Saturday, December 16, 2017

BYS Cosmetic Indonesia

Hello lovelies,

thanks to Clozette Indonesia I was invited to BYS Cosmetic event at their store in Central Park Mall. You may see the fun we had at @ClozetteID (instagram).

BYS Cosmetic came from Australia and famous for their Eye Palette Festive that can make so many different look. On the event, I can clearly see why :)


The are a lot of interesting products that catches my eyes, and I'm so intrigue to try them. The thing about cosmetic is that how the color could stay true and 'stick' on our skin. You must rememvber how frustrating it is to use a makeup, like perhaps blush on or eyeshadow and when you apply it on your face, the color like doesn't want to come out no matter how many layers you've put.

So doesn't matter about the price tag or how other raves about it, you want that convenience for yourselves and prove it. 


After a short introduction from BYS Cosmetic Indonesia brand manager and a quick makeup demo.


Where the artist share a very easy yet festive look focusing on the eyes and lips.


Below is the result.

All the bloggers are going here and there trying the products, we do swatches, and some even apply the lippies directly on their lips to see the finishing and experience the setting time.


We are given plenty of opportunity to try and I've managed to ask the prices, they are starting below 100k and the palette itself cost around 300k.

The products that interest me the most is their Palette Festive, the one with the Eye-doring Christmas.


You might realize it have a similar name to that brand :)

During this occasion, BYS Cosmetic Indonesia also share package deals where you can check them out at Central Park Mall. There's package 1,2 and 3. The discount is up to 100k. BYS Studio also available at Pakuwon Mall Surabaya.


BYS Cosmetic is a cruelty free cosmetic that get Internationally accredited by PETA.

Soon after, the event is finished and all the bloggers received the following goodies.


Nude Eyeshadow Palette, Banana Powder, and Auto Brow Pencil (mine happen to be in brown).


The first thing we'll see is their Banana Powder.

Highlight, set and colour correct with this three-in-one wonder powder! BYS Loose Banana Powders yellow toned, mattifying pigment helps to brighten under eye circles and set areas of the face where you would use to conceal.

The powder is like a loose powder but a bit thicker in terms of ability to cover. And I'm using it for baking where then after blending it helps 'to clean' everything so my skin receive that fresh, flawless look.


Banana Powder is famous nowadays, it acts like a finishing powder too but have better setting power than the 'normal' loose powder we know. The particle is still considerately fine yet dense.


This is their eyebrow pencil crayon aka Auto Brow Pencil. Their name could be pencil but as said, it have the texture of crayon, it's rich and thick, do apply by pressing very gently to avoid brows that was too thick.

Brows are the hottest trend right now and yours will look fabulous with these easy to use tools from BYS Cosmetics. Here at BYS we believe beautiful arches accentuate the eyes and frame the face and our BYS Brow range will help you create the perfect brow look. Having the right brow shape and adding fullness can seriously change your entire look.


The brush is also unique since it was made for the wax-crayon like formula. It's like a rubbery thingy that helps blending the product so the brows looks like bushy stripy hairs and not powdery. So if you are looking for an eyebrow pencil that coated the hair and made your eyebrow appear fuller, thicker and like it was hairs, this is the thing for you. I actually like the finish as it appear like they are my brow not a drawn object.


This brows also become water resistant too, I have to use an oil-based makeup remover to easily cleans it over. So when I was sweating or drenched in rain, I'll still have brow thanks to Auto Brow Pencil.

If you prefer something darker or lighter, no worries, they come in several different shades.


Next, it's their Nude Eyeshadow Palette, hooray!!!

BYS NUDE eyeshadow palettes feature an array of 12 expertly chosen matte and metallic eyeshadows. The 12 piece palette comes housed in a modern, embossed tin featuring a mirror and 2 dual end applicators.

In the picture above, I'm using it as a soft and natural as daily makeup, but as seen on their container, they are definitely not made for the nude only, bright and deep colours are available.

I was surprised on how well they stick on my eyelids without any eye primer. I know most eyeshadow works like a charm after eye primer is applied, but this one doesn't need any. You may apply your eye base but I assure you, the look below, doesn't use any base on the lids.


The colors are gorgeous and true. Adding a primer would made them even pop or perhaps some soft colors but hey, it was there for a reason.

The mirror is huge like shown in the image above, and there's some basic applicators too.

The container might be a bit tacky but the product works like a charm.


Thank you so much BYS Cosmetic and Clozette Indonesia, see you again soon!!


  1. Waaakkkk eyebrownya seajaib itu ci... Jd pengen cobakkkk 😍😍😍

    1. hehe iyaaa, agak surprise juga nemu produk kaya begini di brand yang masih dibilang 'baru'