Friday, June 8, 2012

After 28 Days Using SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate

Hello there!

As promises, after using SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate for 28 days I'll give you my before after picture. Check out the beginning first, HERE.


Please kindly read HERE for the products use during 28 days.

This is my naked face day 1. Taken after morning shower.

This is my face after 28 days, also after morning shower. My skin become visible brighter and fairer. The spots are reduced and overall the complexion become more even-toned.

Of course the concentrate doesn't work alone, some other SK-II products also used, plus some habit also involved, like avoiding the sun during it's peak and use sun protection during the day, indoor or outdoor.

I made a mistake explaining how to use the concentrate which should be at the end of the skincare regime. Cleansing, toning, serum, moisturizer then the concentrate. So this concentrate is not a serum ya ^__^ And I fixed my routine in week two. After consulting with SK-II Indonesia.

And I'm going to share more regarding Facial Treatment Essence, which is the highlight of SK-II through this video.

Remember you only need to choose one out of these 3 ways and enjoy the pitera. Last but not least I'm signing off now with this before and after picture for you.

Thank you SK-II Indonesia. I get my fairer and more even toned skin with less brown/dark spots.


  1. Hiiii :)

    Aduh iri banget liat kulitnyaaa
    aku lg pengen nyoba SKII nih, tp beli dried paper mask itu dimana ya? Kok ga pernah liat hehehe

    Thank youuuu :)

  2. Hi Suhay,

    Beli di supplier salon deket rumah ^^, denger2 di pasar baru juga banyak.

  3. Aww nice review..♡ I've been using sk 2 but only a single faciak treatment essence and it works like a miracle to me.does ur spot are stubborn dark spot or acne scar? Im drooling to gv whitening spot specialist a chance but doubting the result..

  4. Hi Kang Hyera,

    I guess every dark spots are stubborn, since they need years to develop and well, long time to 'disappear' too. It is best to avoid them.

    For me, I'm using everything I can including sun protection during the day that are at least PA+++.

    If perhaps you can visit a place like IOMA where they have a very high tech tool to check how deep your dark spots are that would be great, so you'll know how 'stubborn' your dark spots are.