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Anna Sui 2012 Spring Collection

Hi all!

Wait ya, let me take a deep breath for a while and I hope you all do too, inhale, exhale, inhale exhaleeee. Gently, I really suggest you to do that before scrolling down this page about the event I just went into. It's a pure effort for me to stay calm. As maybe some already really know and understand me, I'm a skincare person, I love skincare, so makeup all these times are just a complimentary, an addition, a cherry on top, an accessory, a sprinkle on top of the donuts, a ... well you get the idea . . . but I guess all these times I just haven't found the one. The one that awaken the girl, princess, ehm the beautiful goddess fairy in me.

When I was a kid, I always play my mom's makeup and I just can't wait to be a grown up. So during my teens and younger days (I AM STILL YOUNG, just a few days older that what I meant) I used makeup like an adult. That sophisticated look and I want to look matured. I forget that little girl in me who loves colors and I tend to subside to the society and blend in. But over the years days, I guess I forgot about myself and I'm not being me again. I'm being a person that society wants to portrays. A demure lady with simplicity.

Now I know why I'm so depressed over some cosmetics out there haha \^0^/ some can be so boring while some tend to be so serious. Cosmetics is fun, it's about freedom and being myself. And Anna Sui gives me that latitude I desire.

Without further ado,
Hereby, I presented to you Anna Sui 2012 Spring Collection!

Prepared to be mesmerized as I walk into the room, the magical tea session, product launch, makeup demo and touch & feel.

I took a picture first, my face is in ecstatic mode, it was surrealistically blithesome. And you're about to find out why, prepare to scream in gleeful!

Ta da! I can hear the music is playing in my ears, bump bump bump ta dam bump ta dam! I literally hold myself from jumping in joy (seriously!). It was there! They all there.

Now as I keep my imagination running wild, I visualize myself in New York and visited Anna Sui SoHo Boutique, I might faint, literary, but of course with this smirk on my face.

Shall we continue the event? We shall :)

The MC started the event and greet us all who are already in blissful mode. Then the marketing manager share her excitements for the new products (and later I know why she is so amused), followed by Ms. Indri, oh btw, I forgot to take pictures of Ms. Indri who happens to wear this gorgeous colorful lashes (limited edition, not avail in Indonesia) of Anna Sui. Sorry! I was really distracted by all of those beauty products scattered all over the room.

Really, it was like so much information all at once, I might need more than a day to absorb all of it. Like a kid in a candy store, I can't get my mind focused ^0^I guess that's the thing, I'm goo goo gaa gaa over all these gorgeous looking products? Who wouldn't?!

After the greetings, they continue to share with us their new collection and a bit of background regarding why's. Why is it create and why now, why in those super duper nifty packaging, as yes, we all know, Ms. Anna Sui is never done anything halfheartedly, it's all because of her passion. Kudos!

And addition to a skincare devotee like me, each of their products is safe, high quality, and contain ingredients that actually beneficial for our skin with various extract for that radiance and healthy looking skin. I'm sold!

After trying to tie my hands and eyes to the presentation, finally they give us a chance to play with the cosmetics.Hooray!

I try the Rose Cheek Color with the Cheek Brush, Eyebrow Color Compact, Loose Compact Powder, they all so splendiferous! Then I stopped? No way! Here's more ^__^

One of the staff told me about this Cheek Brush, yes, the one I use on top for my cheek, was actually a very handy brush which I'm honoring this item as my Hot Stuff of The Month June 2012 in this blog, I'm exuberant to share it with you all.

Spin a little and the small brush can be used as perfecter in small areas like under the eyes. Then spin again in halfway length and it's a precision cheek brush, spin all the way up and it can be used as a face brush. Love it!

Then I started playing with the Primer, Liquid Foundation and well, everything I can get my hands on. The Primer created this wonderful kinda fairy magical dust on the skin that gives luminous glow that so irresistible. It hydrates, gives radiance and with the SPF 30, PA ++ also protects the skin, wow! Another Hot Stuff of The Month I guess ^0^


I applied makeup in my hand too after the base are done, Liquid Eyeliner,Perfect Mascara, and Lipstick on my hands, why? I want to try the new Balancing Cleanser. I let all those colors stays on for a while until dry and set. Just like when using makeup right? It's all in our face sitting comfortably.

I place a few drops of Balancing Cleansing on the area needed. Then I spread the lovely liquid so they all get their share. Grab a cotton and gently swipe it, and voila! It's all gone. The skin is spotlessly clean yet still moisturizes and feels refreshed in the same time. For me it's love at first sight and touch.

And that's it! A post for the event is done (Awww nooooo!!) Yes, yes, I hear you, I'll be back with product review and I will deliberate more information on the products as well.

Until then, see you soon!

All product details can be found in
Thank you so much Anna Sui Indonesia for the enchanted invitation

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