult time cleaning the lipstick and shouldn't have clean it since the Oxy Jet Peel are only on the facial skin, excluding the lips. When I got home, the redness from the lips are still left on the skin since the therapist smear them all over. Tips from me is that when cleaning the lips, do make sure you don't let the same cotton touches the skin or massage it all over the skin, stay in the lips area only and use another clean cotton for the skin, so you wont make a mess.

I hope those redness from the lipstick doesn't get into the skin.

Nevertheless, the treatment is a bit scary, as the oxy jet sprayed onto the skin and it is comfortable alright, until the therapist let it stay in front of the nose, I feel breathless, so my suggestion is that open your mouth so when she does that, you can breathe.


Despite all of that, I find the treatment to be amazing. The skin feels refreshed, moist and I can see the instant effect. I've tried this kind of treatment before in Damai Spa (Hyatt in Singapore) and it cost quite a lot, in Blink Beauty with fractions of the price I get the somewhat similar effect (minus the therapist skill).


Below are the images of during the treatment (thank you Ayu from KBJ for helping taking these images).

Look how powerful it is, and imagine it in front of your nose. The Oxy Jet Peel are only oxygen and distilled water, hence I feel like it's too much when it's on the nose. But very nice on other area.


The therapist start from my right side area first before moving to the left. The overall time needed is 30 minutes.

So, it's pretty instant and the rejuvenation effect which I highly recommend.


Look at my naked skin below, I'm using nothing, just re cleaned everything again with Bioderma Sensibio H20 and that's it. Look at how the skin glow in beautiful radiance. The Oxy Jet Peel able to make my skin looks younger, fresher and a lot more comfortable too, the sensitive areas such as below the nose are far reduced, the skin appear fairer too.


Then, the next treatment, with different therapist for the eyelash extension.

Since I've done one weeks ago, the therapist clean the old ones first. A few of them are still strongly attached hence she only removed the ones that are loose. This time is the bed, it was slanted to the left side. It was uncomfortable, I wish I was back on Oxy Jet Peel bed.


The procedure is around 40 minutes, and that bed is getting more and more uncomfortable. By the time I was done, I can't stand it anymore and move out.


Like most places that offer eyelash extension, we can choose the style and length. This time I'm choosing a cute look with the middle part as the longest. So the length are 8-9-10-11-12-13-12-11-10-9-8.

And below is the before after images:


What do you think? They look nice right.

The lashes are light and pretty much comfortable. My eyes looks rounder and bigger in this look.

Like usual, how I maintain these lashes will determine their longevity.  So no water for the first 24 hours, no cleansing oil for as long as they are there and no mascara too.

Thank you so much Blink Beauty for the Oxy Jet Peel and Eyelash Extension. 

Get Trim and Slim Down with Blink Beauty

Hello everybody,

who needs slimming? I do (both hands up). So when Blink Beauty offers me treatments, I'm happy to do the treatment...s as in more than one.

Blink Beauty located at Jalan Daksa 4, huh, where is it? Somewhere behind Senopati, an area where public transportation doesn't pass by.

Do look for a place to exercise, Syena Martial Arts Center and Blink Beauty is in the same location, with a few steps to the left.


Inside, there's this oasis hidden, a comfortable place for treatment. They offer treatments for beauty and slimming. In this post, I'll share the slimming first.

With the help from the machine called RF and Venus Freeze, customer may choose which one suits them best.

Don't forget to check on their facebook page for more information, including price, appointments number and many more, here:


First, this is Venus Freeze machine.

It looks stylish isn't it?! First, they apply a gel like formula that act like a lubricant. Then after the gel is applied on the area we want, gently, the therapist 'roll' the wand on the skin. It feels warm at first, but then gradually it will become hot and hotter. They need to keep the temperature in the 'right zone' around 40 degree Celsius so the fat will 'melt' as in it was made to help burn those fats underneath the skin layers.


The treatment itself last only for around 15-20 minutes and we're wearing this gown provided by Blink Beauty.

The wand is like an iron, and it helps to eliminates fine lines on the area where it is 'rolled'. We may choose whichever area we want, including face. So imagine loosing those double chins and lines at the same time.

For cellulite and other deeper lines, I think it has to be more than one treatment, like always, the deeper the 'scar' is the longer it takes to be healed.

Overall, the Venus Freeze treatment is a pleasant procedure done that help the figure to be in better shape and the skin to be in better condition. The treatment involve heat and your tolerance to heat itself.


The other treatment they have is using a RF machine which also have heat and electric sensation on the skin. This treatment doesn't use the same gel like Venuz Freeze but more like a very hot cream. I can not bear this cream, it felt very hot and the burning sensation on the skin is too much, it can still be felt hours after the treatment is done.

I've tried this kind of creams before, the ones that are similar are sold in the market, like chili creams, hot creams that promote slimming, this one is similar. So imagine using those very hot cream and the machine at the same time, it is too difficult for me. But, it you happen to have high tolerance on heat, you might want to try this treatment, as it promote fat burning and firming from the electric


Above is RF machine. It also can be used on area we want, so one treatment is for one area only. Their price is in the affordable zone and I find them to be way cheaper than other clinic.

And like any other treatment, it does gives an instant result, from 1 to 2 cm after 20-30 minutes to more when done routinely, once a week and for at least a month. Do help yourself with exercise and proper diet for a better result.


Thank you so much Blink Beauty for help slim and tone down my tummy area with RF and Venus Freeze.

Do stay tune for more review for Blink Beauty in the beauty department as I'll share my Oxy Jet Peel Facial and Eyelash Extention.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick

Hello lovelies,

this is Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick and mine is in Peony.

Details from

Long-wearing formula keeps its just-applied look for hours. Non-drying, non-feathering. Full coverage, velvety, soft matte finish.


Available in 8 shades from pink like this one to coral and nudes. They don't carry red, just these and violets.


The stripey packaging of shiny and dove is luxurious.


Inside is the lipstick in hibiscus pink. Like said in the title, soft matte, so it is still matte but more like semi matte than completely matte.


The texture of the lipstick when used is velvety and comfortable. It doesn't create that drying effect even thou it's semi matte in the finish look. I fell immediately in love with peony since it has that bright pink shade without the gloss of many lipstick in the same shade. 

The other highlight is the quality that Clinique brings assure me that it is a safe product to be used daily. Their product is always under thorough research.


And of course, the result, the pigmented color that pops out. Perfect for spring and summer where colors are just everywhere. The lips become so fresh in the vibrant pink shade. The semi matte finish provide that lovely touch without being too much. It's a pink that everyone can use without looking too girly. It's a feminine pink for sure.


The lipstick able to covers all imperfection nicely and without fail making them look velvety smooth. The color also last quite long, it is still transferring but doesn't fade on its own.


Each of them cost around Rp.250.000

Thank you so much Clinique Indonesia.

OST C20 Pure Vitamin C Serum

Hi everyone,

Vitamin C is known to beneficial for our body and skin too. We need vitamin C on our daily basis in our meal and apparently it is used in many skincare as well.

Vitamin C on the skin helps them to be fairer and fights lines and wrinkle.

Introducing OST C20, a Pure Vitamin C Serum in a high daily dosage.


Produk Best-seller dengan efek tercepat Vitamin C.
Menjaga keremajaan kulit.

+ Mengandung 20% Vitamin-C murni yang sangat baik untuk kulit.
+ Mencerahkan sekaligus menghilangkan jerawat.
+ Mengangkat Komedo
+ Merupakan produk Best-seller di E-commerce no.1 Singapura
+ Merupakan produk Best-seller di E-commerce no.1 Jepang (2013)

The packaging is in bright shiny orange, and all the details is provided. From how to use, to tips in storing in the fridge after opening to ingredients too.

The vitamin C is 21,5% a very high in term of dosage. Some may wonder if it cause a sensitivity on the skin.


Linked to the sensitivity, it is recommended to use a sunscreen during day time when using the vitamin c serum.

Avoid using it near the eyes, mouth and other delicate areas, like the ones that are wounded.


Inside, there's a bottle with a dark orange clear container with pipette. So this pipette helps us to get the right amount of drops that we need, and that's only around 1-2 drops. While I always use around 3-4.

The serum is used on a cleaned skin after toner. Put it on the hand and then on the facial skin all over. I'm waiting and waiting for any sensation ti kick in, after all this is a high dose of pure vitamin c. And there's none. No tingling, no warmth, no discomfort whatsoever, it's like a thick water on the skin, a bit sticky at first but disappear after a while and then top it off with my favorite moisturizer or I can use another serum and then moisturizer. So far, so good. I don't experience any problem at all.

When it is first opened, the feeling is just like described, like using water, a slightly thick water in texture. But after keeping it on a refrigerator for safe keeping, each usage become more fun thanks to the cool temperature.


I only been using it for a week now, I'll keep you updated on my instagram @carnellin after using it for a month.

Masalah Kulit dan Rambut Aku

Halo semua,

tahun ini aku genap berusia 35 tahun, dan sepertinya usia mulai mengejarku ya... ouchhh. Efek penuaan mulai terlihat di kulit wajah dan pastinya rambut.

Rambut aku sudah tidak setebal dulu. Mungkin karena kehamilan, melahirkan dan stress, meskipun aku sudah mencoba produk-produk di pasaran, rasanya tetap kurang tebal. paling tidak, tidak setebal dulu.

Belum lagi sekarang si baby lagi senang-senangnya bereksplorasi, salah satu korbannya adalah rambut aku, sering sekali ditarik-tarik, kadang patah, dan kadang tercabut sampai ke akar.

Berkali-kali aku telah melakukan diagnosa rambut, hasilnya pun beragam, mulai dari kulit kepala yang terlalu berminyak, satu pori yang tidak menumbuhkan lebih dari satu rambut, sampai volume rambut yang menipis.

Aku sudah coba menggunakan shampoo untuk kulit kepala berminyak, jumlah minyak di kulit kepala pun berkurang, tapi tetap saja, aku berharap lebih banyak rambut yang tubuh di kepala aku.


Selain masalah rambut, aku juga memiliki masalah kulit seperti umumnya perempuan yang tinggal di Jakarta. Panas dan tingkat kelembaban tinggi membuat kulit mudah berkomedo. Belum lagi pori-pori membesar di beberapa area.

Memang sih dengan kosmetik, aku bisa menutupi kekurangan-kekurangan tersebut, namun, aku ingin ada solusi yang lebih baik.


Jika diperhatikan, area bawah mata aku juga ada sedikit kekurangan. Kantung mata yang sering terlihat sembab. Kurangnya tidur dan aktivitas yang padat adalah penyebab utama masalah ini. Aku ingin area mata aku terlihat lebih segar. Iya sih, gaya hidup yang lebih baik akan sangat membantu mengurangi masalah-masalah diatas, tapi mungkin dengan perawatan yang lebih tepat juga bisa membantu. Apakah ada yang bisa menolong aku?