Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Review

Hi, gorgeous babes!

I'm here with Shu Uemura's Rouge Unlimited. The 50 colors may not be all here in Indonesia but most of them are! Hooray!

You can read my visit to the store --> HERE and see the galore of product arrays.

A preview and yes, there is one black lipstick there ^^ And I'm adore the purple shade, unlike other which faded or not vivid enough, Rouge Unlimited is true in colors without compromising the comfort and moisture for our lips.

Thanks to Shu Uemura Indonesia, I have the chance to review 2 of their products. The new casing is a delight to the eyes and showing you that what's inside is exactly portrays the colors and hue. A see right through product for your delight.

They got nothing to hide ^^ let's try them. I've got one in Beige (931) warm undertone and one in Pink (340) cool undertone.

Let's see the one in Pink first. I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of pink, it made me look childish haha ^0^ but, 340 still shout classy in it's way. Natural and freshen up the look with a perk. One thing that amaze me is the luxurious moisturizing effect. Usually vivid color comes with dry lipstick, so I need balm afterwards, but Rouge Unlimited is smooth sailing with the colors so true it stays there.

Mind my dry lips as I've been unwell these past few days but hey, I guess I can review how moist it is when clearly, it made my dry chapped lips happy ^^ Pink lover will go goo goo ga ga over this shade.

Now, let's see the 931.

Is it just me or I found 931 more moisturizing than 340 haha, the lipstick felt more creamy and yummy as well, my lips are being pampered in the same time and the colors, Ooh! It's all there! You can see the dramatic changes. On top lips I give 2 swipes while on the bottom 4 swipes, yes, the more layer you give the more colors come as well as the moisture. I really like them, it's like so comfortable and I understand all the fuss about. Fuss? Yes, Rouge Unlimited have got a lot of rave review and I'm here to prove it ^^

Here are some more pictures for 931.

Overall: For me it's like lipstick and balm in one, plus the shine too. The colors do stays on long (4-6 hours max, without licking or any touch done) but if you accidentally wipe it after a meal or so, the moisturizing effect is still there ^0^ great news isn't it. A suitable products for any lipstick lover with choices of selection that anyone can related to, from the one that matches your lips exactly to the one that transforms you.

Additional info:

Every shade comes with Warm and Cool Shades for your undertone. And some for Neutral undertone like 955 (reddish tauped-brown) and 315 (soft baby pink) which means, a match for any undertone. Triggered to know more? Come to any Shu Uemura's counter near you and bring them home!

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