Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

Hello lovelies,

these liquid lipsticks are still getting so much attention nowadays, well, why wouldn't?! They are adorable, last forever and gives instant gratification of the most vivid colors ever. One of the favorite brand on the market is Anastasia Beverly Hills, for me it's simply because of the shade collections they have.


First, let see the packaging, the exterior. A black box with white wording and golden brand of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

This ultra-saturated, liquid formula delivers an intense shot of matte pigment in one easy swipe. A single application gives you smear-resistant coverage that stays put for hours.

12 shades in total from Baby Pink to Vamp.


The ingredients and information on the products is written on the sides of the box.


I got myself Retro Coral and Sweet Talker.

Retro Coral is a candy coral shade and the Sweet Talker is a watermelon pink shade. Both of them are from @Lumiere_corner (instagram).

Let's see the Retro Coral first.


I have a trouble in picking between Retro Coral and Sweet Talker, so I get both ^__^

Below is Retro Coral, looks pretty isn't it?!


Below is the swatch on my hand. The texture is creamy and velvety at the same time. It felt luxurious and rich too.


I didn't notice any distinctive scent of the product and the feeling on the lips when used is comfortable.

Look how it complement my skin tone.


Even though it's matte the liquid lipstick doesn't dries up like other liquid matte lipstick I've tried and it still transfer a bit. There's still a lot on the lips but it is definitely not kiss-proof.


How about the Sweet Talker?


This is actually my first choice, the color is super duper pretty and looks so sweet. It is after all sweet talker.


The color pays off beautifully, the Sweet Talker is a bit richer than Retro Coral, with Retro Coral I need a few swipe to get the consistency of color that I want, with Sweet Talker is less.

The product doesn't transfer as much as Retro Coral and dries up better as well.

Both of the shade is comfortable to be used and doesn't make my lips dry. I do have to clean them several time to get them completely off. Using cleansing oil, foaming facial wash and cleansing water. They all work but cleansing oil and cleansing water is the best. Start with a cleansing oil and after finish massaging and rinsing, dry those lips.

Use a cleansing water or micellar water to removed them completely (if there's still a leftover).


Both of them comes with a sleek wand and tip that is comfortable to be used.

The opening of the slim bottle is wide enough for a thick liquid to come out but fret not you can always put the excess on the rim of the opening.


Look how pigmented the product is. 


And below is the look I've made with Sweet Talker.

Somehow it add some blush on me.


Sweet Talker does look super pretty isn't it?! I love how it enveloped the lips in that thin veil and hide everything under it. Same goes with Retro Coral too.

Below are the product shade for comparison and how they can be used together.


The rich formula allows us to have time to mixed and blend them together, they'll set dry longer than other matte liquid lipstick I've tried.


A wonderful product that offer irresistible shades, perfect for daily use, I meant they don't sell those in blue nor green, so Anastasia Bevery Hills Liquid Lipstick varied from milky pinkish hue, red, orange, pink, nude pink and so on.

The texture of the liquid lipstick is creamy rich and velvety with a matte finish. Offer full coverage, lightweight feeling and non sticky to the touch. Still transfer even when I'm not yet eating. The liquid carries tons of pigment on each application. So even thou' it transfer little by little, there's still a lot on the lips. Feels like it stays forever. It probably does, if I don't eat nor drink.

Cleaning it need effort and made sure not making it worst by smudging them all over during massaging.

Do I interested in getting some more? Yes, I'm eyeing on Persimmon and Baby Pink.

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