Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I'm Tic Toc Cushion Tint

Hello lovelies,

If any of you happen to be a lipstick addict or perhaps cosmetic enthusiast, lipstick with it's many texture would be a perfect adventure when trying them from all over the world. I found lip powders, lip cream, gel, even in flat stick on a paper. It's like playing in a playground when it comes to lipstick.

Korea is one of the most famous playground when it comes to cosmetics, the whole street of Myeongdong seems to be dedicated to beauty products. It's truly a magnificent view where options are endless. I find the most serious makeup to cute and cuddly pink items not to be missed. They seem to understand that people come with many backgrounds and preference. One of the most interesting product I found that day is from I'M MEME.


I'm Tic Toc Cushion Tint.
Cushion for your lips! With a powerful ink tint formula, this watery gel hybrid provides juicy shine and color. Plus, it literally smells like melted chocolate.

Easily click it on every single usage and the 'pen' will dispense liquid suitable for one take.

I took an image below from the new product (not this variant, but similar packaging) it's the velvet version (which I'm so going to try next time!!)


Of course my shade is not there since mine is Cushion Tint not Velvet Tint.

I think Cushion Tint have shades that I prefer, mine is Flame Red, and there's other like Scarlette Mine, Forbidden Pleasure and Attractive Rose (clearly their names is more intriguing too, huh?!). Flame Red is irresistible between deep reddish chocolate.


As seen on my image of the product above, it is not easy taking it's picture since the container is so shiny, I have to get the right angle with dimmed lights. Anyway, this is the actual product and as seen the cushion is already filled with color since I've been using it for quite some time.

And the smell of chocolate itself is irresistible plus they taste sweet too, so it was like a sense of collaboration between shade, smell and taste. I don't recommend anyone to eat it like it is food, but when accidentally licked the lips, they'll taste sweet.

And of course, one of the most important reason why I love this lippy is, it's in a gel or kinda like jelly texture and the pigment is gorgeous. It's not sheer nor faint, but kinda like a liquid chocolate that slides on the lips and I can easily create a gradation too. The middle part is darker since I put more on the middle and ease up all the way to the ends. The feeling of using is sensual and like honey yet without the stickiness.

It's like a coat of very thin film gel .. a sweet coat of very thin film pigmented gel. Satisfying and pure glossy too. I love using it as I don't have to add another lip gloss for shine, and still without the glutinous of the lip gloss that binds my hair, so it's like a beautiful chocolate syrup without the ants.


Conclusion, love, love, LOVE it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

DearPacker Madagascar Clay Mask

Hello lovelies,

I want to share with you one unique mask that I got during my recent trip to Korea. I know there are so many clay mask on the market right now, most of them dries up and tightens, this one stays moist even after 10 minutes is up. And what's great about the mask, it can help reducing oils, large pores, yet still feel comfortable and non-drying.


The packaging is a pot, I wish it came in a tube like container so it would be more hygienic. There's a faint citrus scent and mostly earthy, like woods and  suddenly I'm in the middle of a forest. I happen to have several sachets given when buying, that's why I fell in love with Korea, whenever I bought something, they'll throw in so many freebies from sachet samples to full size items.


Living in Jakarta means pollution from the water that we use everyday and air too. As early as 9 am I noticed that the air quality here already so foggy with smoke from the traffic. It's horrible. We may use air purification device at home, but when we're in the car, or going out, we have no choice than to be surrounded by those pollution.

Our breathing system is threaten by the low quality air and so does our skin. Believe it or not, our skin breathe too and they also 'forced' to take the pollution. That's also the reason why we need to take showers daily, it cleanses, but the one that is kinda difficult to clean is the one that are hiding inside our pores. A deep clean like using this kind of mask is necessary. Clogged pores could lead to breakouts, acne, irritation, to aging, large pores and many more problems.


(After application)

Simply clean the skin and apply.

Here are some of the details from the website.

This product allows a deep cleanse of the pores and smooths the skin. It removes the residues from the face and exfoliates any dead skins. It also tightens the pores and manages the white&black heads. This product does not dry out like other clay masks.


(10 minutes is up)

Look at that, the mask is still the same as when I applied them. It is still as creamy and flexible as when they are first applied. The cream is so smooth and soft, unlike other clay or kaolin based mask that's so brittle and sometime sandy that dries up like cement but it's like that blended avocado. Creamy, delicate and feels good on the skin.

I rinse them off and noticed that I only applied them on areas troubled by large pores, oils and black or white heads while avoiding the dry parts like cheeks?! So whenever I'm using mask (any kind of mask), I like to keep them per zone, except maybe mask that promote hydrating since it can be used to just about any part.

Another good thing about this mask is that, it help dries up acne. I have one acne under the nose and it's been bothering me that day, after using the mask, I find that on the next day the acne is gone. I do use the mask on night time before bed, so just after a night shower, when the skin is cleaned, I applied the mask, left them on and then rinse it after 10 minutes with lukewarm water. I splash a lot of water on the face to loosen the mask before gently massaging the skin to clean them thoroughly. I then applied skincare where then I went to bed.


This is my skin on the next day, it's clear, smooth and no more acne while the skin doesn't seems or felt dry as well. So for me, this is a good mask that works in cleaning and detoxing the skin so other products like skincare used afterwards can be taken afterwards. The overall experience in using the mask is very comfortable and pleasing. The product works and perform well, I do noticed the clear skin afterwards and on the oily t zone has become soft and away from excess oils.

Thank you for reading my post and see you again soon!

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip

Hello lovelies,

today I want to share about my recent splurge on a lippies from Bobbi Brown, which I actually bought a few months ago when they are still a new arrival in Singapore. The product went for sale like cupcakes, several 'famous' shades are running out of stock, luckily, I got mine, the boldest of them all, Boysenberry.

Bobbi Brown's super-pigmented, squeezable liquid lipstick. Delivers semi-matte, full-coverage color that’s creamy, moisturizing and lightweight. Plus, the long-wearing formula stays color true for gorgeous all day wear. Available in 16 nude, bright and bold shades.

Unlike traditional liquid lipsticks that can feel uncomfortable, Art Stick Liquid Lip glides on easily, feels lightweight and keeps lips comfortably moisturized.

 Squeeze as you apply, starting on bottom lip. Blot lips together, then apply on top lip. Layer to fill in any gaps.


The product comes in a tube crayon-like shape that easy to squeeze and this slightly thick creamy liquid will come out. It may appear so full of color but it was not all at once, I find the product buildable, so by applying layer by layer I can achieve that same intensity of boldness on my lips.

The formula is definitely not drying but far from oily too, so it is amazing in terms of texture and consistency. With the demi matte finish, it have a very good staying power that stays true for hours and hours. Not completely transfer proof nor waterproof, but it is long lasting and stays there until I use my makeup remover. It's wonderful and I can eat or drink as much as I want it too, I thought when I have some french fries the lippies would be completely disappear, but most of them stay. Unlike most liquid lipstick that cracked or create this patchy leftovers when eating, this one just become fainter. So it doesn't have that coat kinda product that sticks and 'harden' when dried on the lips, it's like a very thin film.

And since they stick thinly on the lips, like I'm using none, I even forget that I'm using lippies whenever I'm using Art Stick Liquid Lip. 


I can clearly understand the rave, so the product  is not like regular lipstick that we can feel the wax, it's creamy liquid but the creamy feeling vanished when distributed, it's light and fine, enveloping the lips with pure color and seems like nothing else. No grease, oil, sticky residue, tightness, taut, nor dry and just about anything that can be categorized as felt. Still of course, when I'm applying it really thick to get that exact color like shown on the packaging, I have to reapply several times and when I did that, there are some creamy (still comfortable) sensation on the lips.



a great lipstick for those who put comfort, safety, quality first and then color. It may not be as satisfying (in terms of pigment) on the first layer compared to other liquid lipstick with powerful oomph color. But in a way, at least for me, it's beautiful and I can use it all day long without worries of it will smear off (much) or looking completely lip-less. No breaks nor icky residue, just the lips, being happy.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Purbasari Manjakani Whitening

Hello lovelies,

I hope everyone is well and happy once again. Happy as an individual, happy as a spouse, happy in marriage and life in general.

For me personally, happiness revolves around me and my family. No matter how successful I am as a beauty blogger (or perhaps was) I do feel there's a bit of imbalance when I saw my family wasn't really thrilled with me going out every single day for events. My husband to be honest, prefer a wife (me) that is not too tired during night time. As Jakarta is famous for the crazy traffic jam, going out could means hours in the traffic alone, making me exhausted. Drowning all those energy from the long (hours) commute due to being stuck in the road home makes me depressed sometimes and I'm not happy.

I love spending time with my family, so two hours in the street means I took away my bonding time with the kids and the extended effects from being so tired is I have less time with the spouse as it was actually our 'time' to reconnect. So the effects are like dominoes. Understanding this, nowadays, I try to be focusing more on my family, and family starts with the husband and wife, that's the foundation of marriage.


Because there's two human being madly in love (well, most of the stories started with these), we can have, begin, create a family. So in the long run, even there's obstacle, misunderstandings, difficulties, or pro-founding happiness like kids, our main focus is still have to be the spouse. Sometime I do forget, sometime I do put my kids first, and I was wrong, it has to be my partner first and then the kids. Things needed to be put in the right perspective before making everything right.

Nowadays, I try to lean on him more, be more romantic, be more attentive, and tried to put aside the small petty differences, spend more time together like date night, and one more thing, when I used to be all 'cuek' and au naturale, I tried to put on some makeup more when I was with him. Not just makeup, perhaps a bit of accessories, dress a bit better and start working out again. I want to make the effort, I want to, it's not just about our marriage, it's being happy again, a wholesomeness.

And then the fight ehm argument begun to be less and less, we speak more often, speak as in a real conversation and not just "what's for dinner?", and those intimate moments also increases (wink, wink).


Using makeup, accessories, dress better and perfume helps when we are going on our dates, but when we are making out, I want to feel confident and have more oomph down there. Many women tried different things from using heritage and cultural ingredients that have been passed down for generations like 'daun sirih', or tried spa related smoke that is 'steamed' on our private part, or massages, some even go under surgery to tighten up. Bleaching also quite popular, many people think that a sexy one should be fair and pinkish hue. Some products used chemicals that might even harm the skin more that it gives that 'sexy' benefit.

So I was wondering which methods I should use, is it the all natural ones, like buying some 'special' leafs at the market, cleaning and boiling it, try to get the extract and so on, it seems like there's so many things need to be done, it was extra work for me and I don't want that. The meticulous process and details exhaust me. I prefer something more simple and easy, like Purbasari Manjakani Whitening.


Cairan berlebih, lembap, bau tak sedap, dan kulit yang gelap di sekitar area kewanitaan tentu membuat wanita--terutama yang sudah menikah--menjadi tak nyaman. Purbasari Manjakani Whitening merupakan salah satu resep rahasia wanita agar pasangan makin manja. Diformulasikan sesuai untuk area kewanitaan, sehingga memberikan rasa bersih, kesat, dan semakin percaya diri.

Keunggulan Purbasari Manjakani Whitening
  • Efek astrigent ekstrak manjakani untuk rasa kesat dan rapat
  • 4 Natural Whitening Extract (Mullberry, Bearberry, Lycorice dan Lemon) yang bersinergi mencerahkan kulit area kewanitaan dengan maksimal
  • Triple Action Formula untuk mengurangi bau tak sedap
  • pH 3,5 yang sesuai area kewanitaan sehingga aman digunakan sehari-hari
  • Rapat, harum dan tetap sehat
  • Tersedia 2 ukuran, 60 ml dan 125 ml yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda
See, they have all that Mulberry, Bearberry, Lycorice and lemon in one practical cleanser that not only cleanses but helps in so many ways. From tightening, brightening, to giving them that irresistible scent.

The gel is clear, like the image up there and easy to lather, it create a light bubbles and cleanse the intimate area gently. The focus of the product is the outer side of vagina, so it was not made for the inside (as the inside is self cleansing).

The ph is made suitable for the private area, still, do use it when necessary, this is after all included as a cosmetic product. I feel comfortable using it almost every day, especially during my period when the humidity is far beyond when using sanitary pads. The clean feeling is wonderful and I love being fragrant all over.

Being passionate is no longer a thing that made me cautious about myself, I can be 100% into the moment and enjoy every seconds of it.

Thank you Purbasari Manjakani Whitening!


Price wise, this product is relatively cheaper than other in the same category and similar ingredients. Purbasari Manjakani can also be purchased at the following (online) shops:


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

tarteist™ quick dry matte lip paint

Hello lovelies,

finally I was able to sit down and made this review. I've been eyeing Tarteist since it first launch and now they have several variants and the shades are irresistible. I do have difficulties choosing one shade, to be honest, I try to get one shade that I think I don't have at home, so this is it, my first and definitely not the last of tarteist lip paint.


What it does:
Create full-coverage lip looks with a sneak preview of tarte’s lightweight, liquid-to-matte lip paint. It dries down instantly without transferring, and its Comfortflex formula means it moves with your lips without drying out, cracking, or feathering. With its easy applicator wand, it’s easy to line and shade in lips with high-impact, opaque matte color in the natural-looking, Bestie shade—a deep nude hue.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Phthalates
  • Use a lip scrub to prep & condition lips prior to each application.

  • Use the lip paint precision wand to trace on longwearing matte color. First, use the tip to contour lips by tracing along the upper & lower lip line. Then, shade inside the lip line using the applicator surface.

  • The quick dry formula will set in seconds & adhere to lips all day.

-Concentrated Mineral Pigments: Deliver rich, lip-soothing pigment while nourishing and softening skin.

Isododecane, Dimethicone, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Quaternium-90 Bentonite, Polypropylsilsesquioxane, Beeswax/Cera Alba/Cire D’abeille, Nylon-12, Polyethylene, Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate, Propylene Carbonate, Tocopherol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Polyglyceryl-6 Polyricinoleate, VP/Hexadecene Copolymer, Triethyl Citrate, Silica, Silica Silylate, Polybutene, Phenoxyethanol. (+/-): Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Red 7 Lake (CI 15850), Yellow 5 Lake (CI 19140), Blue 1 Lake (CI 42090), Red 28 Lake (CI 45410), Red 6 (CI 15850), Red 27 Lake (CI 45410).


I'm using it since the first day I bought it and fell in love with the quality, texture and feeling when used. It was very comfortable, no sharp nor annoying scent like from other liquid matte lipstick, no taut nor very drying effect, it's like my utmost favorite liquid matte lippies and I can't never go back.

Other product seems like nothing now, the richness of the color and opacity from the first swipe of application, it's surreal. It covers everything it went through and still very comfortable when layered, it's weird how something that feels so light could be so fulfilling and satisfying.

I want more, I'll collect more shade soon, meanwhile, I'm testing the product from around 1 PM to until 8.30 PM and yes, it went through tea and dinner time.


I went to an event, have a drink and eats, it is still there. I do bring mine for 'just in case touch up' and never need to do so. Not even once.

I feel so confident and relaxed thanks to tarteist quick dry matte lip paint who is literally like my bestie that got my back lips. The shade that I'm using is bestie, and it is a bestie indeed.


A scrub and pre moisturized for the chapped lips is indeed needed, if not the surface won't be smooth. Tarteist lip paint is not drying but it just a liquid lipstick that covers the surface according to what it is, if ones want a perfectly flawless application do exfoliate first.

One surprising thing I found is that even thou' the product is so tough and last all day long, cleaning wise is not a problem, just use any waterproof makeup remover and they'll gone without a trace. Ive tried many brand of cleanser and all of them works like a charm, no stain no difficulties whatsoever. I don't need multiple swipe nor products to clean the lips, it's just done conveniently.


I don't think I ever find any product this good. It's completely transfer-proof, it's water-proof, stays all day without reducing, fading nor breaks, it stays just as it is and when I eat, they don't cracked nor made this disgusting leftover patches of lipstick and bare lips. I do try to eat gently, especially on oily stuff, but not really making an effort, the lips stay gorgeous. On the other hand other products fails miserably on this step, all of them do.

I don't have oily skin, but I do drink a lot and eats too, so normally, I need to retouch a few times, not with tarteist quick dry matte lip paint, it stays remarkably up to par. I highly recommend the product for anyone who want to finally find that perfect formula of liquid matte lipstick that dries almost instantly and stays.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bioderma Hydrabio Essence Lotion and Hydrabio Gel Creme

Hello lovelies,

recently I went to Bali and have a wonderful time there. The temperature is a bit high at the beach and we love spending time there despite of the sun kept stroking on our skin. We went from around 9 am until 11 am. Took a break by getting lunch and back to the beach at around 3 pm. We feel like the soothing sound of the waves and wind calms our nerves. The sea water also known to be therapeutic.

During all those enjoyments, I do realize how our skin changed, some become red, some become darker, some become dry, especially after a day in the sun and get inside the hotel room, with the continuous air conditioner and warm bath, the skin took it's toll. I see wrinkles on the back of my hands and signs of dryness everywhere too. I need hydration and whenever I see an SOS product like an after sun care, it always promote one thing, hydrating the skin. It is confirmed that the skin need to be moist, well hydrated to heal and gets better. It's not just about looking pretty, but most of all, healthy.


No matter how much we put on sunblocks, no matter how high they are and being super waterproof, super sweat-proof, and even suitable for sun, sea, and sand, the skin still becomes dry. I put on so many layers of lotions and hydrating products but seems like the skin need to be 'reminded' of it's function and ability to lock down the moisture once again.

I drink plenty of water and eat veggies, fruits, anything that I know helps the skin to heal and remedy, but still, I know I need something more, more than the ordinary and something that is so spot on and helps the skin directly within application, and then I remember, Bioderma.


For the body, they have their own collection, for the face, the one that suffer the most since I never cover them with hat or umbrella, it's exposed most of the time, unlike body that I can simply use clothing.

I know the fact that the skin is continuously healing and repairing itself, day and night, so what I do during the night also affected the skin condition on the next day and so on. So when I applied the right products during the night and sleeps, the skincare work throughout the night and heals whatever they can heal during the time given and nourishment provided.

Skincare is simple and easy, just apply and let them work, from within, we also need to consume a healthy diet plus plentiful of water so consider as helping the roots. The future of the skin depends on what we put on and what we eat (drink too) on daily basis.

Bioderma is a brand that study the biology of our skin, a molecular biologist that speaks beyond ingredients, but the nature of our skin as well.


Launched during the holy month in Jakarta, All Day Hydration Event with bloggers and media are given the first taste of their two new products which has made Bioderma Hydrabio even more complete.

As a huge fan of Bioderma and avid user (there's no way you find me without Bioderma products in my home) I'm so eager and happy to be among the first to try Hydrabio Essence Lotion and Hydrabio Gel Cream. Not just because my skin is dry, but I believe this is the range where everyone could use, we all need hydration, it's like the key of our skin's health, oh well, it's one of the key of our existence too, like the one ingredient that make us alive more than the rest, is water, fluid, hydration.

6 products in total are given (but this is yet the complete set according to the International version) consist of brume (review: Here), H20 - a cleanser (review: Here), tonique - or toner (review: Here), serum (review : Here),  Essence Lotion and Gel Creme that will be reviewed in this post.


They look so gorgeous in white and blue. It's like the universal color of water. Some of them comes in a box ( serum, gel creme) while some is just at it is, bottles. The serum and gel cream also both comes in a pump bottle, an assurance of hygienic and practicality.

I'll share with you how I've been using the products for the last two weeks.

It's all started with a clean skin using Hydrabio H20.


A cleanser that not only cleans well but make the dry skin happy. It's completely non drying and kind to the skin. Cleans everything from lightweight makeup to daily debris. I always use a makeup remover first when using make up and then double clean the skin using Hydrabio H20 since it not only took away the leftovers on the pores but it cleans the residue from the makeup remover.

Simply soak a cotton with the solution and wipe the skin. All the dirt, leftovers or whatever it is will be seen on the damp cotton pad. I just kept on repeating with a set of cotton pad soaked with the Hydrabio H20 several time until they come out clean.

Proceed the process with the toner that tones the skin.


Again, using a cotton pad, soaked the cotton pad with Hydrabio Tonique, dab the skin gently. It provides that gentle hydrating and soothing effect that also works for sensitive skin. The product also helps the skin for the next step, Essence Lotion.

  • Moisurises and prepares the skin for the next skin care.
  • Smoothes the skin and reveals its radiance.
  • Sensation of freshness and comfort.
  • Fresh and light fragrance.
  • Excellent tolerance.
Result :
  • the skin is perfectly moisturised, to make the next skincare more efficient!
  • Paraben free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non comedogenic
  • Non greasy
  • Non sticky
  • Non shiny


One thing that I instantly realizes is that the product have that lovely soothing blue scent that I love. It's so comfortable and delightful, I even soaked a face mask with the lotion and let them stay on my skin for a good 10-15 minutes. The product hydrates the skin like no other, it's very light yet refreshing. Those who own dry skin must have known the discomfort made by the thirsty skin, it felt tight, taut and the essence revive the skin making it flexible again.

I know that it doesn't work alone, they need other product, like when the skin is dirty, they can't really take what it need to be taken since it is blocked by everything on the surface, or when the skin is too dry, a brume or toner is needed to prep the skin before the essence. And of course, the serum and moisturizer is needed also afterwards, but so far, they already given me wonderful results to begin with.


Look how happy my skin is and how the happy skin made me happy too. Being so comfortable at our skin is an indescribable feeling that we would like to have every single day. It boost confident, took out worries and unhappy feelings. Like we can do just about anything or perhaps a simple one less thing to worry about.

Another great news about Bioderma Hydrabio is they can be used for just about anyone, male or female, at any age.


After the skin is super moist, it is ready for the serum, a nourishment that able to go deeper and made even more differences onto the skin. Everything comes in the right texture, consistency and fluidity. Start with something so watery, pure, cleansing, to softening the skin and making them easily accessible for the next product to settles in.


A cloudy light gel that made to hydrates, it can work better and act better thanks to all the previous products used before and of course, later, after, as it seals the deal.


But I want to add one more, the Brume, where it can be used at any stage, before or after any stage, and even throughout the day.  Brume could also be used before and after applying makeup, for the hair, whenever you feel dry and the kids are loving too. The product comes in small container too for travel and I find it as a savior during a flight where the air is unbearably dry. It is so true that moist air is easier to breathe in too, the brume does helps on that area too. Like the food during flight always taste funny, right?! It's because of our nose, being too dry somehow hinder our smell sense, the brume moist the skin and air when sprayed around us helps us to be awaken as well.


This is one product that I always carry, like when inside a car when it is too hot, too dry, or anytime I need hydration on my skin or hair. The brume sprayed fine particles so the skin (or hair) can take the moisture without being drenched like. So it is perfect for anytime. Those who love using makeup could easily benefited from using brume as it helps the makeup to appear more natural and flawless. It add flexibility of the makeup used and add that lovely radiance on the skin, like we're in love or something.


The last product (yet definitely not the last for sure), it's the gel creme, the one that seals every moisture inside and making sure everything works undisturbed yet being so gentle and kind in hydrating not creating greasy nor oily effects on the skin.

How do it work? Well, how do all of them work like an alliance to each other creating a mutual symbiosis.
Generates hydration

The patented biological complex Aquagenium™ generates intense hydration, immediately and lastingly:

  • Vitamin PP strengthens skin resistance and impermeability  
  • Apple seed extract stimulates the activity of Aquaporins, which are the natural channels allowing water flow within the skin.
Thanks to an emulsion inspired by the structure of the epidermis, the active ingredients of the AquagĂ©nium™ patent penetrate deeply and in a more targeted manner. The skin thus regains its natural hydration capacities, for intense radiance. Lastingly.
Smoothes skin texture

By eliminating dead cells, and progressively reducing cornea layer,  the skin's upper layer, salicylic acid equalizes and smoothes the skin's surface, which lastingly gains radiance.

Prevents from premature skin ageing

Vitamin E helps to protect the skin against oxidative stress and combat premature cutaneous ageing.


  • Intensely and durably hydrates
  • Smoothes the skin texture and reveals its radiance
  • Provides a sensation of softness and comfort
  • Fresh and light fragrance

  • Very good tolerance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Scented formula
  • Paraben-free
  • Excellent make-up base


Look at the product, the white and light gel is like an oasis on its own. The pump works well and usually using a pump is enough for the whole face and neck. I distribute and massage them all over, wherever needed.


Since the skin is already moist and softened thanks to the previous products used, the skin can now easily 'bind' the gel cream so they stay in place and protect the skin with the moisture so the hydration stays inside.

Makeup can be used right after this routine is done, or for me, I use my sunscreen before makeup.

As the skin is ready and looks great, I feel like I can use less makeup.


Why do we need all the products for our daily routine?
1. Each comes in their own function and benefit
2. Each comes in a specific turn and part where they work cohesively.
3. The skin is a living thing that need to be understood, it took preparation and daily care for them to be better, heals and regenerate better, not because of its true origin, but because of our lifestyle.
And why I love about Bioderma, is the comfort in using the products, the feeling and immediate sensation when using them, and the long term as well as short term effect. It's a brand that responsible, filled with certified patents, and let's just say, they actually works!


Thank you so much Bioderma, not just for these babies, but for all of the products you've been developing. I love every one of them and Hydrabio Essence Lotion and Gel Creme are no exception.

The Essence Lotion is so universal, I can also use it as a mask, it helps to moist the skin better than when using none, it has the consistency I've been looking for, and the best part is that, it is far from oily and never exfoliating.

The Gel Cream is soft and gentle, even my husband that own oily skin can still use it and my per-teen delicate skin too. She enjoys using as it felt like a thin film wrap the skin gently. Making them feels snugly.


Thank you so much Bioderma, you've makes me happy, my skin is healthy, hence, it's beautiful.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

MINISO Floral Silicone Oil Free Smoothing Shampoo

Hello lovelies,

I always looking for that perfect shampoo, the one that smells so beautifully floral fragrance, contain no silicone oil since I know it was really bad for the scalp, and eventually made your hair falls out for being so clogging, and lathers well without making the hair strikingly dry. Finally, I found my dream in a shampoo bottle inside MINISO. Yes, MINISO,  not a beauty store, drugstore or normal daily market I went into, so it's kinda surprising and they are budget friendly too. It cost around 5 SGD (I bought mine in Singapore).


What does it says on the bottle,

Silicone oil free. Leave your hair clean, smooth and silky. Contains extractives from prenus speciosa, rose rugosa, iris florentina. Moisturizing your hair. Make it not dry any more. Make your hair bright and smooth.

And it was right, every sentence. Usually, using a silicone oil free shampoo means my hair still feel a bit taut, kinda dry, and mostly like I still need a bunch of conditioner or hair mask afterwards. Using MINISO Floral Silicone Oil Free Smoothing Shampoo is so different that other silicone oil free shampoo that I've used, MINISO made the hair feels so good, like so manageable and smells so romantically delightful.

I still need to use conditioner since my hair is severely damaged, but not as much as when I'm using other brand that cost 2 to 3 times higher. So it's like the best one in terms of function, effects and cost. I look at the product with one eye thinking how good could it be, like it shouldn't be that good, but it does, it was remarkable. Like a hair this soft should be because of silicone, but it's not, they must have put other moisturizing and silky-ing ingredients into the shampoo. They must have found some miracle ingredients that does magic. Prenus Speciosa seems like a thing that available in Diagon Alley.

Nevertheless, I seems like to find something that really precious in MINISO and I started to look at their stuffs differently now, as my next project in Singapore, I'll try more of MINISO's products and hopefully soon.


Words of the day: never judge a shampoo by it's brand.

Thank you for reading my post, see ya!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Paul and Joe The Oil

Hello lovelies,

I know my last post is about face oil too, let's just say I've been really nuts about oils lately. They are wonderful and known to be the secret to beauty for centuries. Many women in the old age beliefs that oils helps nourish the skin, keeping them young, flexible and plump.

Holding the same principle, Paul & Joe comes up with The Oil.


During a beauty festival held by Paul & Joe, Anna Sui, Max Factor and many other brands, I got one myself. The Oil, the one that I tried during the event and fell in love with. It look so innocently beautiful and faultless. I want to have it immediately and ever since, I've been using it for weeks.


Here's why I love it:

A new method of skincare that envelops your skin with enriching pure oil. Your skin texture immediately softens with this oil.
Everything you desire – plump, glowing, hydrated skin drenched in moisture.

How to use: Saturate a cotton pad with oil.
Apply a generous amount of oil onto cotton pad & apply it to the face by softly gliding the pad in one direction.
Note: Applying product in excessive circular motions may result in damage to skin.

Tip: Apply extra oil on palms or fingertips and gently massage facial muscles for further relaxation.


Above are the ingredients of the product and yes, it still contain some fragrance. As seen, the main ingredient are oils. If you read the list of ingredients, always check on the order, whatever comes first is the main or the most thing put inside and the least ones are the ones on the last mentioned.

Olive oil itself are divided into many categories from being the purest to the grades of the quality, so you can't really just put any olive oils from the supermarket expecting the same result, there's many other factors.


And seems like the brand Paul & Joe also gave us a very distinct instruction on how to use the product, however, I prefer using it as a daily serum and by fingers only. Using a cotton pad soaked with the oils usually will irritate my skin, not because of the oils, but the nature of the cotton itself.

Every time I'm using products with cotton such as cleanser, toner, serum, or just about anything, the cotton not only gives what it soaked with, but takes. Cotton helps exfoliate the skin, so using products such as softener, softened the skin and the cotton can easily takes stuff we known as dead skin cells away but when the deads are removed, the fresh young skin beneath is exposed, too much pressure, or over-exfoliation can hurt the skin. For those with sensitive skin like mine (especially around the cheeks) will feel immediate sensation from tightness to sting pain.  So to avoid all that, I'm using my palm and fingers only during application, and as for the toner, I'm using face mist.

Hence, about skincare or anything in your life (to be frank) is personalized everything. Every little thing as we are not created as one single human being, we are complex, things that might works on some people may not work for you, even when everyone says use a toner with cotton pad, you might still have allergies to cotton, it's just common, it's common to be uncommon. So use according to your own best. Sometime, if you're like me, I need to mix and match my skincare, I use different brands from face mist to toner, refresher, toner, softener, serums, pre serums, moisturizers, day cream, night to sunscreen, as long as they works like a charm, they are mine.


Now, back to The Oil that gave me this flawless like radiance, it comes in a oil form that aren't as liquid as other face oils I know, it is rather like 'normal oil'. It has a subtle scent, kinda like faint citrus and a bit of floral too, it was pleasant and I like it a lot. I wish the texture could be a bit less thick but when used together with a face mist, I found no problem whatsoever. It does have oily feeling,  but my skin enjoys and embrace it a lot, they feel comfortable as no more dryness nor tightness, especially during night time, the oils is like a well that kept my skin moist all night long, waking up after using the oils and night watery cream is just wonderful. Like I just had a good 10 hours of sleep (8 hours wont do for me :D) with a skin humidifier breath to my skin nonstop.


a great product to be used on daily, but it doesn't stand alone, it need other products such as toner, face mist, or skin softener to help with the application and absorption, plus it still need a moisturizer to seal the deal.