Thursday, December 21, 2017

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Matte

Hello lovelies,

I guess no matter how liquid lippies made the headlines nowadays, lipstick in it's original form will always exist and be loved. They are convenient, comes in many different formula too, from firm to buttery, many different finish from glossy, demi, matte to variants like powdery and velvety. Their ingredients could be differ too, from wax, balm, to gently hydrating.


One of the most highlighted products in Guerlain Makeup 2017 collection is KissKiss Matte and I happen to have two of them here.


Guerlain imagines KissKiss Matte, a hydrating and plumping matte lipstick, intense like a lipstick and comfortable like a balm! The subtle spice extract it contains gives the impression of voluminous lips while the precious oils and the hyaluronic acid smooth and hydrate them. KissKiss Matte offers 9 captivating shades for all special occasions. The iconic packaging is adorned with a golden matte veil.

Its subtle vanilla-violet fragrance delicately intertwines with the sparkling scent of berries.

1. Imperceptible spice extract giving the illusion of voluminous lips.
2. Precious oils to nourish, smooth and hydrate the lips.
3. The new generation of hyaluronic acid brings volume and curve to the lips.

KissKiss Matte routine :
1. Apply Liplift primer before lipstick and slightly beyond the lip contour, then blend in with the fingertips.
2. Apply KissKiss Matte directly to the lips for a matte finish and hydrated lips all day long.


9 shades from plum, red, nudes, pink, to orange. They are gorgeous. From the packaging to the container, look at that golden luxurious color. Like we'll be having a great time with it.

And on each of the lipstick, there's the engrave word of KissKiss.


The shape, the mold, the colors and the finish of each product looks so good. Like it's so merry and festive, perfect for this season.

The container holds the product well and did you see the tiny dot on each of the lippies right in the mid part? That's the small detail they put to help assuring a closed lid, so there's there subtle click on closing it properly. So the lippies inside stays safe and secure. Do this every time, we wont want to ruin a good thing.


Without having the swatches, since these babies are too precious, let's see how they are on my lips. This is, for sure, Spicy Burgundy (image below).

The formula glide super smoothly on my lips. The feel so good and look so good on the lips. Smells beautiful yet never overwhelming, the color is so pigmented and rich but the feeling is still light. There's a hydrating sensation but not oily nor greasy, so it's just right in coating the lips, making them appear so lusciously healthy, plump and ready to take the day.


The redness speaks for itself, it was bright, daring, brave, seductive and strong at the same time. Perfect for anyone with a personality to match.

The next one is Caliente Beige (below).

Caliente means hot, as in hot beige, so even thou' it's leaning to nude, it's not an ordinary nude. According to Guerlain, every woman have their own story with their lipstick, so do I. I remember my first lipstick, I remember using special lipstick for a special date, I remember a lipstick could be empowering and helping me gets attention, and many more. Each lipstick does brings memories on their own. It's personal and something that I think worth having.

KissKiss Matte came to me during my time of difficulties, like perhaps many household have it's ups and down, seeing these babies somehow cheer me up and I don't know, I still believe where there's good things in life, things could get better and there are still hope.


Thank you so much Guerlain Indonesia for these beautiful irresistible lipstick. Made with so much care and it reflects on the product. The golden vessel, the most interesting shades in the industry, the feeling when using to the finishing and long lasting effects with the comforts hard to beat, they are all there.

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