Friday, June 1, 2012

Givenchy Phenomen'eyes (Brush Review)

Eyes are the window of our soul, lashes? They are like the curtains, you make a curtain looks pretty, so does the whole window and soul.

As seen, I'm a Chinese and my lashes aren't blessed as long as our sisters in different genetic. So I need them to be longer and perkier ^__^

Recently, since I've been using Talika lipocils expert, read --> HERE. So my lashes do grow longer now, but still, I need longer lashes, like extravagantly ^__^ until I don't need fake lashes anymore. Another way of giving my lashes an instant result is by using mascara, and this time I want to try Phenomen'eyes by Givenchy


The world's first 100% round brush, for 100% freedom and 100% precision! Its spherical brush allows for high-precision application with 360° freedom of movement. Vertically, horizontally, diagonally, the brush can be used in all directions. It seeks out every single lash, even the most difficult to reach, coating and shaping them from the base to the very tip. Its formula allows for multiple coats without clumping or caking. The effect is immediate: an incredibly full fan of curved and lengthened lashes - for truly professional make-up.

The instruction is fully given on the sample packaging and their main goal is precision on every curve and angles. And how do they do that?

By giving us a small rounded brush.

Unfortunately this mascara sample is dry already, so I can only give you a review for the brush. When I have the chance to try on the actual product, you'll be the first to know.

Since the small rounded brush is well, small, and rounded, it is easy to maneuver, but I need some practice since they are a bit prickly.

Some corner and edges that used to be unreachable with normal mascara brush, now become no problem and reachable.

For both edges too. And after a while I get used to the prickliness and able to reach that few lines on the edges that used to be difficult to reach, and if I do reach them with conventional mascara brush, they usually become messy and clumped.

And they can most definitely made a more curved on the area I want, top or bottom part of the lashes.

Even thou the mascara is pretty much dried up, I can still see some result from the brushing. The lashes are more defined and indeed the brush itself is phenomenal!

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