Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dr. Piz Magical Collagen Acne Removing Powder

Hello all,

this is Dr.Piz Magical Collagen Acne Removing Powder, but it acts more as a black and whitehead remover.


The product comes with instruction, black paper like form and capsules with white powder in it.

We are supposed to mixed the powder with water to be come a paste, apply it on the nose, put the paper, and then put the paste back again.

Wait until dry and it will strip off like a pore stripes with everything from the pores. Sounds easy, right? No!


I was supposed to mixed it with adequate water but it doesn't explain how much, I can't get it right, either too runny or pasty but for sure it was always lumpy and never sticks. I gave up after multiple trying and I guess an instant pore strip is better.


I've tried mixing it with water and toner like mentioned on the packaging, and it never worked.


Perhaps it can work, perhaps it will give a successful result of a clean pores, whatever it is, it failed in terms of practicality and not user friendly. So sad.

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